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The 2012 Credit Cards Gold Monitor Award Winners by Corporate Insight


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The Credit Cards Monitor Awards presented by Corporate Insight recognize financial services firms for excellence in the online user experience they offer prospects, clients and advisors. The eight slide decks in this series highlights the firms in a specific industry within financial services that received Gold Monitor Awards.

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The 2012 Credit Cards Gold Monitor Award Winners by Corporate Insight

  2. 2. CATEGORY OVERVIEW1. Card Comparison Tools2. Transaction History and Search Tools3. Statement Centers4. Online Card Payment Centers5. Balance Transfer Centers6. Alerts7. Private Site Help8. Initiating Disputes
  3. 3. CARD COMPARISON TOOLS CitiCards, while not perfect, continues to lead the pack here, earning Silver for a five-card adjustable comparison chart with details and well-organized expandable sections.
  4. 4. TRANSACTION HISTORY &SEARCH TOOLS American Express earns top marks, providing clients with more than two years of transaction history with a Search tool that allow users to set the date range, keyword and/or transaction amount they want to search.
  5. 5. STATEMENT CENTERS Chase earns a Gold Monitor for its exceedingly large statement archive (three years by default), easy-to-use paperless enrollment tools and statement inserts offering. Wells Fargo’s Gold is due to a large statement archive, private site online delivery of back statements and a paper suppression tool.
  6. 6. ONLINE CARD PAYMENTCENTERS CitiCards received the sole Gold Monitor thanks to its comprehensive card payment options and details, including same-day, future and automatic credit card payments.
  7. 7. BALANCE TRANSFER CENTERS CitiCards is joined at the top of the podium this year by Discover, as both firms provide tools with multiple Rate/Duration offers for clients to choose between. Both issuers also enable card holders to execute multiple transfers simultaneously and make the process user-friendly.
  8. 8. ALERTS Chase earns Gold thanks to its extensive account and security alerts, coupled with its alert delivery options.
  9. 9. PRIVATE SITE HELP Bank of America and CitiCards share Gold honors, offering impressive help features, including a dedicated help center, section-specific help, and a centralized location for Live Chat.
  10. 10. INITIATING DISPUTES Discover’s dispute tool is easy to access and the firm does a nice job assisting clients throughout the process. Most impressively, card holders can actually file a dispute directly through the Live Chat service – a great feature.
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