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Travel Distribution Summit Case Study


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Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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Travel Distribution Summit Case Study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY: TRAVEL DISTRIBUTION SUMMIT INDIA 2010 6-7th October 2010, Novotel Hotel, Mumbai
  2. 2. 5th Travel Distribution Summit India  Eye for Travel came up with its 5th Travel Distribution Summit India, co-organized by TravelBiz Monitor and Tech Ninja which is India’s most trusted Online Travel event  Whether it was a seasoned online player or people just starting their e-commerce journey, there were great opportunities of learning, knowledge sharing and networking at this event
  3. 3. Objective  To connect with the leaders in online and offline travel in India  To provide an excellent coverage for the summit online on multiple online platforms  To get maximum paid registrations for the summit
  4. 4. Solutions  Clayology came up with a customized social media marketing plan where we created an exclusive micro- site which included all possible details for the summit  The site had an online payment gateway configured to it for registrations that took place online
  5. 5. Website
  6. 6. Solutions..  We further created a Fanpage on Facebookand promoted among Travel industries online.  We also had an exclusive Twitteraccount which generated huge following among the online travel industries and the CEOs and Managers of the Travel industries and Hotels across India.
  7. 7. Blog
  8. 8. Facebook Fanpage
  9. 9. Travel Summit on Twitter
  10. 10. Solutions..  We also created & managed exclusive video footages for Youtube and other major video sites as well as for blog promotions  Exclusive LinkedIn account also promoted the event worldwide
  11. 11. Travel Summit on LinkedIn
  12. 12. Travel Summit on LinkedIn
  13. 13. Solutions..  For Registered delegates, the summit was available LIVE (live streaming) on the website and on time updates were provided on twitter & linkedin as well  Post summit the video coverage of the summit were available for download for Gold Members
  14. 14. Result  Total Combined Visitors: 7,000 +  Total Enquiries Generated: 1,012  Total Registrations accepted: 220  Micro-site URL:
  15. 15. For More Info please Contact
  16. 16. Clayology Interactive Media, Navi Mumbai Thank you