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Quarterly Magazine focussing on Blacks and Caribbeans in Winnipeg and the world.

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Global eyes magazine october 2012 edition

  1. 1. global eyes 3rdQUARTEROctober 2012 Manitoba African and Caribbean Quarterly Magazine Diversity equals Inclusion IMMIGRANT WOMEN COBW interviews: Coretta Scott King, (B Watson) Nanny of Jamaica (L Stewart-Archer) Ingrid Johnson (Interviewer), Viola Desmond (L Hackett) Harriet Tubman STORIES - FEMFEST 2012 (M McLaren)
  2. 2. When Life gives you lemons you make lemonadeWhat do you do when you get time work at Concordialemons as gifts? You make Hospital on weekendslemonade. What do you do in the emergencywhen you have been dealt a admittingbad hand of cards; you work GEM: When did youwith it and do the best you first learn that you hadcan? That is the stuff Grasita Parkinson’s disease?Jones is made of. GJ: I first learned that I A few years ago a healthy had Parkinson’s diseasevibrant beautiful woman was on my birthdaytold she had Parkinson’s December 22nd 1999disease. And like most people and was confirmed inGrasita was shocked that she January 2000.would get this illness because GEM: What kinds ofno one in her family had such a symptoms did you havedisease. She never once said alerted you that“Why me””Poor me” In fact something was wrong?Grasita’s inclination when GJ: I used to attendsomeone suggests why her is aerobics after work and“why not me?””. I was the only one who Parkinson’s disease is a life did the funky moves.altering illness. Parkinson’s One of my colleaguesdisease is the second most noticed that I was notcommon neurodegenerative very coordinated and Idisorder and the most common noticed that I had nomovement disorder. It is control over somecharacterized by progressive movement e.g. whenloss of muscle control, which doing biceps curls myleads to trembling of the limbs arm just droppedand head while at rest, stiffness, slowness, GEM: Which part of the Caribbean are involuntarily. My husband Byronand impaired balance. As symptoms you from? also noticed that I did not swingworsen, it may become difficult to walk, GJ: I was born in Aruba but grew up in my left arm when we walked. Italk, and complete simple tasks. St. Vincent and The Grenadines – my was encouraged to check this outThe progression of Parkinson’s disease parents’ homeland. with my doctor. My family doctorand the degree of impairment vary from GEM: How long have you lived in sent me for a CT scan the resultsindividual to individual. Many people Canada? came back a negative. Therewith Parkinson’s disease live long GJ: I have lived in Canada for 42 years. were no signs of stroke. She thenproductive lives, whereas others become GEM: What brought you here? sent me to see a neurologist whodisabled much more quickly. Premature GJ: I followed my heart and married my as soon as I walked into his officedeath is usually due to complications such sweetheart said “You have Parkinson’s.”as falling-related injuries or pneumonia. GEM: Did that work out for you? GEM: How did you react to thisGrasita said her attack was to find out GJ: Yes we were married and we news?about the disease and what she could do have three beautiful children together GJ: I was taken aback. All theto stave off symptoms for as long as and 4 grandchildren. I feel very people I knew with Parkinson.spossible and she learned that exercise blessed with that. disease were old and I have neverhelped and she has not stopped walking GEM: Did you work outside the home? seen a Black person withsince. She is one busy lady. GJ: I worked for the Province and then Parkinson’s disease. I took the Global Eyes sat down with Grasita to started a family and stayed at home for news in stride because I did notspeak to her about Parkinson’s and how several years before returning to part know much about it.she is dealing with it. cont’d on p3 Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 2
  3. 3. Reflection Beatrice Watson Black woman you are beautiful, you yourself a doormat, people will concept is, tied it to how manyare a natural mother and you are a walk on you. If you allow men to women he can get to sleep withgiver. You can sustain hardship like no get away with little things they him. These are broken men whoone can and you stand behind your will expect to get away with big also need healing but they mustman. Black women stand behind their things. first recognize their even the abusive ones. At a In this small Winnipeg Unfortunately, our communityCongress of Black Women’s workshop community there a high is busying itself trying to changeon violence against women, there were percentage of hurt black women, the world and to leave a legacy forrecommendations for police not to betrayed and humiliated by their our children. What legacy are wearrest and put in jail black men who intimate partners. Where is the leaving? A building will soon rut,abused their wives because black love? Where is the respect? Can a fall or be sold. A legacy of self-women believed that their men would son respect a father who cheats on esteem, self worth and selfnot be given a fair chance and will be the mother he loves and adores, confidence in our heirs will go amore likely to suffer from police can a daughter respect a father long way but that can only comebrutality. This is the compassion of who cheats on her mother and from a community strong inblack women for their men. Even as what will that do to her in her own morals and integrity andblack men beat their women, the relationship, could she easily trust especially from strong familieswomen are willing to protect them. her husband when her father particularly fathers. Fathers areBlack women have always protected cheated? very important to children’sblack men even during slavery and in What kind of a black man development. Too long hasthe post slavery communities. betrays and disrespects his women shouldered this task alone Maybe the black woman has given woman? It is a man who suffers continued on p9too much. There is a saying if you make from low self esteem, whose self- negative. During my ParkinsonGEM: Do you know what causes home after the diagnosis, I began disease research I read of a fellowParkinson’s? researching it. I learned that it was in New York City who decided toGJ: There has been no definite answer as not life threatening but definitely go on a strict exercise regimen -to what causes Parkinson. The disease life altering. I also learned from my walking daily and keeping his legdoes run in some families. It is seldom doctor that there are several muscles strong. I decided to do thefound in countries south of the equator. expressions of this disease but IExposure to chemicals is also suspected. have the “good one.” This was very same and I believe I am doing thisAs for me just recently I remembered good news. I’ve also lost some well because of this exercisegrowing up and living in the midst of weight as a result of the constant regimen. I am a very activebanana plantations where every week the movement. I also find myself person. I hate sitting around andplants were sprayed with pesticide to explaining my condition to people because of Parkinson’s disease Iprotect the fruits from becoming with whom I am in close contact for had to learn to pace myself.blemished. I can only guess that I may example sitting on the bus next to a Parkies (as we are fondly called)have been a victim of pesticide control person because they might find me get tired easily and quickly. Thismethod. touching them and want to know is very hard for me so sometimes IGEM: What are some of the impacts this what’s going on. find myself in trouble – unable todisease has on your life? GEM: How do you cope with these get up and go because I overdidGJ: When I was told that I had changes? things - no energy left even toParkinson’s disease I did not react GJ: Spiritually I was well grounded. move.because I did not know much about the I decided to eliminate all negativity GEM: What advice do you havedisease. However as soon as I returned including friends who were for people about this disease? cont’d on p19 Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 3 3
