Clearworks Customer Experience and Usability


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Clearworks Customer Experience and Usability

  1. 1. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE DESIGN putting customers at the center of product for Products & Services strategy, design and execution
  2. 2. CUSTOMERS  ( It’s all about them. )
  3. 3. Customers remember and value great experiences. Those companiesthat deliver on this promise tend to build enduring customerrelationships and profitable businesses.At Clearworks we’ve spent years helping our customers put theircustomers at the center of strategy, design and execution.Understanding customer needs, wants, aspirations and the context forinteraction with your organization is critical. Success or failure is basedon their judgments - it’s all about them.
  4. 4. Why does customerexperience design matter? 87% of all consumers will never go back to an organizationCompanies compete on a playing after a negative experiencefield that is increasingly defined by - Right Now Technologies and Harris Interactivemore than just products & features.Interactions that were once anafterthought in the planning and 83% of brand marketers state - “customer experience islaunch process can now be among the best determinants of brand strength andsources of competitive advantageor contribute to failure. business growth” yet half of all organizations state they cannot effectively measure it.The expectations of your Forrester Researchcustomers are increasing asorganizations that excel atdelivering an exceptional overall The $74B CRM industry was built to measure customer“experience” set the bar higher. interactions but organizations also need to understand customer wants, needs and goals. How do customers define “customer experience success?” CMO Council Acquiring a new customer can cost up to 5 times more than retaining a current customer and a 2% increase in customer retention can have the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10%. CMO Council
  5. 5. How do you definecustomer experience?Your customer experience is morethan the look & feel of your websiteor application. Customer Theirperceptions are driven by Friendsnumerous touchpoints and it is thenet effect of those intersectionsbetween customers and yourcompany, offerings and brand thatdefine the experience. Your CompanyAn excellent product or service isthe result of serious effort. But it isincomplete if other touchpoints fail Your Offerings ? Your Customers Their Family Your Brandto deliver the same level ofcustomer satisfaction. Youroffering is increasingly viewed in amuch broader context. Their Colleagues
  6. 6. How does customerexperience design fit intothe big picture? NEW PRODUCT IDEATION Innovation ProcessClearworks believes that customer Ideation Sessionsexperience design is a component Customer Advisory Boardsof a broader set of inter-connectedactivities and the result of an PRODUCT EVALUATION CONCEPT EVALUATIONexplicit inclusion of the voice of the Qualitative Research & VALIDATIONcustomer from concept to launch. Customer Sat Studies Market & Competitive Analysis Customer Advisory Boards Qualitative ResearchClearworks engages the voice of Quantitative Studiesthe customer throughout theproduct lifecycle to help you deliver Customers  successful products and serviceswith a compelling customerexperience. PRODUCT LAUNCH Process Mapping PRODUCT DEFINITION Customer Experience Programs MRDs & PRDs Operations & Support Planning Business Cases Customer Research PRODUCT POSITIONING & MARKETING EXPERIENCE DEFINITION Messaging & Positioning Customer Touchpoints Product Naming Interaction Interfaces Product Collateral Usability Optimization
  7. 7. Who is responsible fordefining and delivering the SUPPOSEDLY responsible for customer experience…customer experience? Web Designer / Interaction Designer / Human Factors Engineer/ User-Centered Designer / Experience Planner / Usability Specialist / Information ArchitectThere are many job titles withinorganizations that are typically / GUI Designer / UX Designer / Accessibilityviewed as being responsible for the Professional / Information Designer / Software“customer experience.” Engineer / Cognitive Psychologist / Web ProducerThe reality is that all parts of yourorganization contribute to theexperience. At Clearworks we workwith teams across functional areas There are many specialist names and job descriptionsto define, design and deploy but the reality is that EVERYONE in your organizationexperiences. Broad internal contributes to the customer experienceengagement and sharedresponsibility for outcomes driveshigher quality results in less time ACTUALLY responsible for customer experience…and at lower cost. Product Development / Product Support / Sales / Product Management / Order Fulfillment & Distribution / Training & Documentation / Customer Service / Marketing / Account Management / Legal / Human Resources
  8. 8. Where do you begin withcustomer experience?Improving your customerexperience starts withunderstanding each of thecustomer-facingprocesses, products and servicesin your organization. Whileobvious on the surface, ourexperience shows that distributedfunctional responsibility, differinginternal goals and communicationsilos often lead to disjointedexperiences over time.A periodic customer experienceprocess-mapping or journeymapping exercise is a healthy habitfor industry leaders and a criticalfirst step for those that know theywant to make improvements. 
  9. 9. How do you put the“customer” in customerexperience?Want to know what customer’sthink? Ask them. There is simplyno substitute for engaging directlywith current and potentialcustomers to understand theirunique goals, intentions, andemotions at each touchpoint.At Clearworks we use qualitativeand quantitative customer researchto develop customer journey mapsas well as feed input into a variety of customer facingprocesses, products and servicessuch as:• develop messaging that is accessible and compelling• identify those product and service elements that delight users, cement loyalty and generate promoters• define unified experiences across channels• uncover customer’s perceptions of a new product’s potential or identify complementary new features of an existing product• plan for tomorrow’s killer features
  10. 10. Where does usability fitinto the customer experience process?Usability testing and evaluation is a key component of customerexperience design. Just as marketresearch generates customerfeedback as input to higher-levelbusiness process and productdecisions, usability testing providescritical feedback to optimize theimplementation of customerinterfaces. The Clearworks team includesCertified Usability Analysts* whocan help your organization defineand execute a testing plan that will:• generate actionable feedback from  representative users• provide data as inputs to design decisions rather than just opinions• save development time by avoiding costly late-stage rework• assess fit with overall customer experience goals• create a positive return on investment*certification by Human Factors International
  11. 11. Ready to improve your customer experience?What Clearworks can do for you…• Process mapping that helps identify all customer touchpoints and the internal processes that drive each of these experiences• Journey mapping that helps identify the steps and emotions in a customer’s journey throughout an experience or set of experiences• Qualitative and quantitative customer research that informs product, service and other business decisions with feedback from real customers• Usability reviews that test your prototypes or current applications against known heuristics to ensure compliance with usability best practices• Usability testing that goes beyond task completion rates to generate design and other interface optimizations based on deep user insights
  12. 12. We help our clients connect with Reach us at:their customers to create clear and info@clearworks.netcompelling products, services andmessages. We get what it takes tobring a product or service idea to Visit us at:life and how to create an www.clearworks.netactionable plan to get there. Weunderstand what you need toknow and how you’re going to usethat information to make decisions.Let us bring clarity to your productsand services.