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Published in: Automotive


  1. 1. BASIC VEHICLE MAINTENANCE TIPS BEFORE TRAVELLING As summer and spring break fastapproaches in a couple of weeks, manyfamilies are planning to travel for a vacation.Before thinking anything about travelling,consider first taking care of your car. Thefollowing car preservation tips are veryhelpful to keep you on the road of safety.
  2. 2. Battery Make sure batteries are fully charged and ready to use. Because they store power for later use, it’s important to keep track of its safeguarding so as not to cause any delays during travelling. It’s better to bring extra batteries too.
  3. 3. Fluid level Guarantee a good fluid reading results. It doesn’t matter if it’s due or not, it’s better to change the oil before every long trip. Automatic transmissions have a dip stick in the engine compartment and the manual transmission can be test out if you are changing the oil.
  4. 4. Check the windshield wiper fluid if it’ssufficient for your journey. Verify the brakefluid making sure it’s topped off. While therest are all right, don’t forget to look out youranti-freeze bottle if it was filled on the properlevel. Bear in mind that too much of it cancause overflow and too little can result toyour engine to overheat.
  5. 5. Cracks & Leaks Most often cracks and leaks are threats of danger. Check all over the hoses for any evidence of cracking and if it’s too loose or tight. Test the tension by twisting the belt. If you can twist it more than a quarter turn, it means too loose. If it twists less than a quarter, that means too tight. Try squealing and twisting to make certain it works properly and burn up the bearings if it’s too tense.
  6. 6. Tires
  7. 7. Check tire pressure. Find therecommended level seen in driver’s side doorjamb and don’t forget the spare. It should bereplaced with a new one if it shows it’s alreadyworn out. Have the alignment checked by anearby tire shop if the car pulls to either sidewhen driving or if you notice uneven tire wear.This is usually caused by long intervals of cartrips or if you haven’t use the car for a longerperiod of time.
  8. 8. Maintaining his car is every owner’sresponsibility. In caring for its smallestdamage, one can prevent costly budgetallocation on repairs. It will also avoid delayson your trips because the vehicle that youare using is well-maintained. Drive safely andhave a safe journey!
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