  4. 4. Subscribe Today Name:_________________________________________________________ Poetry By Neil p21 Address:________________________________________________ Feature - Cultural History of Postal Code_______________ Jamaica - p15 Phone:_______________________ Guyanese Association of Email address:_______________________ Manitoba News and Views p18 Support Global Eyes Magazine if you think we’re doing a good job. Subscription: $15.00 per year for 4 issues. I Would like to receive upcoming event notices from the Piecing together Memories 30 Caribbean/Black/larger community - by email or by phone (YES/NO) Only a Woman of Colour p13 Mail cheque/Money Order to: Global Eyes Magazine (GEM) 671 Rathgar Avenue, NEW - Shirley’s Corner p13 Winnipeg, Manitoba More surprises inside! R3L 1G6Global Eyes is an independent magazine quarterly publication Photo of the Quarterdevoted to promoting cultural awareness of the African and Philosopher Dog - What is heCaribbean communities of Manitoba and highlighting theissues and concerns of these communities. It also aims thinking now?at promoting cultural diversity and appreciation. ItsIt features articles ranging from the achievements of local, national and international personalities and general informationthat are of interest to the African/Caribbeancommunity. It offers editorials with African/Caribbean sensibilities and letters to the editor. TheMagazine is produced under a volunteer editorialcommittee that assists with proof-reading, publicity anddistribution. IN THIS ISSUERegulars:Briefs p6Letter to my children p11Global Counselor p11Gaffin wid Buddy p26Healthwise 18Zizi the continuing story p20Leg Up p19 Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 4
  5. 5. GLOBAL EYES MAGAZINE Editor: Beatrice Watson Out and About GEM’s Regular Contributors Distributed to local businesses, and in Winnipeg and via email to individuals in Manitoba and former Manitobans in 10th Annual CD/CED various parts of the world. Gathering To receive Global Eyes by mail please send a cheque for $15.00 to: Global Eyes Magazine 671 Rathgar Avenue Neil Pitamber, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 1G6 Caribbean Shield Phone: 204-477-1588 A prolific writer, poet and owner, Caribbean Shield All contents are (c) 2011 and may not be reprinted without the express or written consent of the author or Editor. Over 600 community members, CED immigrant settlement, topractitioners, government officials cooperative enterprise development.gathered at Churchill High School for the There was food galore of every10th annual Manitoba CD/CED full-day kind and taste from vegan to Lara Badmus, LLBconference on October 19, 2012. vegetarian to gluten free to Discipline CounselPremier Greg Selinger’s brought greetings conventional food. This was The Law Society ofand welcomed news about the province’s awesomely impressive. Thanks to Manitobanew initiative to support Coop Enterprises. Sarah Leeson-Klym and her team Guest speaker, Raj Patel best-selling for a job well and economist, inspired theaudience with his entertaining yet thought-provoking presentation in which he pointedout the flaws in our global economicsystem and innovative ways communitiesaround the world are boosting equality andcreating economic opportunities. The event was well organized and Sharmela Sukhdeo Rambally Guyanese Seniors Coordinatorparticipants could choose from 30 Public Policy Workshopworkshops from policy development to Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 5 5
  6. 6. BriefsWomen’s History Month 2012 Local experience is a gift that grows in valuefocused on the importance of each time it is shared.”mentors and role models who Five speakers at a special event at theempower others through their Legislative Building spoke about theirwork and help young women experiences with mentoring, howplan and accomplish success in female mentors have helped them andtheir lives, Family Services and offered words of advice to inspireLabour Minister Hon. Jennifer young women in the province. Each ofHoward, minister responsible for Janice Ristock Jenna Wirch the speakers is an outstandingthe status of women said today. Manitoba woman with a unique view“This year, we are honouring on the benefits of mentoring and anwomen in our province who act exceptional role model for others, saidas role models and mentors,” Howard.said Howard. “The knowledge Lorene Mahoney, Manitobathey have accumulated is the Women’s advisory Council membersseed they plant for the success of was the emcee.others. Knowledge gained first-hand through a lifetime of Shelley Hart Ariana Yaftali Violence against women Still a problem At least 1 in 3 women around the world are subject to sexual, physical or other forms of violence during Alana Gauthier their lifetime. It may take many forms and is not limited to any culture, Lorene Mahoney, Emcee region or country, or to any specific Hon. Jennifer Howard group of women. It has enormous NEW MICROLOANS social and economic costs, and build a life for their families,” said undercuts the contribution of womenPROGRAM WILL HELP Melnick. “These microloans are good to development, human rights, peace, INTERNATIONALLY for our economy and they’ll make a real difference in the lives of these and security. Not only does violence EDUCATED against women prevent mothers from families.”NEWCOMERS WORK IN Recognition Counts! offers loans of raising healthy children, it alsoTHEIR FIELDS SOONER up to $10,000, to cover everything hampers the economic development A new microloans program from the cost of new tools to paying and stability within the country incalled Recognition Counts! will for certification exams or foroffer mcro loans to skilled additional training. The program also which they live. It also poses aIimigrants that will help put their gives low-income, high-skilled serious threat to the achievement ofeducation to work more quickly. newcomers valuable career and the Millennium Development Goals.The loan will help remove financial counselling to help address Despite its high costs, almost everybarriers to getting Canadian challenges with entering the labourcertification, Immigration and market. society in the world has socialMulticulturalism Minister Recognition Counts! will be institutions that legitimize, obscureChristine Melnick announced delivered by SEED Winnipeg and and deny abuse. The same acts thatrecently. Assiniboine Credit Union, with would be punished if directed at an“Recognition Counts! gives our support from the Manitoba government. The program is jointly employer, a neighbor, or anprovince’s newcomers theresources they need to get their funded by the governments of acquaintance often go unchallengedqualifications recognized, enter Manitoba and Canada. when men direct them at women,our labour market sooner and especially within the family Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 6
