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CAD/CAM CNC Software Simulation


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BobCAD-CAM Machine Simulation PRO software is a powerful Add-On product to any of the CAD/CAM systems that we offer. The Machine Simulation PRO offers a wide variety of simulation features including the ability to use your machines kinematics for simulation. What are the benefits of Simulation? How will it help your shop save time and become more profitable? Find out here!

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CAD/CAM CNC Software Simulation

  1. 1. .3 i : ' iiflfiifm‘ . ' m-----‘@: I ' ': I‘i‘§j: "“"""‘g . I U 1 ,1 ‘ Id E3 ‘ N 77 g . ., .i--—-x __ , an--—-E1 ‘ . —-— 1’ K h o__ ' / ,- ": wvvw. bobcad. com | CADICAM Technology Series | powered by
  2. 2. 9 MACHINE E SIMULATION www. bobcad. com ill I _‘ . . _. . / ’ _ . .. CNC Machine Simulation software allows the machinist to test out a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) NC/ G-Code program or created machine toolpath visually BEFORE actually using the program on the machine itself. Typically Machine Simulation is used with CAD/ CAM Software for CNC Milling, Turning, Routing, WaterJet, Laser. Burning and Plasma machining and for a wide range of applications. vowed-= vHU| JEHfl-EHI1 AR
  3. 3. www. bobcad. com g MACHINE r. -SIMULATION / <<<<(‘<<f<< L73 Iii I L / I _j_ _. _ g/ _ L , Visualize CAM Program Movements Visualize CNC Machine Movements Detect & Prevent Tool Holder/ Collet Collisions Detect & Prevent Toolpath Gouges Estimate Cycle Times Analyze Machined Part Deviation Analyze Toolpaths, Tool Positions & Toolpath Data Analyze Material Removal During Cutting Use Your Machines Kinematics to simulate your machine vowmdbvflflllflflll-IIHII AR
  4. 4. What Is. .. “Single Window” ' “Sing| e-Window" means that the simulation program ' has launched inside the software and not as a separate product. This helps keep actions in one place and makes the software easier to use. www. bobcad. com Powered M
  5. 5. What Are. .. “Machine Kine£a_1j_c. s” “Kinematics” is the branch of classical mechanics that describes the motion of points, bodies (objects) and systems of bodies (groups of objects) without consideration of the causes of motion. Therefore Machine Kinematics are all of the components of your machine tool. These components go so far as to include tool holder, tools and even other parts of the machine tool and controller. These are input into the simulation software and used to visualize your machine during simulation. www. bobcad. com powered fi
  6. 6. What is. .. “Work Holding” A “fixture" is a work-holding or support device used in the manufacturing industry. When it comes to CNC Machining, work-holding can be considered a “tool" and is an important part of the CNC Machining process. Machine Simulation should include the ability to show fixtures so that the programmer can ensure that there will not be any collisions or potentially costly problems once actual machining starts. www. bobcad. com powered R
  7. 7. What is: .. _ _ “Deviation Analysis” : ‘ A machined part “Deviation Analysis” is the process of simulating the machining operations in a CNC program and being able to see where the tools that were used were not able to go. Thus, left-over material is displayed or represented by various colors. This type of analysis allows the programmer to include REST or finishing operations that will remove the left-over or unwanted material. www. bobcad. com P0W°| ’°d . ..iiunc| in—i; ni1 Ax
  8. 8. How Can Simulation. .. Help In Job Ql19_tj, I)g. ? p Machine Simulation software v provides Time Based, Toolpath Length Based & NC-Based , , modes for accessing different A . = . . .«. «. ~ . data in the machining process. "{'; "_jf_fj T’ -j 1 j'_ The “Time Based” simulation ‘ ” mode provides a estimated ,4‘ cycle time for the job which includes all machining , _‘ operations. Simulation N’ ' analytics also include a V . ' minimum and maximum , , A. ‘, , toolpath length feature that the . . -. - - programmer can use when ‘ ' quoting jobs. www. bobcad. com powered R
  9. 9. More Important. .. “Simulation Be__i1’e_fi; l'. s” i ‘ I Machine Simulation software i ‘ provides machine component and ' part collision detection. Simulation is important for 4 axis users verification and posting confidence, as the location the part is mounted to the rotary can greatly affect the position movements needed in Post Processing. Users can very easily relocate their parts on their machine to make sure their machining strategy is optimally defined. The goal is the elimination of error and the reduction of waste while adding efficiency to your CNC machining process. www. bobcad. com powered R
  10. 10. Your Next “Simulation S9_l_i_i_tjpn fin’ www. aoncaa. com power»-~vlilJ| ]Efl-[IHi’| §
  11. 11. Your Next “Simulation Solution v H[l| ]EHl]-Ellli/ ‘R For a FREE Trial Visit www. bobcad. com ~ Or Contact Us ~ 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554 www. bobcad. com powered R