Environmental projects 2013


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Environmental projects 2013

  1. 1. Environmental Projects 2013 2013 has been a demanding year for our Eco-ninjas. Working with the Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Shropshire Small mammal group we have been able to learn a lot about our site and its inhabitants; with training on small mammal trapping, moths and others. The year kicked off in April with the Mammal tracking training hosted by Stu Edmonds, chair of the Shropshire Mammal Group and attended by Ricoh employees; Carl Griffin, Stu Mapp, Ian Cheshire, Tim Jones, Rob Beech, Tania Willoughby, Alan Gwilt, Scott Pardoe and Andy Whyle. Stu delivered a presentation outlining the methods of tracking small mammals and the benefits of using motion detector cameras. He then took the Eco ninjas out to look at the West side Hedgerow and along the Wesley brook to spot some mammals. This was shortly followed by Global Eco Action Month in May where the Eco Ninjas focused their attention on Small mammal trapping once again. This took place on the eastern hedge near Priorslee Lake in Preparation for the upcoming SUDs Project in 2014. Many eco ninjas and volunteers from the Shropshire Mammal Group took part on this wet and cold day, checking at least 10 boxes and finding evidence of rare Shrews. Once the Eco ninjas had been trained they felt confident enough to conduct their own unaccompanied survey of site at the end of May. They found evidence of many small mammals including, yellow neck mice and pygmy shrews. In June volunteers gave up their Friday night along with the Shropshire Invertebrate group in order to survey Moths. A total of 47 moths of many varying breeds were found and identified with the help of Stephen Mitchell, Lizzie Wright and Tony Jacques of the invertebrate group. We also played host in November to BESST and SWT by hosting a factory site tour and presentation showing the measures that Ricoh have put into place in order to protect the local area. In addition to this Harper Adams Sustainability students visited site in November and received a presentation on sustainability from a business perspective rather than a land owner/agricultural view point. In addition to all this, 2013 also contained some unexpected events. The first of these was the finding of a Death-Head hawk moth in RPL2 Warehouses. This became headline news as it’s rarity and “stormtrooper mark” on its back and was reported by newspapers such as the Daily Mail online and Shropshire star. In addition to this in December camera traps were set up after our Eco ninjas noticing some digging marks on site that were a sign of a Badger Population. The camera traps proved useful as 2 badgers, a buzzard and a squirrel were all recorded.