  7. 7. Editorial - Take One When seniors (Italy) Barbara Guia (Portugal) which people will pay to come and come alive the Clara Orallo (Philippines) Hein see them in the bright lights. world becomes Tran (Viet Nam, Monika Singh These women showed courage, their oyster. It (Guyana) Beatrice Watson were willing to break the mould they was so with (Caribbean). made for themselves and found thethe Immigrant Women’s Association This began as an Immigrant creative process rejuvenating.senior members who took their Women’s project funded by New Everyone showed up for practice,stories to the stage and it was a big Horizons Canada. It was to gather everyone allowed themselves to behit. It shows what can happen when the stories of first generation coached and directed by the directorpeople go out of their comfort zone, Canadians, put it in a book and act and everyone found out in spite ofwhen people do not allow out some of the unique parts of the what they had feared, they werethemselves to be defined, labelled stories through socio-drama. The blessed with memorizing skills..or classified in a particular way. women who co-wrote the script And, they do not want to return toMost of the women who with Ms McIntyre, had a choice to that shell and wear that limiting maskparticipated in the Immigrant act their parts or engage of “too old”. They are thinking ofStories, a play directed by Hope professional actors. The women the next challenge, could it be rockMcIntyre Artistic Director of the wanted to tell their own stories. climbing or starting a rock band withSarasvati Theatre, were theatre However they never imagined that singer Clara Orallo. Who knows, willnovices – Helma Rogge it would be part of a festival at keep you posted.(Germany), Francesca Cotroneo Trinidad & Tobago Society of Winnipeg’sGolden Independence Anniversary Celebration Hi-Life Steel OrchestraOrganizers and volunteers of theeventClyde Heerah’s Paradize Band The Trinidad and Tobago Society of Winnipeg celebrated the 50th Independence anniversary of downtown Winnipeg, with music, Trinidad & Tobago with various food and dancing. activities including a street party on It was a blistering hot Caribbean Edmonton and Graham Streets, style weather but that did not stop anyone from dancing and having fun. Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 7 7
  8. 8. Immigrant Women Starting a New JourneyFrancesca Cotroneo, Clara Orallo, Helma Rogge-Rheders, Samanthja Walters, , Beatrice Watson, Barbara Guida (front) Hein Tran who in this cene shows how she was helped by others when she first came as a refugee from Vietnam.The Immigrant Women’s Scene of the experience of first snow (photos by Janet Shum. FEMFEST Photographer))Association in partnership withNew Horizons Canada andSarasvati Theatre pulled off asuccessful, fun but educationalplay in which first generationimmigrant women shared theirstories of migration withWinnipeggers through the processof workshop, story development,script development and finally theplay under the guidance of artisticDirector for Sarasvati Theatre,Hope McIntyre who has indeedworked her magic on this group ofnewbies and senior folks and gotthem memorizing their lines andhaving fun like a kid in a candystore. Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 8
  9. 9. Youths are ready to carry the Inspiring Others Making a Difference, Black History TorchAs a young woman, several Aboriginal CulturalCst. Izza Mian thought Events.her career path would In March of 2012, Cst. Mianlead her towards the spearheaded a Women onfield of nursing; the Front Lines Career Fairhowever she soon along with other agenciesrealized she wouldn’t such as CSIS, the Winnipegbe satisfied in the field Police Service, Canadaof health care. Border Services Agency, and“I wanted something Federal and Provincialmore challenging,” Corrections.said Mian. “And I “As a woman and a policeknew I wanted to officer, I feel I can connecttravel.” with other women whoWith those aspirations might be interested in thisin mind, Mian decided kind of a career,” said try her hand at law “I know first-hand whatenforcement, more their fears or concerns mightspecifically, the Royal be as I have experiencedCanadian Mounted Police. them and I can address them and She has traveled around the“It seemed to have everything I was put them at ease.” province – from Brandon all thelooking for, career wise,” said Mian. way up to Churchill – visiting“I knew I was up to the task.” high schools, secondary schools by Holly Plato, RCMPAfter graduating from RCMP Depot in and many public venues to present Communications2009, Cst. Mian was first posted in the RCMP as a career to whoeverPortage la Prairie as a Regular is interested.Member, where she remained for two continued from p3. Reflection “It is important that we meet withyears. In the spring of 2011, she began but it is time to stop cheating our students at a young age, to getworking with the D Division children. Fathers need to man up. them started on the right path,”Recruiting Unit based in Winnipeg – Do not let us build our house on said Mian. “I find it so fulfillingher home town. the sand. Let us tackle what we all when I meet a student who neverOn a national level, the RCMP is know our community needs most thought about the RCMP as adedicated to attracting more female of all looking beneath the surface career and see him/her becomepolice officers and more visible at the hurt, disappointments and inspired and excited about theminorities – Mian meets both broken spirits. When women are possibility.”qualifications. happy and self-actualized, loved In addition to presenting to the“As a woman I hope I inspire others to and respected by their partners public and students, Mian alsochoose the RCMP as a career. Others they grow strong families and attends many cultural andwho may not otherwise feel like they communities. educational events, such as thecould do it,” said Mian. “But if I can “People have a moral standard annual Afro-Caribbean job fair atbe successful here, many others can about what they will do and will Elmwood School, the Manitobatoo.” not do. At the end of the day Umuna Igbofest culturalCst. Mian, who in addition to English someone who cheats has a lower celebration, the Congolesespeaks both Hindi and Urdu, has moral standard than someone who Association’s Internationalbecome a popular face at many does not. And they will cheat in Women’s Day event, Diwali, thecultural events across Winnipeg and other areas of life as well.” Carl Muslim Community Picnic andManitoba. Lewis Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 9 9
  10. 10. Global BriefsDiscrimination and violence against Over 22,000 Guyanese from BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) —girls and violations of their human all walks of life were intrigued Barbados has long been known by therights is a problem for women all over by the six-week science and moniker ‘Little England’; however,the world. technology exhibition “India: a principal of the University of the West The United Nations saw the need to Culture of Science,”sponsored Indies (UWI) Cave Hill, Professorraise awareness of the challenges that by the Indian Government. Hilary Beckles, believes the island alsomillions of girls face every day. In The exhibition venue, Cliff deserves the title of The First AfricanDecember 2011, the UN declared that Anderson Sport Hall, was Society in the would annually observe the transformed into a spectacle of The professor will address this themeInternational Day of the Girl Child, technological inventions and as the keynote speaker during this year’sstarting from October 11, 2012. Just as concepts initiated by the people Ministry of Tourism’s African Di-asporaviolence against women is a global of India. Chief Project Heritage Trail (ADHT) Conference.curse to the United Nations’ Coordinator, Madan Gopal said The UWI principal explained,Community, the International that while there is room for “Barbados occupies a very special placeorganizations and working groups, added public participation,the in the making of the African Diaspora.violence against the girl child has response to the initiative has Reflections on its relation to Africamuch rooted concerns in the global been “good.” “This exhibition within the public imagination andpursuit on the future women want. brings to Guyanese the cultural historical discourses have re-volvedThis calls for more serious heritage of India in the field of around geographic rather than itscommitment that will include total science and technology that demographic factor.”eradication of all violence against the dates back to more than 7000girl child and equality between boys years.and girls. Can’t find a salon to do justice to your hair? Look no more! Les Touche Salon will send you satisfied everytime These two men had a 4-555 Balmoral Ave dream and saw it to the Hours: Mon. - Sat. end 9 a.m - 7:00 p.m. A legless man climbed Mt. Phone: 947-5830 Kilimanjaro and a little boy dreamed of making a difference and he did. What is your dream? tell us your dream Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 10
  11. 11. RegularsMy dear children, Letter to my children Each of us has been put on earth with who you were meant to be are many more awards and fulfillmentthe ability to do something well. We regardless of my dream for you. I coming your way.cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t gave you the permission to say no Bahia and Liza of the comedy hituse that ability as best we can. to me and promised to support you show Pomme is French for Apple It fills my heart with so much pleasure in your dream. I am glad I did. I recently won an award from theto see people pursuing their dreams and see you moving through the world Obsidian Theatre RBC award for thefulfilling their purpose in this world. I on your own terms, creating a life most promising new show. These girlsbelieve we all came here with a gift to for yourselves and enjoying have crafted a company from scratchshare. Every seven plus billion of us on incremental success. which has taken Toronto by stormthe planet has a special gift to offer. We Flo recently won the Best during the Fringe Festival and is aboutwere born geniuses, extraordinary Western Music Award for Best to take on New York and I am sure itpeople but society’s conditioning and Urban Recording of the Year and I will meet with the same success. Thisconstantly chiselling away at our sense have watched her blossom for is the power in following your dream.of self eventually make into a robot. We many years getting better and Being aligned to your purpose youshortchange ourselves by conforming better and she will get better and cannot not succeed. It is what createsto others’ imagination of who or what better still because when I see her an abundant life financially, spirituallywe are or should be and I know I was on the stage, I see a person full of and emotionally. I know this for of those people who ignorantly have joy, alive and consumed in the My advice to you is to follow wheredone what my parents did and my moment. She is embracing her your heart leads and it will lead you toparents before them did, to try to train calling and it shows. where you have to be. It is never tooyou into my dream for you but I think I Congratulations Flo, I know there late to follow your dream. Go do it.was a little more aware than my parents. Love, momI also injected in you the power to be Global CounsellorDear globalcounselor, be like Canadian men but we are phone number so that I can talk toI am a 59 year old East Indian man of not made like that. It is not our you and you talk to my wife? It isCaribbean heritage. I have four culture. I apologized to my wife not too late, I can change and I canchildren all grown and 10 grand but she said she has had enough work this out. I am desperate andchildren and soon to get a great gran. I and that I have shamed her for scared. What if I get sick, who’sfind myself out in the cold and at a the last time. I never expected going to take care of me? Mycross-road not knowing what to do. this in my old age. How can I children are all made at me and don’tAfter 32 years of marriage my wife is live without my family and my talk to me.filing for divorce because of a little wife? She is like my other half Desperateindiscretion on my part. I had an affair no matter how I run around I Dear Desperatewith a younger woman and now to come home to her. She is home You make your bed, now lie in it. Icomplicate matter a child is involved. and without that I am lost. What am sorry b ut a woman can onlyMy wife suspected that I was fooling can I do? How can I mend this? I allow her heart to be broken so manyaround for a long time. It’s the island am so broken up right now I times. When in Rome we have to dothing we do back home and get away can’t even think straight and the as the Romans do. Women have morewith it but in Canada our woman have doctor put me on medication. I options in Canada so why shouldchanged and have ideas like Canadians. am so sad and unhappy at how I they put up with a husband whoThey do not want to put up with messed things up and took her disrespects her like you have donegetting blow anymore, they want us to for granted. Please can I get your for so long. continue on p16 Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 11 11
  12. 12. In Your Back Yard Clara Orallo Clara Orallo Ro Rheders Helma Rogge Rheders Faiza Hargaaya, Weyni Abraha Caricom Arts and Crafts had an exciting Cultural Evening in June 2012. The audience was treated to a variety of cultural performances including poetry by Helma Rogge and Shirle Alleyne, a cultural portrait of Montserrat by Mary Barzey, classincal singing by Clara Orallo, African drumming by Kat Productions, and a birthday celebration of the youngest particiopants who turned 15 on the same day. There was also a bake-sale table of breads and Caribbean treats.Mary Barzey, Shirle Alleyne KBFuju of Kat Productions(below) and African Drummer CARCICOM ARTS & CRAFTS IS LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS If you are interested in arts, crafts, poetry, prose and sharing your work with others then join us at our membership meeting to be held in November, 2012. Date to be annouced.Watch for your invite in your email. Samuel Krajick, Flor Barzey’s grandson from Toronto Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 12
