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AAAI Documentation Subcommittee


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Presentation describing the work of the Documentation Subcommittee to produce online guidance for the sector

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AAAI Documentation Subcommittee

  1. 1. Documentation Mike Rogers, Sector Development Manager, Midlands, Transport & Schools, The National Archives The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative Conference Aerospace Bristol 12 February 2020
  2. 2. BS 4971:2017 Conservation and care of archive and library collections BS EN 16893:2017 Conservation of Cultural Heritage. Specifications for location, construction and modification of buildings or rooms intended for the storage or use of heritage collections Archive Service Accreditation In an ideal world …
  3. 3. In the real world … • Unsuitable premises • Poor packaging • Lack of documentation • Partial or no cataloguing • Limited of resources • Knowledge gaps (e.g. legal issues) • Archives often a lower priority than objects • Differences between Archives and Museums practices So how can we help? …
  4. 4. Our Audience • Business archivists • Museum curators • Volunteers at Heritage sites • Groups and individuals with relevant collections • Most will have no specialist archival training or knowledge of technical terms • Need to be relevant to all the above despite differing priorities and needs
  5. 5. The Guidance • Pragmatic • Not aiming for perfection – “little steps” help • Premises can’t be changed overnight • Reliant on goodwill • Resources are limited (money, equipment, time, and bodies) • Broken down into self-contained topics • Suggestive rather than proscriptive! • Aimed at non-specialists • Avoids jargon where possible. Comprehensive glossary for when unavoidable. • Refers to Standards and Archives Accreditation, but not insistent • Links to useful online resources and good practice
  6. 6. Arrangement 0. Introduction 1. Definitions 2. Collecting and Accessioning 3. Arrangement 4. Cataloguing 5. Storage 6. Collections Care 7. Access 8. Legal Issues 9. Digitisation 10 Sustainability STILL IN PREPARATION 11. Case Studies 12. Templates for key documents 13. Further reading and online resources
  7. 7. A Plea Can you contribute a case study relating to some aspect of your activities, showcasing good practice or lessons learned? Do you have any policies, document templates etc that you would be willing to share for section 12?
  8. 8. For more information see: Have we missed anything? It is intended to be a living document, so do send us any suggestions/corrections. email: