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Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST)


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General presentation of the Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST) research program

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Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST)

  1. 1. Sustainable Bioenergy Solutions for Tomorrow (BEST) A public-private research program 2013-2016 Coordinated by CLIC Innovation
  2. 2. What is bioenergy? Bioenergy is the oldest known source of consumer energy, and it will continue to have a role in the future sustainable energy system! Bioenergy = Use of biological sources (biomass) for energy, and all the different aspects (technical, scientific, economic and social) related to it Biofuel = fuel derived from biological sources (sometimes used narrowly to describe liquid bio- based fuels such as biodiesel and bioethanol) Photo by Steve Jurvetson
  3. 3. BEST in a nutshell • The program runs for 4 years in two phases (2013-14 and 2015-16) • Checkpoint after the first phase: The work plan of the second phase was refocused based on the results and learnings of the first phase • The volume of the program is roughly 4 MEUR annually • >50% comes from Tekes, the Finnish Funding agency for Innovation Photos: Stora Enso, Timo Lötjönen/Luke, Andritz BEST is a pre-commercial bioenergy research program and an extensive collaboration of industry and academia
  4. 4. BEST vision Biomass producers Forest companies Technology providers Energy companies Consultants and service providers Finnish bioenergy ecosystem Finnish bioenergy companies and R&D community possess the top bioenergy know- how in the world and are able to utilize and affect the development of the operating environment to create new sustainable bioenergy business both in Finland and globally.
  5. 5. Why do we need bioenergy? Global economic growth → growing energy demand Local self- sufficiency can be supported with bioenergy Climate change mitigation Bioenergy is an essential part of the bioeconomy concept Excellent competence platform; opportunity for Finnish leadership
  6. 6. BEST develops existing competences to answer to critical developments in the business environment BEST builds on the existing Finnish strengths in energy technology, forest biomass utilization and integrated concepts, which have been applied successfully by the forest industry and the energy companies Major global developments such as policy-related uncertainty, urbanization, increased demand for energy and biomass and the rise of other renewables have posed new challenges for bioenergy New competences, operating models, networks and system- level approaches are needed in order to create winning and sustainable bioenergy solutions to the global challenges
  7. 7. The program projects from the current strengths of the Finnish industry to the future
  8. 8. Expected impact: A strong Finnish bioenergy ecosystem that can boost sustainable bioenergy opportunities both in Finland and globally • Bioenergy finds its competitive and optimal role in the future energy system and bioeconomy / circular economy frameworks • Subsidy requirements decrease or disappear when the cost efficiency of the bioenergy chains improves Improved competitiveness • Bioenergy helps mitigate climate change • Bioenergy supports local self-sufficiency as well as local employment strategies • Proactive sustainability strategies can be a source of growth for companies Sustainable solutions and growth • Finnish companies are able to expand their businesses both globally and nationally • Finland’s position as an attractive and influential partner in the bioenergy field is strengthened Boosted business both nationally and globally
  9. 9. The 34 BEST partners include - 22 companies (forest, energy, technology, consulting...) - 12 research organizations Former partners: European Forest Institute, Finnish Geodetic Institute, Inray Oy, Metsähallitus Oy, MW Power Oy
  10. 10. Structure of the program in 2013-14 Bioenergy systems and concepts & technological solutions Policies, strategies, business environment WP 0 Management WP 2 Radical improvement of bioenergy supply chains WP 3 Advanced integrated concepts and new markets WP 1 Bioenergy scenarios and strategies in global and local scales WP 4 Enhanced business opportunities through securing sustainability
  11. 11. Structure of the program in 2015-16 Bioenergy in relation to other renewable energy sources Bioenergy in relation to other elements of the bioeconomy Supply chains for biomasses – ensuring quality & cost efficiency WP1 Bioenergy as a part of the solar economy energy system WP2 Bioenergy in bioeconomy WP3 Biomass on the way to a bio- product mill WP4 Sustainability, health and safety
  12. 12. Research theme 1: Bioenergy as a part of the future sustainable energy system  Potential of bioenergy in balancing the supply of renewable electricity  Bioenergy storage concepts  Biogas  Urban bioenergy concepts
  13. 13. Research theme 2: Bioenergy in bioeconomy Where does bioenergy create the most value in the bioeconomy framework in combination with the production of materials, chemicals or food, so that the different uses complement rather than compete with each other?
  14. 14. Research theme 3: Resource and cost efficient, flexible and reliable supply chains
  15. 15. Research theme 4: Sustainability, health & safety Goal: Creating and disseminating best practices, methods and tools related to the sustainability of various bioenergy chains in different operating environments, taking into account all the different dimensions of sustainability: o Economic o Environmental o Social (including health and safety of workers in the bioenergy value chains) Prerequisite: All of the activities along the biomass supply chain and in bioenergy production must be accomplished in a sustainable way.
  16. 16. More information / contact • Program Manager:  Kaisu Leppänen, Spinverse Ltd.  kaisu.leppanen[at] • Website: • Twitter: @BESTbioenergy • Blog:
  17. 17. CLIC Innovation in brief CLIC is an open innovation cluster with the mission of creating breakthrough solutions in bioeconomy, energy and cleantech. CLIC Innovation coordinates R&D&I project portfolios to construct systemic solutions which are beyond the resources of individual operators. The cluster is a cross-organizational fast-moving network. The shareholders of the nonprofit CLIC Innovation Ltd. Include 30 companies and 17 universities and research institutions.