  13. 13. Only A Woman of Colour…… really matters – This month we are celebrating women. It it is what youis also the month that we have the annual bring to the“Person’s Day Breakfast” event which I am table!told has been going on for a few decades, asa LEAF Manitoba fundraiser. I have had Lara Badmus,few interactions with LEAF’s Executive LL.BDirector, Betty Hopkins, and I think she isjust amazing! I am very new to LEAF(Legal Education Action Fund), as avolunteer. To be honest, I have not done Lola’s Surprisemuch to merit that title, but I am hopeful Birthday Partythat I will do more as time goes on and I getless busy on the home/career front(s). Lola Hibbert was the toast of the Moving on to what I really want to write town and one of the mostabout today-I just want to send out an surprised participants at herencouraging message to all the women out significant birthday party recently.there; particularly women of colour. I will Like a lamb she was led into hermerely be repeating the words on a poster I party thinking it was a mere stophave on my office wall, which follow: over on her way to another event “ Only a woman of colour can work full when the chorus of “surprise”tooktime while finishing school, raising her breath away and family andrespectful and intelligent children, be an friends from the US and otheractive participant in the Parent-Teacher parts of Canada emerged toAssociation and make it all seem effortless. celebrate her special day. Only a woman of colour can make $100 The event with more than 150 inout of 15 cents. attendance packed the JamaicaOnly a woman of colour can go from the Cultural Centre.boardroom to the “hood” and keep it real in The mastermind behind this wellboth places. executed plan was Lola’s baby Only a woman of colour can live below sister Eartha Gyles. Thepoverty level and yet set fashion trends. evening’s program included Only a woman of colour can fight two entertainment by her group, thebattles everyday and make it look easy. Jamaica Folk Ensemble, crooner Only a woman of colour can be 75 years Mr George Bain and speechesold and look 55! divulging delicious secrets about Only a woman of colour can make others Lola. The evening was of laughterwant to pay plastic surgeons top $$$ for and good cheer and even thoughphysical features she was already born with. Lola said had she known they Only a woman of colour can be the would have never gotten her intomother of civilization. the hall, I think she was truly If you are a woman of colour, tell some touched by the outpouring of lovewoman of colour they’re beautiful from family and friends andtoday…..” especially her son, sister and her Enjoy who you are, and take time this and niece from NYC and her twomonth to embrace all the positives in your nieces who navigated the eveninglife. Always remember that it is not where and read poetic tributes to theiryou are from, or what you look like that aunt. Happy birthday Lola hope you make it to 100 years at least. Lola and her two lovely nieces Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 13 13
  14. 14. A brief History Of Jamaica at 50 by Audrey Gordon It was at midnight on August 6, 1962 And yet, despite all of this: the Jamaica’s dreams had finally come the National Stadium in Jamaica, that colonization, the slavery, the Since independence, Jamaica has come aThe Union Jack, the flag of the British obliteration of Jamaica’s indigenous long way. Our presence on the world stage inEmpire that once ruled Jamaica, was people, Jamaica overcame. politics, arts, theatre, sports, music and fashionlowered for the final time. In its place, the Jamaica, the country and its people has been nothing short of magnificent.flag of Jamaica with its bold colours of forged for Individuals such as General Colin Powell;yellow, black and green was raised. And itself a new Grace Jones; Glenjust as the Jamaican flag was raised, so freedom, a Campbell; Lennox Lewis;too were the hopes and dreams of n e w Harry Belafonte; PatrickJamaicans around the world, at the birth independence, Ewing and Naomiof their new independence. and a new Campbell, as well as every At precisely that moment, the world strength that Jamaican living at homechanged. At that moment, years of struggle had never and abroad, have made aand striving for freedom by hundreds and been seen considerable contributionthousands of our ancestors, finally became before in its to helping put Jamaica’srealized. history. name on the map. It is no Tonight, we honour the lives of all those We should wonder our very ownnameless Jamaicans who fought for not shy away Louise Bennett CoverlyJamaica’s independence. Tonight we f r o m (Miss Lou) sums us up as,celebrate Jamaica. remembering “we little but wi tallawah!” For those of you who are not familiar the horrors Our achievements trulywith Jamaica’s history, the struggle for faced by our give us reason to rejoice.Jamaica’s independence began long before ancestors And I’m sure that in1962. The Spanish were the first to conquer under the addition to Jamaica’s sixJamaica and its indigenous people of oppressive National Heroes and oneArawak and Taino suffered through rule of colonizers. No. Because it Heroine, each of us has our own specialdisease and violence. It was also the made our country what it is today. It Jamaican hero who epitomize for us, the spiritSpanish who began the atrocious act of impressed on us the importance of of Jamaica.capturing, enslaving and importing African resilience and of striving to achieve When I think of my Jamaican hero, there isslaves. In 1655, it was the British Empire our goals, whatever they may be. one person that always comes to mind. For me,who would rule over Jamaica for the next That despite the circumstances and it is without a doubt Robert Nesta Marley. Bob357 years and continue the slave trade. restrictions our people were born in, Marley is not only a Jamaican hero, but The struggle for independence and they strove and fought to make for arguably one of the greatest cultural figures offreedom was born in this atmosphere of themselves and their descendants a the 20th century. His impact on popular musicbrutality and bloodshed. The first acts of better and brighter future. We should can be seen on a daily basis. His iconic imageresistance from Africans began as early as all be inspired by their examples. is still seen on t-shirts and posters. His music is1655. In fact, there have been more slave- The 20th century saw rapid still enjoyed by millions around the world,led resistance wars in Jamaica during that development in Jamaica’s road to regardless of their race, culture or ethnicity. Butperiod than in any other British colonial fulfilling its destiny of independence. it was his message for unity, peace and standingterritory. In 1955, Jamaica was granted self- up against oppression that has stood the test of After the long, hard road to freedom, government and in 1957 Jamaica time. 31 years after his death his music andslavery was finally abolished in 1834. But became part of the West Indies lyrics are as impactful as ever.Jamaica’s history of oppression by the Federation. But Jamaicans were not His impact around the world is so great thatBritish did not end there. To fulfill labour prepared to stop there. In 1961 it reminds me of something that happened twoshortage left by the end of slavery, Chinese Jamaicans voted in a national years ago. On October 13, 2010 when Victorand Indians were brought in to Jamaica as referendum to withdraw from the Zamora, one of 33 Chilean miners rescued afterindentured labourers and suffered their Federation. One year later, Jamaica being trapped in a San Jose mine for 69 days,own challenges and depravities. was finally an independent state. asked to hear Marley’s “Buffalo Soldier” Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 14
