Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet               Using tyres outdoors                           Do you want to develop your...
Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet               Using tyres outdoors                           Tyres for playingEarly Year...
Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet               Using tyres outdoors                           sand, and sieving occasiona...
Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet               Using tyres outdoors                           Tyres for challenge        ...
Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet               Using tyres outdoors                           Caring for tyres           ...
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Using Tires Outdoors: Early Years Outdoors Learning


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Using Tires Outdoors: Early Years Outdoors Learning

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Using Tires Outdoors: Early Years Outdoors Learning

  1. 1. Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet Using tyres outdoors Do you want to develop your at just the right height for outdoor provision, but have children and adults and firm walls limited funds for doing so? for walking around. Simply lineEarly Years Outdoors isone of the subscription Settings across the UK are the prepared tyre with landscapeservices from Learning fabric so that the edges go up making great use of tyres asthrough Landscapes, inside the tyre rims – as you fillthe UK’s national school a highly useful and versatile with soil the fabric will be held ingrounds and early years resource, and they’re free! place. The fabric will allowoutdoor play charity. drainage and the tyre can be It takes over 400 years for a tyre moved if it needs relocating.For more information to break down in landfill and vastabout subscriptions, numbers are scrapped every year,call 01962 845811. so tyre centres, contract hauliers, farmers and agricultural en- gineers (for large and very large tyres) are usually very pleased to supply nurseries and pre-schools who ask them. In fact when a nursery in West Sussex put a request in their local newspaper,The Early Years they were inundated with offers.Outdoors AdviceLine is open Monday to When they recently held aFriday all year round. network meeting everyone whoContact our specialist came took away their own supply! Children will be fascinated to sowteam for advice on grass seeds, watching the dailyusing, designing ormanaging your space: Below are some of the ideas change as the seedlings emerge Learning through Landscapes has and then grow into grass. WhenTel: seen in many settings across the it’s long, encourage children to01962 845811 country. Not only do tyres have a cut the grass with scissors! TheEmail: very wide range of uses and make grass will provide an ever-member@ltl.org.uk popular resources for children’s changing landscape for small outdoor play, you will be helping world play, perhaps for farm orWeb: to reduce man’s impact upon the wild animals.www.ltl.org.uk environment and giving young children relevant experience of Tyres are also great for growing sustainable development – not herbs and small vegetables such bad for something that costs as lettuce, and Nasturtiums look nothing! especially good in them. Stack tyres for deeper roots and don’t forget the importance of watering and feeding this small volume of soil in the summer: children areLTL accepts no enthusiastic waterers however,responsibility for the and are unlikely to forget if therequality of goods or is a good supply of watering cansservices provided byany companies listed. and water!This Advice Sheet offers To grow potatoes, place one seeda selection of contacts potato under the soil and addto try – always try yourlocal Yellow Pages or more soil every few days to keepThomson Directory, and the growing shoot covered,an internet search Tyres for growing stacking another tyre on top whenengine such as required. A stacking system canwww.google.com as Tyres make a growing container also be used to make awell. with a difference – they also composting bin using composting become islands around which the worms – make a lid to keep out bike play can flow, seats that are pests.JM: 09-10
  2. 2. Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet Using tyres outdoors Tyres for playingEarly Years Outdoors isone of the subscriptionservices from Learningthrough Landscapes,the UK’s national schoolgrounds and early yearsoutdoor play charity.For more informationabout subscriptions,call 01962 845811.The Early YearsOutdoors Advice Tyres in sand playLine is open Monday to Some of the best cross-curricularFriday all year round. In an outdoor space with very learning we have seen has beenContact our specialist limited space or opportunity for ateam for advice on through the provision of several large sand area, the largest tyresusing, designing or small tyres (try to get mini tyres) can make a suitable sand pit.managing your space: as loose resources for play, However, do make sure all your especially for physicalTel: children can easily climb in and01962 845811 development and for supporting out: babies can sit inside but children’s explorations of rotation toddlers will find this too difficult;Email: and circular schemas. The moremember@ltl.org.uk do all your children have tyres you can provide, the more sufficient mobility to access theWeb: inventive and complex will be the sand fully?www.ltl.org.uk play that emerges – let children work together to arrange them and devise their own activities as well as making suggestions to them. They will roll them and stack them, worm their way through them, hide in them, climb in and out, jump between and off or balance on planks laid between two tyres.LTL accepts noresponsibility for thequality of goods or Much imaginative play will beservices provided by prompted or supported becauseany companies listed. of the small spaces they create and their connection to vehicles:This Advice Sheet offersa selection of contacts provide hollow blocks, wooden Cover with a round plywood lid toto try – always try your planks, blankets and steering keep cats out (a rope handlelocal Yellow Pages or wheels to support this. Tyres alsoThomson Directory, and make this easier to manipulate) take chalk well and children havean internet search and ensure drainage by liningengine such as been observed sitting inside a with landscape fabric beforewww.google.com as large tyre, deeply involved in filling – plastic will not drain well.well. chalking on the sides. Loose The sand can be cleaned regularly tyres can also be used to hold by washing through with down a net or tarpaulin cover for disinfectant, turning over all theJM: 09-10 a sand area when not in use.
