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How AI Can Help Indian SMBs Grow - Prasanna Vaidya - AI Dev Days


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This presentation was made by Prasanna Vaidya (DiscoveryAI) as part of "startup showcase" in AI Dev Days conference held on 9th March 2018 in Bangalore. URL:

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How AI Can Help Indian SMBs Grow - Prasanna Vaidya - AI Dev Days

  1. 1. How AI Can help Indian SMBs to grow? Prasanna Vaidya Co Founder DiscoveryAI
  2. 2. Agenda ◇Why AI? ◇Why Indian SMBs should Embrace AI? ◇Business Sectors ◇Use Cases ◇DiscoveryAI ◇Case Study ◇Questions
  3. 3. Why AI? • Data Availability • Neural Networks • Compute Power
  4. 4. Why SMBs should embrace AI? 730 million Internet User by 2020
  5. 5. Business Sectors TravelBFSI Education Media
  6. 6. Use Cases Customer Support ◇ 24/7 & Automated ◇ Multi-channel Customer Engagement ◇ Personalised Conversations ◇ Lead Qualification ◇ Marketing Campaigns Integrations
  7. 7. Conversational AI Platform Built for Next Generation User Experience! Multi-Channel Deployment Engage & support your customers or employees on channels they love such as Mobile, Websites, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Alexa, Google Assistant. Industry-Grade NLU Our deep learning based natural language understanding gives Bots the necessary horsepower to accurately predict what is user is saying. Bot Builder Our web based Bot Designer Tools makes creating a BOT breeze! Create chat flows, add responses such as text, images, videos using intuitive user interface Business Integration Readily available integrations with CRM, ERP, HCM systems lets BOT consume & push data seamlessly. Security We follow enterprise-grade with compliance to best security standards and practices Analytics Get to know important activity indicators such as total conversations processed, un- handled interactions, prediction accuracy & much more.
  8. 8. Case Study Business Challenge : Customer is a leading credit score improvement agency in India were facing a challenge of growing cost on manual customer support and lead qualification. Solution : This was solved by a AI powered virtual agent which answers customer’s queries and involves human agents whenever needed. Virtual agent deployed on website and mobile app to answer FAQ’s, gather and qualify new leads, perform quick actions. Analytics provided to stakeholders. 750 Queries resolved /day 85% Faster query resolution 100 Qualified Leads/month
  9. 9. 10 Customers 92% Algorithm Accuracy 285,244 Conversations Processed Our Journey So Far -
  10. 10. Team Prasanna Vaidya comes with an extensive experience in technologies such as NLP, ML, Cloud. Drives Tech & Product at DiscoveryAI. Sameer Acharya Sameer brings along with him two decades of global experience in IT Services, HR & Payroll industry. He looks after business development and finance for DiscoveryAI Shubham Deshmukh Full stack coder with intensive experience in MEAN Stack. He looks after Product Development & Digital Marketing. We are technology & domain experts with collective experience of 30 years in various industries like Finance, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
  11. 11. Customers’ Demography DiscoveryAI
  12. 12. Thanks! Any questions? Reach us at : ◇ ◇