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Creating Positive User Experiences Through Technology - Paul Kenny


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Keynote Session - Creating Positive User Experiences Through Technology - Paul Kenny

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Creating Positive User Experiences Through Technology - Paul Kenny

  1. 1. Building value through Marginal Gains Paul Kenny
  2. 2. The life of a Sales Coach
  3. 3. Why we Win/Lose Sales
  4. 4. Zone Of Uncomfortable Debate
  5. 5. Three insights • All value exists only in the mind of the buyer • Few (if any) purchasing decisions are rational • Our perceptions of value are driven by many different factors
  6. 6. 5 Key Battles
  7. 7. First Impression
  8. 8. Insight & Understanding
  9. 9. Air Time
  10. 10. Credibility
  11. 11. Relationship & Rapport
  12. 12. Sales Super Powers
  13. 13. Habits That Matter Understand “Value” Dialogue Share Stories Ask For Commitment Manage Resistance
  14. 14. Creative Empathy The ability to appreciate and anticipate what a customer might value and to find a way of creating value early in the sales process
  15. 15. Dialogue The ability to build a detailed understanding of the need behind the need
  16. 16. Engaging Stories The ability to communicate our capabilities in a meaningful, relevant and memorable way
  17. 17. Gaining Commitment Our ability to build value by getting the client to make continuous commitments to address their needs.
  18. 18. Managing Resistance The ability to add value by addressing inevitable concerns worries and doubts in a credible way
  19. 19. Finally Never underestimate the value created by a thoughtful and well executed sales process.
  20. 20. @paulkennyOL