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Interview Success


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Careers presentation at University of Sussex, June 2015

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Interview Success

  1. 1. Careers & Employability Centre Interview Success
  2. 2. ‘You are invited…’ • Congratulations! • It wasn’t an accident • …now the real work begins
  3. 3. Why are they doing this to me? • You’d do the same in their place • Three lines of enquiry: • Can you do it? • Do you really want to do it? • Do you really want to do it with us? • Some things are easier to see in person than in writing
  4. 4. Preparing to perform • Work out in advance • What they are likely to ask… • …and how to answer • Your interviewer(s) • The logistics of the day • Arrive feeling quietly confident • Perform better
  5. 5. Types of interview • 1 to 1 • Panel • Phone • Skype • Assessment centre • Case study • Technical
  6. 6. Types of question • Biographical • Motivation • Competency • Situational • Self awareness • ‘Random’ • Technical • Strengths-based
  7. 7. Find questions from the vacancy advert Friday Media Group is a well established, diverse company, with the headquarters situated just 15 minutes from Brighton city centre and with 4 other offices in Barcelona, Miami, Preston and Wales. The company culture is relaxed, modern and creative, whilst still fast paced and with a strong focus on expanding internationally. Your daily responsibilities will involve: Scheduling creative B2C & B2B email campaigns; Writing engaging and fun articles and targeting keywords; Posting shareable content daily onto their social media profiles and increasing their followers and referral traffic; Outreaching to companies in their niche, establishing a relationship and exploring ways in which they can benefit each other's websites; Reporting weekly on traffic and activities completed. Applicants will require the following skills: Excellent teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills Commercial awareness Strong writing ability Willingness to learn and participate Basic marketing knowledge
  8. 8. Biographical • Traditional approach • Know your CV/application thoroughly • Prepare your story • USPs • Gaps and blips
  9. 9. Competency • Research = no nasty surprises • ‘Tell us about a time when/give us an example of…’ • Examples can come from anywhere in your life • Develop your competency grid
  10. 10. STAR Situation Task Actions Results
  11. 11. Some practical points • Arrive early but not too early • Don’t worry about others • Phone off (or airplane mode) • Bring a copy of your application • Everyone is important • Phone off
  12. 12. Non-verbal behaviour
  13. 13. Non-verbal behaviour • Tone of voice • Body posture • Eye contact • Smile! • Breathe!
  14. 14. Your questions • Have several prepared: • Career development • Working conditions • Training • Don’t be afraid to ask during the interview • Don’t be silent if they’ve already been covered
  15. 15. After the interview • Email/message to thank them • Make notes • Then relax!