creative biolabs immunotherapy antibody cancer therapy targeted therapy signaling pathways therapeutic antibody antibody-based therapy diagnostics marker antitumor antibody drug discovery t cell igg microfluidics covid-19 antibody production recombinant antibody expression antibody expression de novo sequencing antibody sequencing vaccine antibody drug conjugate antibody sequence immunology phage display organ-on-a-chip cancer vaccine mrna vaccine sars-cov-2 linkers surface display antibody screening library screening monoclonal antibody virus oncolytic virus oncolytic virotherapy expression system protein screening display technology payload adc light chain heavy chain igm b cell chimeric antigen receptor tumor therapy recombinant antibody biomedical lnp lipid nanoparticle ribosome affinity purification ribosome profiling polysome profiling ribosome analysis cell therapy car-t therapy protac for cancer ubiquitin-proteasome system proteolysis-targeting chimera protac discovery tams tumor-associated macrophages macrophage polarization macrophages vaccine discovery monkeypox learning algorithms machine learning ai variant omicron dendritic cell vaccines myeloid leukemia vaccines leukocyte homing receptors tumor microenvironment immune contexture immune cell migration liposome development liposomal drug delivery ige iga non-igg antibody mrna modification mrna synthesis mrna drug mrna-based therapeutics afucosylated antibody glycosylated antibody cdc-enhanced antibody adcc-enhance antibody engineered antibody antibody effector function regenerative medicine cell-based therapies stem cell cgmp manufacturing lbps live biotherapeutics peptide discovery against viruses anti-virus antibody discovery spread of the virus viral pathogenesis microfluidic chip lab-on-a-chip non-replicating mrna self-amplifying mrna mrna technology next generation sequencing ngs vhk strain vhl strain vhh strain antibody discovery transgenetic mouse human antibody camouse™ coronavirus 2019-ncov isoleucine leucine ivd development in vitro diagnostics diagnostic antibody antibody development inorganic nano-adjuvants biomolecular nano-adjuvants new type nano-adjuvants nano-adjuvant nano-vaccine hbv vaccine hepatitis b virus hbv conjugation toxic drug antibody-drug conjugate thyroid cancer pathogenesis of hiv life cycle of hiv hiv structure hiv vaccine development endometrial cancer clinical develpment of vaccine pre-clinical develpment of vaccine challenges for vaccine development vaccine gmp manufacture vaccine development prostate cancer pancreatic cancer measles virus vaccinia virus vesicular stomatitis virus herpes simplex virus (hsv) adenovirus oncolytic viruses antibody function adcp adcc antibody based therapy ligand binding epitope bacterial display antibody affinity yeast display library yeast display hybridoma vdj gene gene rearrangement antibody classes antibody structure anitbody payloads toxin bioconjugation antibody-drug conjugates mab development antibody selection antibody library experssion system library construction phage library cdr grafting antibody humanization humanized antibody animo acide antibody anaylsis peptide screening antibody screeing in vivo display ribosome display linker antibody-drug car t cell car t cell in vivo assay car t cell in vitro assay car t cell evaluation car t cell test car t cell validation therapeutic biologics biologics antibody analysis de-immunogenicity immunogenicity assessment immunogenicity lentiviral gene transfer system gene transfection viral vector viral based gene delivery lentiviral vector membrane protein antibody membrane protein purification membrane protein expression membrane protein extraction transport protein channel protein gpcr membran protein tcr enginned t cell tcr immunoglobulin isotype antibody class switching recombinant dna technology;immunology biotechnology car-t immunity antibody display technology pharmaceutical antibody engineering
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