  15. 15. shortly after his release. This is just one example multicultural and multi-faith country. 1st 1962, Donald Sangster who wasof how Bob Marley has elevated Jamaica’s In Jamaica we are able to experience then the Deputy Leader of themusic to international prominence. this rich tapestry of cultures, be they Opposition addressed the British and Unquestionably, our national heroes and role African, Chinese, Indian, Irish, Jamaican delegations at the Jamaicanmodels extend far beyond Bob Marley and Scottish, English, Spanish, Lebanese, Independence Conference in London.Usain Bolt. I am proud to say that here in Haitian, Cuban or Latin American. This is what he said:Winnipeg we have our own local Jamaican Jamaica stands true to its national “Jamaica has been independentheroes and role models. As I glance around the motto today as it has done since its minded for a long time…We are aroom, I see the faces of our local heroes and independence: Out of Many, One small country but we areyou know who you are. All of you have worked People. geographically situated like a beacontirelessly to establish our community and In Canada, we can enjoy that on a hill, whose light can be seen a farpresence in Winnipeg. You are trailblazers and diversity in our Jamaican Diaspora way off. It is our hope that our faithwe are very proud to have you represent our and remember our national motto. and our conduct will inspire others tocommunity in such a positive way. That despite our individual choices regain their faith in God, in truth and Our local Jamaican role models are not and many differences: in our in the sanctity in the rights of man.”always the ones with their names in newspapers. professions, our circle of friends, who Like Donald Sangster, I trulyLook around the room. Look at the people we marry, the food we eat or the believe that Jamaica was created as asitting next to you, in front of you, behind you. music we enjoy: we all share the beacon of light. And, despite theEach of us has experienced our own struggles, same Jamaican heritage. And that challenges that it faces socially andimmigrating and settling into a new country. heritage has shaped each of us in economically, I pray that it willSome of us continue to experience these profound ways. It may have shaped continue to be a beacon of light forstruggles. But as a community, many of us have our lives in different ways, but we years to come.overcome these challenges to establish cannot forget that in each of us is aourselves and our families. We are, each of us, unique piece of Jamaica. And that can (Audrey Gordon was the Guest-speaker at Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary banquet)a walking, talking example of successful never be taken away.Jamaican Canadians, here in Winnipeg. And “Out of Many, One People” standsfor that I think we need to give ourselves a round as true for us all the way in Canadaof applause. Come on! You deserve it! as it did for us 50 years ago in While the world celebrates Jamaica’s Jamaica. And it is this same traditionGolden Jubilee, I ask myself, 50 years after of unity in diversity that is soJamaica’s Independence and hundreds of miles treasured in Canada. We, each of usaway from the country: What does it mean to have a responsibility to embrace oneme, to be a Jamaican-Canadian, right here in another. We must resist the urge toWinnipeg? judge one another. In fact, in the spirit I can honestly say that what I feel most is, of the Olympics, we should elevate‘blessed’. I feel blessed to be able to feel both our game and step out of our comfortJamaican and Canadian. I have never felt that I zones to get know each other- Mr. Dayman Hemans, Presidentt,have had to choose one or the other. I feel truly regardless of our background. Jamaican Assoc. of Manitoba Inc.privileged to have been able to experience both This is the tradition of ourcultures, countries and people. It is my identity Jamaican ancestors. This is ouras both Jamaican and Canadian that has made Jamaican life richer and it has made me who I am And each and every day we must Facuy lady whotoday. remember that we have all been came from the I am grateful that in Canada, I am able to created in God’s image. USA to celebratecelebrate my Jamaican heritage and identity. I will end by quoting the words with her formerAnd our similarities are striking. Not only has of Donald Sangster, who later went Winnipeg friendsCanada’s indigenous people also suffered at the and countrymen on to become the second Prime and women.hands of colonizers, but like Jamaica, it is a minister of Jamaica. On February Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 15 15
  16. 16. Shirley’s Corner Congrats Tope BabaolaFrom the Kitchen Corner kitchen volunteer. (I was proud of my position as the clean-up crew Tope Babaola, 14, recently became aof Folklorama. executive, excuse me). Now, this published author of Impossible Mission lady is of Caucasian, never which tells the story of 14 year-old JoshWell folks, Folklorama is finally McAllister is in the midst of teenage angst.wrapped-up and all those who wrapped roti in her whole life. He hates being compared to his brainiacvolunteered or visited the pavilions Probably never eaten one before, sister, he never gets what he wants, andon a daily basis can all wind-down but with one crash course under his friendships are in the toilet. Josh blamesand come back down to earth and her belt, she is now the best roti all his troubles on his parents, who havecontinue their daily lives, if you are wrapper in the city. If anyone made a fortune off their new invention—able to do so, after two hectic weeks wants to hire my friend, Doreen, and ruined his life in the process.of fun and frolic. What a two weeks. see me. Oops! I was not With the hope of bonding more as aBut I am not totally concern about supposed to mention any names. family, Josh, his parents, and his sisters,the two weeks, I am merely concern Oh well. We had a great kitchen Anna and Julie, leave for the Bahamas onabout one week; the one week I spent crew who worked tirelessly. their private plane. Just as Josh and hisin “hells” kitchen of the Caribbean Between serving customers and mother conclude one of their worstPavilion on Provencher. You really the hard work of cleaning pots arguments yet, the plane begins tohad to be there to experience the and, pans and taking food from violently shake. At the insistence of hishustle and bustle that went on in a the oven to the serving pans and parents, Josh, Anna, and Julie have nokitchen that fed so many people from panicking, I think I can speak for choice but to parachute out of the planevarious parts of the provinces that all, we enjoyed it. It was hard and watch it explode in mid-air justvisited our pavilion. I am sure you work but it was fun. I know I seconds later with their parents inside.will be hearing all kinds of stories personally might have ruffled a Horrified, Josh and his sisters soon landabout this yearly event from other few feathers, (not the customers) in an uncharted island where it is now upsources, so I will not go deeply into but hey! It’s all in the game. Now to them to find their way out of the cold, dark jungle and claim their inheritanceit, but will give you an insight as to If I can just get my swollen feet out of this foot bath, and able to before their greedy uncle seizes it forwhat went on in my corner, the stand up, I’ll be ok, ‘cause I am corner. not a spring chicken anymore. In this exciting action adventure, aOne of the volunteers of our kitchen Well folks, you may see me doing teenager and his sisters race for their lives,crew was a member of my church, my role at the kitchen sink next learning more about themselves and theirwhose name I will not mention. The own inner strength than they ever year, God’s willing. So long,second day she was whisked away imagined. You can buy a copy of thisfrom me to wrap rotis by another until. book online at globalcounsellor - cont’d from p11 As the saying goes, you don’t miss her forgiveness and for you to bethe water till the well runs dry. friends. At this stage in your life you are There are relationships wherehaving a child with another woman you can be together but apart.and expect your wife to go along? If Once the legal ramifications areshe went along with this situation out of the way she might beshe is agreeing to maintain and to willing to develop a different morehelp raise your child. equitable relationship with you. I Is it reasonable to expect that would suggest that you takemuch of a woman especially since whatever you can get. In thisshe has grandchildren and a great country you need a friend. If yougrand child on the way? want to speak to me send your I think that you might want to ask phone number via GEM. Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 16