  3. 3. Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet Using tyres outdoors sand, and sieving occasionally; aggregates. There are many replace all the sand annually. lovely stones and interesting Tyres can also be filled with top forms of gravel available fromEarly Years Outdoors isone of the subscription soil, purchased from a gardening garden centres that makeservices from Learning supplier, to provide an excellent materials for outdoorthrough Landscapes, opportunity for simply digging. play and great landscapes forthe UK’s national school Big tyres will enable children to small world play, such as withgrounds and early yearsoutdoor play charity. climb into the soil and use their dinosaurs. Many settings have whole body to dig with long- filled tyres of various sizes, handled tools, rather than stacking smaller ones to varyFor more information reaching in with hand tools. height too, with gravel or otherabout subscriptions,call 01962 845811. Allow children to add lots of water interesting stones and pieces of to sand and soil to meet their wood. A tyre filled with just soil investigative interests and explore will also provide such a landscape different textures: it will drain – provide diggers, other vehicles away overnight. and appropriate props such as twigs and play people. Tyres create spaces, and placesThe Early YearsOutdoors AdviceLine is open Monday toFriday all year round.Contact our specialistteam for advice onusing, designing ormanaging your space:Tel:01962 845811Email:member@ltl.org.uk Tyres will help you to manageWeb: your outdoor space in severalwww.ltl.org.uk ways. A row of upright tyres can Tyres placed in good spots will be sunk into the ground to create help you to manage where bikes a boundary between the active can and can’t go. Use them as and quiet zones of your space– planted islands to influence the children will sit on or lie across direction of flow of wheeled these. vehicles, repositioning every so often to refresh the play. They In a fully hard-surfaced area, use can also provide crash barriers for several planters of one, two or when wheeled vehicles comeLTL accepts no three tyres height and clustered close to fences and walls. Car,responsibility for the together to make a soft, planted truck and tractor tyres are thequality of goods or area. Children will be able to sit perfect height when laid flat forservices provided by on the container edges and move children to sit on, walk round andany companies listed. amongst the meandering use as jumping off points: youngThis Advice Sheet offers pathways and spaces between children need raised surfaces fora selection of contacts them. Tall grasses and bamboos this important developmentalto try – always try your can create an atmosphere to activity. It is also very importantlocal Yellow Pages orThomson Directory, and spark off imaginative play; to provide children with small,an internet search colourful, fragrant or tactile nurturing spaces in your outdoorengine such as planting will create a relaxing area and the biggest tyres are justwww.google.com as sensory area. the right size for two or threewell. children to sit inside together, or Tyres can be used as containers for one child to play quietly in for resources such as shells, pine their own private space, awayJM: 09-10 cones, cobbles, pebbles and other from the boisterous play.
  4. 4. Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet Using tyres outdoors Tyres for challenge If you can make a collection ofEarly Years Outdoors isone of the subscription different sized tyres, why notservices from Learning consider using them as anthrough Landscapes, alternative climbing frame, asthe UK’s national school Acorns Montessori Nursery hasgrounds and early yearsoutdoor play charity. done?For more informationabout subscriptions,call 01962 845811. Be safe, and have fun! Have we convinced you to try using tyres in your outdoor provision? Preparation of the tyres is important but straight forward. Choose only those that are intact and check for exposedThe Early Years wires, strips and nails on bothOutdoors AdviceLine is open Monday to inner and outer surfaces, wearingFriday all year round. gloves until you are sure allContact our specialist surfaces are sound: the tyres areteam for advice on then safe to use. Clean themusing, designing ormanaging your space: thoroughly (a pressure washer as used for cars is helpful) and whenTel: dry use a handkerchief to test01962 845811 that the surface will not mark Tyres from huge JCB to small car clothing too much.Email:member@ltl.org.uk size have been set vertically in a line, well buried into the ground,Web: so that they provide a wonderfulwww.ltl.org.uk range of spaces and textures for the children to explore and master. Simple painting suggests a friendly dragon and small children can actually ‘hide’ in the rim of the largest tyre, or walk straight through it. A bicycle tyre in the sequence can provide additional interest!LTL accepts noresponsibility for the Other settings have used tyres toquality of goods or make stepping stones and humpsservices provided by in the ground so that childrenany companies listed. have challenging surfaces toThis Advice Sheet offers negotiate. They can also be useda selection of contacts as swings: ensure full adultto try – always try your supervision during use andlocal Yellow Pages orThomson Directory, and children will find this activity Gloss paint onto clean and dryan internet search thrilling. Whenever tyres are used surfaces will last for 2-3 years andengine such as for physical activity, ensure helps prevent the rubber fromwww.google.com as marking clothes. children develop the appropriatewell. skills and awareness to use them safely.JM: 09-10
  5. 5. Early Years Outdoors Advice Sheet Using tyres outdoors Caring for tyres They are easily stored by stackingEarly Years Outdoors isone of the subscription and covering with a tarpaulin; runservices from Learning a long chain through them if youthrough Landscapes, suffer from out-of-hours visitors.the UK’s national school Prevent rainwater from collectinggrounds and early yearsoutdoor play charity. inside the rim by storing them horizontally and covered or drill holes for drainage. Wash themFor more information down with a hosepipe if they areabout subscriptions,call 01962 845811. dirt-splashed after rain. As with all equipment, check your tyres regularly for wear and damage and replace any that have developed damage or serious wear.The Early Years Remember, the purpose of riskOutdoors Advice assessment is to enable childrenLine is open Monday to to have rich and appropriatelyFriday all year round. challenging opportunities, not toContact our specialistteam for advice on prevent them from doing thingsusing, designing or so be pragmatic and realisticmanaging your space: when assessing how you might use tyres in your setting.Tel:01962 845811Email:member@ltl.org.ukWeb:www.ltl.org.ukLTL accepts noresponsibility for thequality of goods orservices provided byany companies listed.This Advice Sheet offersa selection of contactsto try – always try yourlocal Yellow Pages orThomson Directory, andan internet searchengine such aswww.google.com aswell.JM: 09-10