Olive Oil Remedy For Dry Skin


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Olive Oil Remedy For Dry Skin

  1. 1. Olive Oil Remedy For Dry SkinTired with skin care products that dry out your skin with synthetic fragrance and alcohol? TryOlive Oil! Olive Natural Beauty is a new skin care and body products company with extra virginolive oil being the key ingredient to hydrate the body. I was sent a samples to try of the: RadientRose Clarifying Candle ($28), Goddess Glow Rose Body Scrub ($25), Rosemary Savior Salve($15), and the Oat and Honey Lip Balm ($5). Check why I love this new body product line andwhy it’s a great natural alternative and remedy to dry skin! 1/6
  2. 2. WHAT IT IS: A 100% Vegan natural beauty line primarily used with extra virgin olive oil topromote healthy, hydrated, radient and glowing skin.WHAT IT DOES: Olive Natural Beauty products help skin to look younger by reducing theappearance of fine lines and wrinkles while deflecting and neutralizing free radicals that attackskin’s youthful appearance and cause up to 80% of aging. An oil discovered more than fivethousand years ago by the Egyptians, olive oil helps promote a smooth, radiant completion, 2/6
  3. 3. while conditioning and restoring elasticity in the skin by fighting off free radicals. Olive NaturalBeauty extra virgin olive oil will protect your skin inside and out!HOW IT WORKS: Rich in Linoleic and Oleic acids, a deprivation of which is a main cause of dryskin, extra virgin olive oil is the least processed, purest form of the oil. High in vitamin A, B, C,D, E, K, and iron, the oil has been long known as the Mediterranean people’s secret of youthand beauty. 3/6
  4. 4. MY RESULTS: The Rose Radient Candle- which was my favorite product of them all- iswonderful. The scent is beautiful and intense enough to make your entire home smell justdevine! The litter extra dried bits of rose make the candle a luxe special. The Candle is availablein Lemon and Lavender and Oat and Honey.The Goddess Glow Body Scrub was very, very hydrating. So hydrating that I could feel my skinbaby soft and hydrated for days afterward. A little does go a long way. I felt as though I had 4/6
  5. 5. bathed in olive oil. The scrub does leave a very oily residue so be careful from slipping in yourtub or shower. I had to wipe my shower down after wards. If you really suffer from dry skin, thisis an excellent skin rememdy for you!The Skin Savior Salve in Refreshing Rosemary was great for my hair. I normally wouldn’t usethis kind of product for my cuticles, elbows or knees, but was wonderful for my hair and tamingfly aways and making my hair look less frizzy. The Rosemary scent on this one was not asstrong as the Rose products that I got, however, if its for your hair, perhaps you wouldn’t wantthe scent to be too strong to compete with your perfume or fragrance. The Skin Salve comes inRefreshing Rosemary, Lemon and Lavender, Oat and Honey, Radient Rose, and Sweet Fennel.Natural Beauty Lip Balm- Comes in Radient Rose, Rosemary, Lemon and Lavender, Oat andHoney and Sweet Fennel. The lip balm (Oat and Honey) was probably one of my least favoriteproducts, as i didn’t really see or fee that much difference from any other lip balm. Perhapssome of the other scents gave a different experience.Overall, the line is great for people that do suffer from very dry skin as it is so rich in Olive Oil.The Goddess Glow body scrub can be a wonderful natural remedy to getting hydration back. Iwould probably stick with the Rose scents, although I do like the smell of Lemon and Lavender,and perhaps I would give that scent a try. The candles are so nice and make great gifts for agirlfriend or a house warming!The olive oil, as the key ingredient, is a great product if you are looking to remedy dry skin. It isa wonderful, natural alternative, from the over fragranced, alcohol containing ingredients inlotions that dont hydrate well. 5/6
  6. 6. PROS: Packaging is very nice and elegant and a step above the packaging of most body products, and all products are 100% recyclable. My rose candle came with dried small rose flowers bit all on the top part of the wax. This was a very nice added touch and it made the scent even more elegant. I could tell with the body scrub that it did contain ALOT of olive oil, so that was nice as some companies only use a fraction of the main ingredient that they advertise. Also, if you love the smell of Rose, like me, these products are a little hard to find, so I like the fact that I can get several products with this lovely rose oil essence. A great natural alternative and remedy to dry skin! CONS: The price did seem just a tad high for making an online purchase- $28 for the Rose Candle, and $25 for the body scrub. However, I have never known olive oil in any way to be cheap. The packaging is really, really nice and the smell and texture of the products and results create a very nice luxe experience to justify the $28 price. WHERE TO BUY: Olive Natural Beauty‘s Website Do you like products that smell like Rose? Check out my review of why I love this Hydrating Rose Toner by Jurlique here! 6/6Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)