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Recruitment for startups


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Come and meet 3 Technology Startups based in Brussels who have faced recruitment challenges.

They will share their experiences and their tips to help you recruiting the right person for your startup, getting subsidies and avoiding main recruitlment mistakes.


1/ WooRank
2/ CleverPhone
3/ TalentStrip
+ Catherine Kohnen, Head hunter and HR consultant at Elenkos will be here to give details about the recruitment process and all the mistakes to avoid.

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Recruitment for startups

  1. 1. How to recruit in a tech startup? Guidelines,Tips and Pitfalls
  2. 2. Our speakers Cleverphone Talentstrip Woorank
  3. 3. how to recruit in a tech startup?Once upon a time...
  4. 4. how to recruit in a tech startup?
  5. 5. how to recruit in a tech startup?Will they live happily ever after ...
  6. 6. ...or not !
  7. 7. TopicsI. Who to hire ?II. How to attract and find talents ?III. How to select candidates ?
  8. 8. 1. Who to hire ? The perfect match:It’s not only about what you need, it’s about what you can give
  9. 9. Permanent or freelancer ?• Implication• Costs• Flexibility• Legal aspects
  10. 10. Junior or confirmed ?• Cost• Autonomy• Flexibility
  11. 11. Hiring outside of your expertise field • Ask, ask, ask ! • What would a good profile be ? • Learn his market • How will you manage him ?
  12. 12. Subsidies• Take them into account...• ... but do not base your whole recruitment strategy on them• Be careful about the conditions
  13. 13. Think integration• How will your next hire fit in your organization?• Think of a learning curve !• Why will he stay ?
  14. 14. II. Attract and find
  15. 15. how to recruit in a tech startup?«Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?»
  16. 16. Write a good ad• Clear and to the point• Focus on what your candidate wants• Think out of the box• Make it viral
  17. 17. Cool add
  18. 18. Share the news !• Avoid paid advertisement• In your network...• ...and in your target network
  19. 19. Linkedin ?• Free ad spots• Target people• Contact them directly
  20. 20. Working with a headhunter ?• Expensive but might be useful• Beware, they will find you !• Be careful about what you can get• Negotiate before meeting people
  21. 21. III. How to select candidates ? The art of the interview
  22. 22. Danger : the«best buddy syndrom» It’s not because youreally like him that he will be good
  23. 23. Preparation• Read the cv in depth• Do a bit of research• Track your communication• First phone screening
  24. 24. The Interview• Use two or more • Prepare a case interviewers • Be ready to answer• Ask open-ended questions questions • Inform the candidates• Look for evidence of about the next steps skills and achievements • Ask for references• Check the attitude
  25. 25. An interview is marketing• You need to convince your candidate• He may not be the one but he will still talk about you....
  26. 26. Q&AMore questions?