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How to Select a Best-Fit Managed Service Provider


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Top 10 candid questions will help you determine if a provider of managed services can meet and exceed your expectations. See "notes" for examples of specific details that you should seek in response to those questions.

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How to Select a Best-Fit Managed Service Provider

  1. 1. Business Technology Roundtable How to Select a Best-Fit Managed Service Provider 10 Candid Questions to Ask an MSP
  2. 2. Where do you start the selection process? Focus primarily on how the service offered will help to solve problems or create new opportunities—not merely what it does (its features and functions). Business Technology Roundtable
  3. 3. Are you prepared to offer only the features and functions that my business needs, instead of the ones that you include in your one-size-fits-all service bundle? Business Technology Roundtable
  4. 4. Can you describe the services that you offer—and their business benefits—in terms that I, and the other members of my executive team, will understand? Business Technology Roundtable
  5. 5. Will you provide case study materials to demonstrate how you delivered a managed service solution that solved a business challenge similar to mine? Business Technology Roundtable
  6. 6. What is the depth and breadth of your current managed service portfolio? Business Technology Roundtable
  7. 7. How can I be sure you will apply the best people, processes, and tools? Is your company certified by a leading vendor, and are your offerings delivered using industry leading technologies to meet the highest quality of service? Business Technology Roundtable
  8. 8. Where are your network management facilities located, and what are the hours of operation? Describe your escalation process, in the event of an outage. Business Technology Roundtable
  9. 9. What are the assurances for levels of availability, serviceability, performance, and operation? What is the process for remedy if and when levels aren’t maintained? Business Technology Roundtable
  10. 10. What are the type and scope of management capabilities that you routinely offer? Business Technology Roundtable
  11. 11. If required, how will you support existing or acquired IT/networking infrastructure? Business Technology Roundtable
  12. 12. How do you price and deliver professional services, beyond the scope of the managed service? Business Technology Roundtable
  13. 13. Business Technology Roundtable Act Now: Find a Recommended Service Provider Download a document version of this checklist