The Access Chain - Sensory Therapy Gardens Fact Sheet


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The Access Chain - Sensory Therapy Gardens Fact Sheet

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The Access Chain - Sensory Therapy Gardens Fact Sheet

  1. 1. Sensory Trust information sheetThe Access ChainAccess is a chain of events that begins experience can mean that the visit may endwith the decision to visit and ends with the with the visitor feeling frustrated, or thevisitor’s safe return home. No improvement visit may simply not happen.should ever be made in isolation. For The Access Chain is not a model forinstance, a new accessible visitor centre the order in which improvements shouldmay fail to improve visitor numbers if there be undertaken. For instance, there mayis no accessible car parking nearby, and it be little to gain from improving publichas not been promoted in the right way transport links to a site that is completelyto the right people. Think links. Failing provide for every link in the visitor The Access Chain
  2. 2. Decision to visitMost decisions to visit a site are made at In briefhome. Many people require a good deal ofinformation about about transport, facilities 1 Remember that a visit begins and ends at homeand staff in order to plan a visit. Thisinformation should be available in a range 2 Think links - think about accessof accessible formats and promoted through issues at every stage of astandard channels and other outlets such as visitor’s experiencelocal radio, leaflets at surgeries, day centres 3 Remember why-to-come (siteand community halls and direct mail to highlights) as well as how-disability and other groups to-come (practical access information)Journey and arrival 4 Ensure that the information youThe more choices people have in ways to provide is available in a varietyreach your site, the more accessible it will of formats for differing needsbe. Talk to local public transport providers 5 Make sure that you useto look at ways of improving their services plain English for all writtenthat connect to your site. Involve disability informationand access groups in these discussions and that many disabled people relyon their cars to get about. There are other things that can bedone to improve the arrival experience forvisitors, such as having trained staff andvolunteeers on hand and free entry forcarers.On-site experience The Sensory Trust promotes and supports the creation and managementThere are many things that can be done of outdoor spaces that can be used andto improve the visitor’s on-site experience. enjoyed by everyone, regardless of ageSome of these are detailed in the Sensory or ability.Trust web site, and in other publications. Visit Routes and signposting improvements or contact:l Facilities are made accessible Sensory Trust, Watering Lane Nursery,l Information and interpretation is Pentewan, St.Austell, Cornwall PL26 designed to include disabled people 6BEl Highlights are accessible or experiences Tel: +44 (0)1726 222900 of equal quality are created Fax: +44 (0)1726 222901l Disability awareness training for staff Email: Inclusive events and activities The Sensory Trust is a registered charityReturn home (No. 1020670) and a company limitedImprovements to the return link of the by guarantee (No. 02811046)Access Chain are usually made by improvingthe journey and arrival link. Make it easyfor people to get involved and give feedbackon their experiences. Visitor satisfaction isprobably the truest measure of whether theaccess improvements have worked.