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Radiator Maintenance


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How to make sure your radiator lasts a lifetime. Great tips on what you should do to maintain a healthy radiator.

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Radiator Maintenance

  1. 1. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE Tips on how to keep your radiator flowing!source:
  2. 2. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE• Okay so the radiator is not the most glamorous of car parts I’ll admit it. BUT, you will notice when it is not working correctly. source:
  3. 3. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE• How would you know if it’s not functioning correctly? Great question! – Car Smells Hot – Overheating Temperature Gauge – Steam Coming From Under The Hood source:
  4. 4. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE• Routine maintenance and checkups. Kind of like what you do with your kids and hopefully yourself. This is what it takes to make sure your radiator stays in tiptop shape year round. source:
  5. 5. RADIATOR MAINTENANCEHere are a few tips and trick that should help keep your radiator flowing.source:
  6. 6. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE1. Keep fluids toppedoff. Use correcttype, amount, andmixture of antifreezeand water. If you don’tknow what you needcheck your driver’smanual. Or, you can callyour mechanic, an autoparts store, or researchonline. source:
  7. 7. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE2. Change fluids at least every year andmore often if needed. Depending onwhere you live your radiator may getdirtier and your antifreeze may need to bechanged more frequently. Again, if you arenot sure of how often, how much, andwhat mixture, ask a trusted resource. It’snot really hard to do, but you want tomake sure you do it right. source:
  8. 8. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE3. Change fluids at least every year and moreoften if needed. Depending on where you liveyour radiator may get dirtier and yourantifreeze may need to be changed morefrequently. Again, if you are not sure of howoften, how much, and what mixture, ask atrusted resource. It’s not really hard to do, butyou want to make sure you do it right. source:
  9. 9. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE4. Radiator cap health. When you check, topoff, or change your radiator fluids make sureyou inspect your radiator cap as well. The sealcan become dry, damaged, and cracked overtime. This will allow leaks which you do notwant. So, if you see it doesn’t look sohealthy, replace it. It’s easy and cheap and willsave you a lot of headache and money in thelong run. source:
  10. 10. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE5. You should also check your hoses at leastonce a year. These may have to be changed overtime due to becoming dry and brittle. Whenhoses get brittle they can leak and that’s not agood thing. So, check on them once a year andif you are uncertain if they need replacing askyour friendly mechanic or auto parts store onceagain. Most hoses are simple to change source:
  11. 11. RADIATOR MAINTENANCE The EndFor more Auto How To Tips visit, you need to purchase an auto part- Visit Call 1-888-907-7225- Or send an email to THANKS Source;