APPLICATION FORMSubmission ends On December 09, 2011
APPLICATION FORM                                         Submission ends on 9th December 2011                             ...
OTHER INFORMATIONHobbies:__________________________________________________________________________________Ambition: _____...
INTRODUCTION       A. Miss Indian International 2012 is organized by ACE INTERNATIONAL AGENCY PTE. LTD. It is          ope...
SCREENINGThe Screening of the Candidates for Miss Indian International 2012 will be scheduled by the AIA, in a time andpla...
Miss indian international 2012   application form
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Miss indian international 2012 application form


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Miss Indian International 2012
Application Form

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Miss indian international 2012 application form

  1. 1. APPLICATION FORMSubmission ends On December 09, 2011
  2. 2. APPLICATION FORM Submission ends on 9th December 2011 Audition on 10th December 2011IMPORTANT NOTE A. Applicant is hereby informed that the personal data provided in the Application Form will be retained and used by the organizer for activities relating to the Contest including but not limited to promotion marketing and obtaining sponsorship for the contest. B. Applicant is hereby informed that the personal data supplied by her will be disclosed to journalist, other media, advertisers, panel of judges for the Pageant and the public for the purposes mentioned in A above. C. Applicant is hereby informed that she has the right to obtain her copy of her personal data held by the organizer and to request that necessary correction[s] be made if such data no longer accurate.PERSONALName: _________________________________________________________________ Age:____________Residential ddress:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tel No: _____________________________ Mobile No: ____________________________________Office No: __________________________ Email Address:___________________________________Date of Birth : _______________________ Citizenship/Nationality :___________________________Identification/Passport /EMP/ No : ______________________________________________Years of Residence in Singapore prior to submission:__________________________________________________________________________EDUCATIONHighest Educational Qualification: ____________________________________________Year Graduated:___________EMPLOYMENTGive full details of your employment, if necessary, Applicant may be required to produce to the organizer copies of any EmploymentContracts of Contracts Service entered into any of them.Current Employer: ________________________________________________ Designation: _____________MEASUREMENTHeight[Inches]:_______________ Weight[kg]:______________ Bust: ______ Waist______ Hips______Shoe Size: _______
  3. 3. OTHER INFORMATIONHobbies:__________________________________________________________________________________Ambition: _________________________________________________________________________________Have you ever participated in a Beauty Contest? If so when & what Contest?Why do you want to participate in Miss Indian International 2012?EMERGENCY CONTACT PERSON:Name : ________________________Contact Number : ________________________I certify I have read the Application Form for the “Ms Indian International 2012” and hereby agree to abide by all theaforesaid terms and conditions and that the information given by me is true and correct.I agree that the personal data provided in this Application Form and all subsequent material including audio and videointerviews and all photographs can be used by the ORGANIZER for purpose in relation to the promotion, marketingobtaining sponsorship and conduct of the content for broadcasting on television and exploitation of such programsthroughout the world and may be disclosed by AIA to journalists, other media, advertisers, panel of judges for the contestand the public.I confirm that I have never been married am not pregnant and have never given birth to a child.I confirm that I have read and fully understood the application form and I agree that if chosen to take part in the Pageant, Iwill sign a contract prepared by THE ORGANIZER,Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ____________________________*The following must be completed by a Parent or Guardian of any Contestant under the age of 21 at thedate submission of Application Form.I have read the above Application Form. I am the mother/father/guardian of the Contest and give my consentto her entering the Pageant. I confirm the information given by the contestant is correct. In consideration ofTHE ORGANIZER allowing the Application to take part in the Pageant, I hereby agree. A. That is Application Form as a whole is for the benefit of the Applicant. B. That the Applicant is taking part in the Pageant with my consent. C. That I will give my consent to the Applicant part in the International Beauty Pageant including, where Necessary, her leaving Singapore to take part on such Pageant. Signature: ______________________ Date: ____________________ Name : ________________________
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION A. Miss Indian International 2012 is organized by ACE INTERNATIONAL AGENCY PTE. LTD. It is open to female contestants who satisfy the requirements set out below. A Final or a Semi- Final of the contest will be staged. B. The Organizer in its absolute discretion produce Television programs on the Contest and distribute the same by whatever means. All rights of and in such television programs are owned by AIA. C. The Contestant hereby applies to participate in the contest on the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing.1. ELIGLIBILITY To be eligible to participate in the Pageant, the Candidate must fulfil each of the following requirements: A. Must be female with a pleasing personality and a minimum height of 160cm B. Must be a Good Moral character. C. Must be articulate in English D. Must be of Indian Origin of Any Citizenship; E. Must be at least 18 years of age by 1st April 2011 and has not attained 30 years of age by 1st December 2012 F. Must be a holder of a valid passport/identity card / Student Pass/ Emp Pass G. Must not be bound by any contract which will prevent her from entering the contract with the Organizer. H. Must not be an employee of ACE INTERNATIONAL AGENCY PTE. LTD or its subsidiaries. I. The Candidate must be a person  Who has never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid, whether civil. Religious. Customary or tribal which is recognized as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world.  Who has never had a child J. Must be willing to travel and to reign for a full term, at least one year; K. Must be of an Indian Origin. Must not be a participant/applicant of a beauty search during the duration of the pageant; L. Provided always AIA may in its absolute discretion wave or relax one or more of the above requirements after taking into consideration the Contestant’s circumstances and background. M. The new Miss Indian International will remain contracted to Ace International Agency Pte Ltd to perform community related projects for 2 years after the completion of her reign, subject to a maximum of 12 days per year.2. ENTRY PROCEDURE A. The Candidate must complete and sign the section of the form entitled “Applicant Form [For Contestant] B. When the Applicant Form has been completed and signed in the aforesaid manner, the Candidate must return them to AIA, together with the following [1]A photocopy of her Identity Card or Passport Copy [2] Two recent postcard size photographs, one heaadshot and the another full length [3] Original Copy of Authenticated Birth Certificate C. The Candidate must submit via email to ________________________________
  5. 5. SCREENINGThe Screening of the Candidates for Miss Indian International 2012 will be scheduled by the AIA, in a time andplace designated by the same including its rules and regulatorsAGREEMENTAs a condition precedent to the Contestants participating in the Final of the Contest, the Contestant selectedmust enter into separate contracts with AIAACKNOWLEDGEMENT A. The Candidate hereby acknowledges and agrees the AIA have its absolute discretion: [1] Request her to produce evidence of her residency [2] Accept documents of identity other than Passport [3] Withdraw the Candidates from the selections and the Pageant [as the case may be ] without any reasons therefore despite the fact that she may have been selected to so participate. [4] Change or cancel the scheduled date[s] of the screening or Semi-Final of the Pageant. B. The contestant further acknowledge and agrees that the property and all copyright in the photographs shall pass to AIA on her submitting the Application Form. She shall not demand the return of the same under any circumstances. Further she shall not demand the return of the photocopies of the documents. C. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. D. Non disclosure of any information that is pertinent to entering Miss Indian International will lead to disqualification ie criminal record / dethroning etc. E. False information will lead to disqualification.WARRANTIESThe pageant hereby warrants and undertakes that all the information supplied by her in the Application Formis true and accurate.