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Uncommon Quotes to Embrace Failure and Curiosity


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Although knowing the purpose for “why” we're doing something is extremely powerful, asking “how” often prompts action and kick-starts momentum. Thinking deeper about how we approach a situation encourages us to be more open-minded—more curious. And curiosity, when channeled in the right direction, can produce exponential results.

"How" also guides us to learn from our mistakes. We all fail. So why not harness failure and make it a platform for change. Even the best strategies and the most well-executed plans can fail. Exceptional leaders (and brands) celebrate failure, ask how it happened, and learn from it.

Our Uncommon Quotes will help kick-start your curious mindset, encourage you to embrace failure and give you the kick in the pants you might need to take action.

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Uncommon Quotes to Embrace Failure and Curiosity

  1. 1. I’VE SEEN HOW YOU CAN’T LEARN ANYTHING – BARBARA KINGSOLVER when you’re trying to look like the smartest person in the room.
  2. 2. LEARN HOW TO DO IT. – PABLO PICASSO I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may
  3. 3. Experience is simply the name we give OUR MISTAKES. – OSCAR WILDE
  4. 4. Many people look, BUT THEY DO NOT SEE. – PAUL SMITH
  5. 5. AN OUNCE OF ACTION – RALPH WALDO EMERSON is worth a ton of theory.
  6. 6. They always say time changes things, BUT YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO CHANGE THEM YOURSELF. – ANDY WARHOL