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Building Value


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This fast-paced seminar examines how customers think about pricing and value. It is crucial that a salesperson consider a customer’s thinking because it is in a customer’s mind that a buying decision is made or lost.

It’s a customer’s thinking that a salesperson must influence if a sale is to be made. And a customer is not thinking about value. Basically, a customer is thinking about two things: “What do I have to pay and what do I get for my money.” It’s that simple. A customer is thinking, “Is it worth the price?”

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Building Value

  1. 1. Price Is Not the Issue Building Value
  2. 2. Building Value Four Fundamental Principles
  3. 3. Principle One Customer’s Mentally Weigh Two Things
  4. 4. How much do I have to pay?
  5. 5. What do I get for my money?
  6. 6. Principle Two Salesperson can’t change the price of the home but salesperson can change the value of the home
  7. 7. Price versus Value Maybe a Sale
  8. 8. Price versus Value Value Price No Sale
  9. 9. Price versus Value Value Price Sale
  10. 10. Principle Three Features justify a price Benefits justify a purchase
  11. 11. Principle Four Salespeople make two fatal selling assumptions
  12. 12. Customer is aware of benefits
  13. 13. Customer is thinking about benefits
  14. 14. Building Value Process
  15. 15. Step One Discover what is important, listen for buying motivation Family, Investment, Convenience and Prestige
  16. 16. Step Two State a Feature
  17. 17. Step Three Build a Bridge
  18. 18. Step Four State a Benefit
  19. 19. Step Five Link to buying motivation Family, Investment, Convenience and Prestige
  20. 20. Step Six Gain agreement