  17. 17. NICCOM Celebrates Nigeria’s 52nd Anniversary of Independence NICCOM – Nigerian Canada art. Finally the Hon. AndrewCommunity Organization of Manitoba, Swan Minister of Justice andInc. celebrated this anniversary at the Attorney General was recognizedCentro Caboto Cultural Centre. for his contribution in bringing to Annual scholarships were awarded Manitoba more than 500to students who were achieving provincial nominees. NICCOMacademically as well as those who is an inclusive organization withwere giving back to the community membership from a variety ofthrough their volunteer activities. cultural groups. In addition three communitymembers were recognized for theirindividual achievement andcontribution to the larger community:Flo Oramasionwu for her musicalachievements delivered in two albumsas well as her willingness to performfor the community at a moment’snotice; Yisa Akinbolaji who is the Hon Andrew Swan, Yisa AkinbolajiAfrican Picasso, was recognized for and Flo Oramasionwu - Community Cutting of the Anniversary Cakehis contribution in the field of visual Award recipients Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 17 17
  18. 18. HEALTHWISEJamaican Patty - Some swear Mexican Lentil Soup fry until vegetables areit’s the best in the world Makes 8 to 10 servings slightly soft, about 8Ingredients Ingredients 14 oz (400 g) bag minutes. Stir in lentils, broth, chili2 lbs ground turkey or beef red or green lentils powder, cumin, oregano, 1/2 teaspoon • 8 sprigs of fresh thyme or 4 1 large onion (2 mL) salt and pepper. Bring mixturetablespoons 2 red or green peppers to a boil, stirring often. Cover and • 2 oz scallion or about 10-13 stalks 4 carrots reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer • 2 scotch bonnet peppers, seeded 2 celery stalks until lentils and vegetables are tender, • 2 loaf french bread 3 jalapeño peppers from 30 to 40 minutes. Taste and add • 6 cups water 4 large garlic cloves more salt and seasonings, if needed.• 2 tablespoons Jamaican Keith 1 tbsp (15 mL) olive oil 3.For a heartier consistency, removecomplete seasonings 8 cups (2 L) chicken or vegetable about one-quarter of soup and place• 2 teaspoons garlic powder broth or bouillon in bowl of a food processor fitted with• 2 teaspoon onion powder 1 tbsp (15 mL) chili powder a metal blade. Whirl until mixture is• 2 teaspoon ground allspice puréed. You may need to add a little • 2 tablespoon beef base water if mixture is too thick. Stir• 2 tablespoons browning purée back into soup. Serve hot with a• 2 teaspoon msg (optional) crusty baguette. Soup will keep well,• 2 small onions covered, in the refrigerator up to 3• 2 oz gelatin days or in the freezer up to 3 months.• 2 teaspoon salt Food for love Music also boostDirectionsGrind scallion/onions, and peppers brain powerin a mincing mill. 2 tsp (10 mL) ground cumin To get you body in shape, you go to the2. Add to ground beef/turkey with all 1 tsp (5 mL) dried leaf oregano gym. What should you do for your brain?other seasonings 1/2 to 1 tsp (2 to 5 mL) salt Play an instrument! A study published in3. Cook without adding any water or 1 tsp (5 mL) ground black pepper Nature Reviews Neuroscience pulledfat until meat has lost its broth and Add to grocery list Earthy cumin, together data from around the worldonly certain amount of oil remains. hot peppers and a heap of studying the effect of music on the brain.4. While meat is being cooked, pour seasonings give a heady boost to They found that musical training, or anysufficient cold water over bread in a this soup thats hearty enough to interaction with music—includingsaucepan to cover and soak for a few serve as a vegetarian entrée. listening—improved the brain’s ability tominutes, Directions handle communication. The research5. Pass bread/ little water through DirectionsNutritionUser reviewed showed that children withmincing mill until it is a semi thick comments.1.Wash lentils in a musical training have better-than-averagepaste. Add to cooked meat. Along sieve, discarding any twigs and vocabulary and reading ability. Musicalwith water.Continue to cook until stones. Finely chop onion. Cut adults had more “neuroplasticity,” aidingmeat mixture is thickened similar to red peppers in half, remove seeds their brains’ long-term ability to adapt andthe texture of warm oatmeal about and chop into 1/4-inch (0.5-cm) change. So every time you put on your10-15 minutes. pieces. Peel carrots. Chop carrots ear buds to listen to the music, be it6. Remove from fire. Cool for filling and celery into 1/4-inch (0.5-cm) Ravel or Rihanna, you’re improving yourpastry circles. pieces. Core and seed jalapeños, brain’s fitness.If patties need more seasoning, blend then mince along with garlic.spices as listed and add until desired 2.Heat oil in a large saucepan settaste is achieved over medium-high heat. Add Let your food be medicinevisit keithcooktv for more onion, red peppers, carrots, and your medicine be food.information celery, jalapeños and garlic. Stir- Hippocrates Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 18
  19. 19. Leg Up Continued from p4 Grasita Jones, Parkinston’s Disease GJ: Pay attention to the Monica Laurel Wright, way your body works and moves. Symptoms Rhiney and Violet ClackenCause for Celebration - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony can be subtle but if you are aware L to r: Dennis Cupid, Victor Vaughan Margaret you can pick up these and look into Strachan, Melanie Whyte, Mike Phagtakhan, Rupert it. For example if you don’t move Forde & Louis Rodrigues one arm, you’re losing your balance for no reason, do not ignore it, check it out with your doctor. GEM: Are you self-conscious about this disease? Do you ever feel less than, ashamed – do people stare at you and misinterpret you? GJ: Yes, I am sometimes stared and jeered at. During my last visit to St Vincent - one day I was waiting at the Bus Depot, I was very tired so I was very DYSKINETIC i.e. my body was rocking - some of the locals thought I was moving to the music (of course I was not moving to the rhythm) so they jeered and laughed at me. This was very humiliatingThe Caribbean I am very upfront about my illnessCultural Centre especially when travelling and Irecently make every effort to choose seatscelebrated where my affected side (because ofopening of involuntary movement) is away new from a fellow travellerwashrooms in GEM: What is your best strategy inits facility, tackling this disease?with a ribbon GJ: Exercise is my number one Participants strategy and it works to keep mecutting healthy.ceremony. GEM: What is your hope for the future? Opening of GJ: That my Parkinson stays the way it is. One of my biggest issues Caribbean is balance. I also hope that research would produce some kind of Cultural treatment for Parkies to maintain balance or stop or reverse or even Centre’s new lessen the symptoms of the disease. I am hopeful for the future. Washrooms Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 19 19
