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About PowRE


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PowRE Real Estate, Inc. is a Florida marketing company selling Florida waterfront and golf homes to international buyers.
PowRE also has a major share in the distressed markets for short-sales and estate homes.
PowRE's key personnel are the authors of United States Patents and pioneers in targeting multimedia communications.
For information: +1.772.538.5400 or

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About PowRE

  1. 1. About PowRESM
  2. 2. Online Marketing Power
  3. 3. Targeting International Buyers
  4. 4. Specializing In ‘Distressed’
  5. 5. Certified: for International for Short-Sales for Transnational 3D SpecialistsLeaders In Multimedia
  6. 6. Selling Florida Homes To International Buyers 772.538.5400 Golf Club Experts
  7. 7. PowRE is‘Inside Golf Clubs’
  8. 8. Ask PowRE: +1.772.538.5400