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The olympic games5a


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Class 5 student's presentation

Published in: Education
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The olympic games5a

  1. 1. The Olympic Games
  2. 2. Maxim Vylegzhanin Maxim Vylegzhanin born in October 18, in the village Sharkan- Russian skier. Personal Trainer Oleg Carriers. International Master of Sports. Stands for "Dynamo" and Udmurtia.
  3. 3. Total delivered in seven starts. Just spent 69 World Cup starts, 11 of them - in relays. Member of Winter Universiade 2007 in Pragelato (Italy). Champion of Russia in 2007 and duathlon race for 50 km classical style, champion of Russia 2008 race at 50 km freestyle champion Russia in 2010 and duathlon race at 50 km classical course, the champion of Russia in 2011 duathlon. Silver medalist Russia in 2008 and duathlon championship of Russia 2009 50 km freestyle.
  4. 4. Thank you for your attention