  20. 20. Zizi - The Continuting Story The children were excited to be going to little too seriously and it’s no big as age creeps up on me the answer iseat at a restaurant, especially pizza. Zizi’s deal, solve one crime and another becoming clearer” Zizi chuckled “Itwo nephews and Leyroy’s son Junior hit it pops right up to replace it” think he is a good guy, he was lost butoff like hand in gloves. Leyroy was happy “Right” now he’s found. The hardest thing forthat his son found kindred spirits with the “So how are things with you and me is having a step son, not that I haveboy. Leyroy would cast an adoring your hubby? Any dramas lately?” anything against the boy or Leyroy butglance at Zizi as if to say “see it’s going to “He is a changed man. That little it would have been so much lesswork out”. While Zizi didn’t have ill separation did us both very well. complicated if we were starting fromfeelings towards the little boy she wished He is wonderful and I pray to God scratch but he is ahead of me”Leyroy didn’t come with this baggage and that it remains that way. He is “I understand, but I think you guysthey could start off on the same page. That considerate, loving and even would work it out and Leyroy loveswas wishful thinking. volunteered to make me Sunday you, really. He messed up but you The evening with the family went well, breakfast and bring it to me in bed always had his heart and you knowBrenda and Zizi caught up on the gossip every Sunday. What more can a that”about what was happening back home and girl ask for?” “Yes””talking about a holiday to see friends and “I am so happy especially for the “Make it happen, don’t wait too long.relatives. boys. It’s great that they see how Married life is sweet” Zizi wanted to share with Brenda about to be a good man” Is that so?what they found out about Sargent Daniels “I thank the good Lord every Zizi hugged and kissed her nephewsbut she was so afraid to put her cousin in a single day” Brenda eyes filled with as they were about to leave thespot where she would have to keep a secret water which she brushed aside and restaurant and she promised she’d takefrom her husband. She bit her tongue.Even turned the spotlight upon me “so them to a movie in the next little while.though the evening was great Zizi could what’s up with you? It’s a long The boys cheered. They loved goingnot get what Johnny said out of her mind. time we had a wedding in this out with aunty Zizi because she wasShe felt a little irritated that Danny was not family, I think it’s due” like a big kid and they got to do funup front with her, however she tried putting “I don’t know. No one has asked stuff. They asked her to bring Juniorit aside and concentrate on her family for a my hands as yet” too and she promised she would.change. “A little bird told me it’s coming Leyroy told Zizi to wait up for him“Girl you look distracted. Don’t tell me soon. Just hypothetically speaking because he wanted to speak to her afterSherlock Holmes got another hot potato on what would be your answer if he dropped off Junior home. He washer hand. Come on be present in this Leyroy asked you to marry him?” serious and Zizi mind went racing tomoment” “I thought about that many times all sorts of worst case scenarios as“Yeah, yeah, you are right. I take things a and I wasn’t sure. However, lately usual. Congress of Black Women ActivitiesMark your Calendar: The Congress of Black Women December 16, 2012 - Kwanzaa a recently wrapped up a successfulcelebration of Black Heritage and New Horizons Project whichculture paired senior members of theVenue: Jamaica Cultural Centre community with youths to work on 1412 Winnipeg Avenue a public speaking project together.Time: 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 2011 Kwanzaa photo by Winnipeg Many resource people presentedCome out and celebrate with food, Free Press valuable information to the group tomusic and gifts for every child, help them prepare and deliver theirremember our ancestors and the values Cultural Awareness Workshop presentations effectively.they instilled in us. February 2012 - An exciting Watch for more information in theThis is an occasion for Manitobans to program is being planned. More next issue of GEM.learn about the Black cultural tradition. information will be forthcoming. Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 20
  21. 21. Welcome to Poetic License by Neil PitamberCRUSHING SERPENT (life and Wife or otherwives… TRIBUTE SOCIETY (life andshtuff) We assume too much that children shtuff) Are built for anything (Nowadays) My sides have my person—I’ve knowledge of what it is Lost innocence really —ality…But am ignorant of why it is… No, I cannot count themEasy way to keep your head up—? Begins at the ‘mouth’… Nor can I count on themPretend (if you must) there’s So, what’s so real aboutAlways ‘siht’ in front of you… FISH AND VISITORS (life and shtuff) Surreality?The idea is as practical My gingerale smirksAs the execution itself… Strumming my air guitar at the moon Rather gingerly…(Now you’ve gone and looked (Bruce) Weigh-ins’ are compulsoryNo serpent to blame this time) The thing is howling notes That aren’t ratio to scale Before a fightYeah, you stepped in it Damian Wayans is not theSo clean it up yourself… Yeah, I’m louder than I look Take a breath and regale ‘detective’s’ (My elbow just touched my fingers Son, despite..GATES OF HELL (life and shtuff) You do the mathDo I secretly desire the collapse What the hell—?) There’s a demon loose in my head And I’ll do a caskOf my personal ‘social structure’? Ward off Mary Jane forCurious how it all goes to ashes Stationed there by the ‘hive’ Always indifferent Bordeaux Marie-JeanneWhat it takes to build up ‘future’? An insult to one loverDo I subconsciously befriend people To the suggestion of taking a drive Somewhere out in the country And a slut to the other…I have no qualm to betray in the end?Defend principles I personally abhor Self-induced coventry Heart’s in the breast That’s yet to try?Tactless but reliable way to blend in? Haven’t power than—— I never ‘wing to one side (Said, he isn’t To wish you by my side…Auguste Rodin on a horse late last night The fact is; we really can’tAnd invited me to a game of ‘chess’ trespassing That he was Memories are for elephants‘If you are aware of your ‘evil,” he says I haven’t worn that jacket‘How can an ‘idea’ look in on itself?’ invited…) Since I was sixteen‘Is this not the amusement of ‘God’? Brown pants don’t really suit youTo keep men, as I have you, in ‘check’?... TEMPEST (life and shtuff) Even in a dream…‘God is not ‘evil,” I smile, ‘Yet is ‘that’which Please stave me F r o m FLASHPOINT (life and shtuff)We give birth to not an extension ofourselves’?… temptations… From anything You remind me of something‘Poor posture and conundrums,’ Auguste That fits its’ purpose, though defaultednods ‘to great “thinkers” lend Can curse my eyes But the drudge from your mouththemselves’… Is far more revolting… I shall not grace them Everything I have ever done rightRAG DOLLS (life and shtuff) Happened on the thirdWhen does a ‘v’ become ‘w’? With a second glance Legitimate flirtations Honorary mentions often go withoutWhen ripe… Present company alludedChildren have a way of And ‘of the like’… Help me deserve the things In the opening verse…Helping you regret ‘that night’ Like the way you focusA womans’ promises are hardly I’ve earned Bloggers need to be witty When you want to comeWorth its’ weight in fools’ gold ‘Character’ takes some concentrationStill we trade in all we have… Only helps poets to be troubled Sometimes a man needs to feel Objects in the mirrorSaid she was, ‘smart’ Are ‘loser’ than they appear…But didn’t know how to ‘act smart’ Relevant and valid and vivified...‘Don’t point out my faults— Revved and reactive and ‘alive’…Just need to accept ‘yours”… Please wean meDon’t raise your voice— Off femmetations… Speak when you are angry,She can make more noise than you… and you will make the bestLupin was inCupid was out speech you will ever regretTrust no-one Ambrose Bierce Global Eyes Magazine Women’s History Edition Fall 2012 21 21