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3 Words


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3 Words

  2. 2. No glimpse of light No color, No hope No preview of tomorrow.
  3. 3. The agonizing truth carved Onto my broken soul The message to be seen Only through eyes of silent shadows.
  4. 4. All the memories dissolve to dust Blown away by the wind, Never to return.
  5. 5. A nightmare of reality Haunts my dreamless sleep.
  6. 6. The tears shall never cease to flow Dripping into an endless chasm of grief.
  7. 7. All senses turn numb As the mind is filled With whispers of conscience.
  8. 8. A state of melancholy madness As I clutch the shattered remains Of my broken heart.
  9. 9. The words echo in silent symphony Mocking my misery Troubling my mind like a restive ghost.
  10. 10. The acceptance of truth Now that I know How three words can hurt so much.................
  11. 11. He is dead