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Uncommon Quotes for Stand Up or Shut Up


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Whether you’re leading a multi-million dollar business or dreaming of working for one, it’s important to stand for what you believe in. Today, people crave purposeful brands and thoughtful leaders. Know your purpose and use it to guide everything you do. If you’re not willing to stand up…shut up.

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Uncommon Quotes for Stand Up or Shut Up

  1. 1. You aren't a failure UNTIL YOU START TO BLAME. – JOHN WOODEN
  2. 2. THAN A FOOL CAN LEARN FROM A WISE ANSWER. – BRUCE LEE A wise man can learn more from a foolish question
  3. 3. IS NO REASON FOR SILENCE. – VICTOR HUGO Not being heard
  4. 4. YOUR DESTINY IS SHAPED. – TONY ROBBINS It is in your moments of decision that
  5. 5. COULDN’T BE DONE. – AMELIA EARHART Never interrupt someone doing what you said
  6. 6. OUT LOUD. – KELLY CORRIGAN You have to speak your dream
  7. 7. IS EVER LOST. – HELEN KELLER Remember, no effort that we make to attain something beautiful
  8. 8. PAYING ATTENTION. – SUSAN CASEY I'm so glad they were