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Craftsvilla Seller Marketing


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Marketing Opportunities for Selllers on

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Craftsvilla Seller Marketing

  1. 1. Seller • Email & FaceBook intro • Flash Offers Marketing • Night Offers • Video / BlogOpportunities
  2. 2. Email & FaceBook intro When you become a seller on CraftsVilla, we will send an email out to over 1 Lakh customers introducing your shop!How it works? Within 1 week maximum an email with your shop intro is sent to our customers Your shop is put in cue by our marketing team based on the time when your shop is set-up or based on how your shop fits a theme we have in an email Your shop product photos and shop name are also uploaded onto our FaceBook page where over 95,000 fans see and engage. This happens the same day when your shop products are loaded on site
  3. 3. Flash Offers Give an offer to customers that they can’t resist!Why do it? Access to over 1 Lakh customers & 95,000+ FaceBook fans  You’re included in the Craftsvilla daily email on your “flash sale”  Facebook & Twitter announcement on your “flash” saleWhy it helps you? Builds awareness for your shop and your products faster than any other method Allows you to offer special prices on products you want – its like having your own sale online! Moves your excess inventory fast
  4. 4. How it works? What can you offer? • Offer a flat percentage off discount: Either on your whole shop or on products that you select. Weve seen that 20% or more is best for Sales and Awareness building • Combo Offer package prices: i.e make a combination of any 2 products and give a discount on that combo • Free Gift Offer: i.e buy any of your product or a certain spend amount and get 1 product of your’s absolutely FREE • Buy 1 Get 1 Free: You can do this on your entire shop or products you select • Spend or buy a certain amount and gte flat % off: examples include, spend Rs. 1,000 get 25% off or buy any 2 or more products and get 25% off
  5. 5. CraftsVilla Night OffersEvery Monday & Wednesday Night from 11pm – 2am Offer at least 25% or more off on your entire shop or select products Your offer is scheduled and goes out to select customers in an email at 11pm What’s the benefit?•Access to select group of customers that are looking to“buy”•Drive sales and traffic to your products faster than othermethods Contact to schedule your night offer
  6. 6. Video / Blog Be a featured sellerWhere you get presented? You’re included in the featured seller section on the home page of You will be featured in an email We will post you on FaceBookWhat you need to do? (1 of the following) Take a video on your shop telling the world what’s unique about you and your products Have an interview done on you and your shop (contact your seller manager for this), we will need some fun photos of your shop, logo or anything else you feel will bring your shop out to customersFor examples on this, view the featured seller section of
  7. 7. Contact InfoFor questions on any of the promotional opportunitiesFeel free to orYour seller account manager