Environmental projects 2012


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Environmental projects 2012

  1. 1. Environmental Projects 2012 2012 was a varied year with projects for small mammals, birds and a lot more employee involvement and awareness through site biodiversity tours and RPL Springwatch. This employee engagement was vital in advertising projects to new employees who didn’t know much about what happens behind the scenes regarding conservation and biodiversity. The year kicked off with National nest box week on 14th-21st February and Ricoh volunteers gave up their time to install more nest boxes around site along with numerous bird feeders. Six volunteers gave up their time on 17th February in order to install the nest boxes for Robins and Blue Tits around site. There were numerous projects on and off site involving small mammals in 2012; the first of which was on 27th April. Four volunteers gave up their Friday in order to venture out to the Wrekin and Ercall forests and survey the mammal traps which they had laid the previous year. After this, in June, volunteers gave up their time to join the Lightmoor community in surveying their small mammals. This was hosted by the Shropshire Wildlife trust and involved many of Lightmoor’s residents and students joining them for talks and tours of the beautiful natural area around th them. In the evening on the 9 seven volunteers ventured out in the dark to check the mammal traps for any evidence of habitation. This was repeated first thing in the morning on 10th as many of the small mammals are nocturnal. 2012 hosted an array of on-site opportunities for employees to learn more about what animals have made their home here at RPL. In May, 6 volunteers took part in a site tour in order to check the small mammal boxes that were placed last year. This provided surprising results as we found many species of voles, mice and shrews including the endangered pygmy shrew. In June we also hosted three “RPL Springwatch” tours of site to show employees what is around and what we have been doing over the past few years in regards to wildlife and conservation. There was a great turn up for this with three tours hosting around 35 employees overall. As recognition for all our hard work, Environment officer, Andy Whyle, was invited to celebrate the 100th Centenary of the Wildlife Trust alongside the Shropshire Wildlife trust in London. The event was hosted at the Museum of Natural History and there were guest appearances from legends such as Bill Oddie, David Attenborough and Aubrey Manning.