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a presentation about using Facebook for my FIT1012 class.

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Facebook powerpoint

  1. 1. By Cassy Boyington
  2. 2. What is Facebook? Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to connect with other people around the world and do a plethora of things including:  Chat  Share Pictures  Like a certain status, group or person.  Play online flash games.
  3. 3. The Front Page The front page is where you login or signup. As you can tell, Facebook covers the globe and has access to most of the languages spoken to insure that people can effectively communicate with others. The World is now Connected on a more personal level
  4. 4. Your Home Page The home page is the portal to everything and it has your friend’s recent posts in the middle. Your applications are to the left (your list of friends, events,messages and the news feed on top and all your game applications on the bottom). Recently added was the list of friends that are online and ready to chat to the bottom left of your profile page. On the right side is the events that are taking place soon, the people you may know and want to get a friend request, sponsored links, requests from friends that play games like Farmville or Happy Pets. The last thing is the get connected portion of the home page. It just lists ways to get more friends on, and how many people who you have referred and the people that may have referred you. When you log in that is what you see everyday, all with new content from many factors
  5. 5. Pictures Pictures are everywhere. On Facebook you can share pictures, tag people in the picture (that way it will link it to them and post it to their profile as well as have that picture on their photo page) On the top you will have your tagged pictures from other people. On the bottom is your Albums of all your pictures on Facebook. To create an album just click the link on the top that says “Create a Photo Album”. Albums make it easier to group certain pictures together. Your Albums Your Tagged Photos
  6. 6. Friends Friends on Facebook are most likely friends you know in real life or share a similar interest. Facebook is NOT like Myspace where it is a competition to get more friends. On your friends page, you can find your friends in Alphabetical order (from first name) You can delete friends from the list by clicking on the little x to the far right of their picture and name. Your list of Friends
  7. 7. Games There are hundreds of games on Facebook. Ones about Pets, War, Farming, Design, Fashion, building, puzzles and so many others are popular and so many millions of people use the applications every month. Happy Pets is one of the most used Game applications
  8. 8. Open and Free your mind On your profile (wall) you have the ability to write your thoughts and feelings. You can also comment and write on your friend’s profiles just by clicking on their name and going to their profile and simply write. They will see what you have written on and it will be more like a private message between you two. All you have to do is post whatever and click the link that says share and it will automatically let your friends know when they go on either their home page or your profile
  9. 9. How to Sign Up First you must enter your real First name. Then you have to enter your Last name. Put in your Real Email Address (bob123@gmail.com for example) and then re-enter it Then enter a password you won’t forget Then enter your Gender and your Real Birthday (have to be 13 and up) and then you are signed up!!! You won’t have to worry about paying for it!!!
  10. 10. Have Fun! Facebook is very fun, but just a reminder:  Take breaks, hygiene is very important!  Don’t be a cyberbully!  Do not accept random friend requests from people you do not know.