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WooCommerce: Customization via Plugin or Code


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These slides belong to, a technical video course that shows you how to override WooCommerce pages and elements without using plugins. You can watch me code and learn by example.

A series of videos, screencasts, examples and exercises will help you feel more confident about WooCommerce customization, child themes, hooks and CSS/PHP snippets.

Watch and re-watch each video how many times you like, get lifetime access to me via the comment section, exercise as much as possible and keep learning.

Access your free videos or buy the course via

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WooCommerce: Customization via Plugin or Code

  1. 1. WooCommerce Customization: Plugin or Custom Code?
  2. 2. It depends. ● Features you need ● What’s available on the market ● “Payment & Pricing” rule ● Free vs Paid ● rule
  3. 3. Why reinventing the wheel? ● Complex, premium plugins ● Guaranteed support & updates ● Cheaper than custom code? ● If there’s no plugin yet there must be a reason
  4. 4. Custom code ● Less files - less conflicts ● Under your control ● A few lines, in one file ● Great to learn basic CSS, PHP, JS. You can develop your skills
  5. 5. “Is there a plugin for that”? ● Should be your 2nd choice ● “How easy is it to custom code”? ● “How likely this needs support”? ● “Is there a snippet for that”?
  6. 6. WooCommerce is flexible ● Clean code and plenty of hooks ● Can achieve a lot with a few lines of PHP ● Why using bloated plugins? ● Let’s learn what’s possible & easy