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This presentation was for my current events class. It showcases some of my PowerPoint skills.

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  • Have timeline format contiguous throughout books and movies. Include JK life relevancies into timeline.
  • Harry Potter

    1. 1. By George Anderson Jr. Current Events Mr. Salmon
    2. 2. J.K. Rowling Born in 1965 Has three children Taught in Portugal as an English teacher. Worked for five years on the story’s plots for each book before writing out the first manuscript. She couldn’t afford to copy her manuscript, so she typed out four copies of her manuscript on her old typewriter. Worlds first Billionaire author.
    3. 3.  Nestle Smarties Book Prize  Primo Centro per la  Carnegie Medal Letteratura Infantile (Italy) Guardian Childrens Fiction  Prix Sorciere (France) Prize  Royal Mail Award for Scottish British Book Awards Lifetime Childrens Books Achievement  Chevalier de la Legion  Edinburgh Award d’Honneur (France)
    4. 4. 1990  The idea for the book came while she was waiting at a train station.  Her mother dies of cancer. This affects how she writes concerning Harry’s parents death.1993  She fought bouts of depression streaming from divorce and her mothers death. This feeling of desperation and loneliness gave her the inspiration for the dementors.1995  She writes whenever and wherever she can, from café’s to bus stops. She completes the first book. Her literary agent warns her "You do realize, you will never make a fortune out of writing childrens books?”
    5. 5. 1996 Bloomsbury Press accepts book and gives her a $4000 advance.1997  US Rights Sold to Scholastic. They gave her a $100,000 advance. She is now able to quit her job and devote her time to writing.1998  The Second book is released in UK.  The first book had it’s name changed, chapter Illustrations added, and is then released to the US. It’s first run was 50,000 copies.
    6. 6. 1999  In June the second book is published in the US with 250,000 copies.  In July the third book is released in the UK and sells over 68,000 in two days.  In September the third book is release in the US with a run of 500,000 copies.2000  In June the fourth book is released in both US and UK with a combined first run of over 5,000,000 copies.  In August Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint are chosen to be the actors for the movie/s. Due to the series popularity, children’s book received it’s own pop list.
    7. 7. 2001  In the US, the first movie was seen on 3,762 movie screens, and set a record take of $90 million.2002  Richard Harris, the actor who played Dumbledore dies.  In November, the second film takes in $88 million.2003  The fifth book is released in the US with a first run of 6.4 million copies.  This is the longest of the books with 870 pages.
    8. 8. 2004  The third film takes in $97 million2005  The sixth book is released in the US with a first run of 10.8 million copies.  Braille edition released.  The fourth film takes in $101 million.2007  The seventh and final book is released in the US with first day sales of over 11 million copies.  In July the fifth film takes in $144 million in the US, and $330 million worldwide.2009  The sixth movie takes in $394 million in 5 days, and $934 million worldwide.
    9. 9.  1999- Copyright-The legend of Rah and the Muggles 2003- Illegal Books-Harry Potter and leopard-walk-up-to- Dragon(Chinese)/Harry Potter in Calcutta(Indian). 2005- Trademark- Weird Sisters “Wyrd Sisters” 2009- Plagiarism–The adventures of Willy Wizard: A Livid Land 2010- Jesus Potter, Harry Christ-Church of England said she stole from bible. Just Kidding  2011- American Christian – magic in Harry Potter promotes witchcraft in children
    10. 10. “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I felt as a child, Ithought as a child: now that I am become a man, I have put away childish things.” 1Corinthians 13:15
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