Updated Drug Test Instructions


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A revised and reformatted set of instructions found in the manual for take-home drug tests.
Parents were often confused by the previous instructions, so I tried to clarify the instructions involving interpreting a positive test result.

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Updated Drug Test Instructions

  1. 1. mCalifornia Youth ServicesMonitored Drus T ins Services and Take Flome Test Kits How to Interpret ts: r$@r YOUTH SERVICES tl tl li !: ! f nxanpte, Refur to matching "colunrr" to interpret abbrewiated drug narne. cr I/ c2 1 mAMP: Methamphetamine TBZO:. Benzodiazepines r Xanax, Valium, Librium, ProSom Crystalmettr 2 MDMA: Methylenediorymethamphebmine 2MTD: Methadone e Diskets, Dolophine, Methadose r Ecstasy 3 BAR: Barbiturates 3THC: Marijuana . Amytal, Imovane, Lurrinal, GHB, Mebaral, Nembutal o Hashish, cannibas c4 C3 1 OXY: Oxycodone l AMP: Amphetamine e Oxycontin, Percocet, Percodan r Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine 2PPX: Propoxyphene 2mOP: Opiates . Norcopropoxyphene o Herour, morphine, codeine, orycodone c5 c6 COC: Cocaine BUP: Buprenorphine o Crack r Subutex,Suboxone If you wish to conduct additional tests or to further anralyze specific drug levels present in a posi- tive test, please schedule an on-site testingappointment. Female Clients call Crystal Dillard at (9419)303-9017 Male Clients callJeremy Tom at (949) 30&9016 2322MillCreek Drive Suite 100 Laguna Hills, CA92653 Phone: (%9) 30&9016 Espanal (949) 303-9018 Fax: Q1.4) 2W-0571. www.calyouthservices. org
  2. 2. Monitored Drug Testing ServicesTake Home Test Kit Instructions t|fi @ YOUTH SERVICES of the cry cap. Open cap with the Pull Tab. (Key is held by tecinician.) Key cap PullTabTransparent Cover Peel Off Label Urine Cup Urine Cup Label Donor provides specimen ard secures cap. Note: Secr.re cap by preesing &wn on he Pull Tab until an audible click is heard. Temperature Strip ,1. Security Date # rniriars- Seal .- Security Seal 4t Ched< cao lor tiqht seal. Tecrhnician dates ard initials ,t On a flat surfae, tedrnician inserts e"O orXte label to view results.{9 tn" r"orrity seaianO phces searrily seal over cap. !D ^5^ - Sscurlty , tu- seal QlgD lf the lest cup indudes S.V.T., read test results between 3 - 5 minut6. adulleration Z dD Read drug test resulb at 5 minutes. i & A photocopy ol fie drug lst re! can be made by placing the enl anp with the card face donrn on o copier. 5 minutes -tEl,g Fls fl- ^ ElI [-]I IEGATTVE I 3-5 minuts Drus Fl F1 F aEf - | I PosrrrvE E $ fl:fl:fl:fl: Drug I I -11 " Drus l Tl rilvALrD -l Ll ;:. Adulteralion Sirips Example: Test shous All positive results are Fesumptive and See color fiart ard package insed lor irterprelation. positive for OPl. should be confirmed by an altemative method. (e.9. GC/MS) h.:1lffi1@