Thomas J Lee biographical sketch


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Thomas J Lee biographical sketch

  1. 1. Thomas J. Lee Mind the Gaps: The Three Voices of LeadershipThomas J. Leebrings decades of experience and expertise to employee engagement for breakthrough change andperformance in business. An authority on leadership influence and impact, he draws on an extraordinary commandof best practices to drive your strategy, support your initiatives, and change your culture.A dynamic speaker with international experience, Tom has spoken at professional conferences and corporate venuesthroughout the United States and across Canada, as well as in Europe, South America, and Africa. Audiences fromLondon to Buenos Aires, from Warsaw to San Francisco, from Johannesburg to Calgary, and from Amsterdam toBogotá have applauded his affirming message of opportunity, growth, and actionable priorities.As a consultant, Tom brings clarity and creativity to strategic vision, direction, and goals. As a trainer, he teaches asimple, easy process of leadership to thousands of managers at some of America’s biggest and best companies. As aspeaker, he shares colorful, real-life stories that illustrate extraordinary leadership and performance. As a coach, hehelps managers become energetic, inspiring leaders who truly connect with people to sink the roots of change deepin a culture and make the change last. His blog (at is must reading for anyone responsiblefor cultural change, strategic execution, or corporate communication.Over the last 15 years, Tom has culled best practices in engagement, leadership, and organizational communicationfrom major, pace-setting corporations. Once he identified and documented what really works, he created a powerfulprocess with proven strategies and practical tools that build workforce engagement and help managers learn to workas leaders. That clears a path for change and barrier-breaking business performance.Tom believes that anyone in any position of authority in any organization must exercise credible and compellingleadership. That most certainly includes front-line managers and supervisors, typically overlooked and undervalued.He recognizes clear communication as the very energy of leadership. Without it, leaders are unable to lead, for theycannot connect with people. That connection is everything. It must be mutually engaging, mutually productive, andmutually sustained. Otherwise, leaders won’t be able to lead. They will only manage.A former journalist and speechwriter for Fortune 100 CEOs, Tom is an alumnus of the University of Chicago, wherehe serves as a mentor to graduate students, and of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. His clients have includedthe premier companies in such diversified industries as pharmaceuticals, insurance, heavy equipmentmanufacturing, brewing, petroleum, food service, aeronautics, chemicals, biotechnology, motorcycles, andcomputers.On the personal side, Tom enjoys reading (mainly biographies), hiking, canoeing, music from jazz to opera, long-distance bicycling, and cooking for friends. A native of Wisconsin and a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan, he actuallyowns one of those yellow foam cheeseheads, and he keeps an ice-cold piece of Lambeau Field turf in his kitchenfreezer. He is the father of a grown daughter, who is an attorney in Chicago.Tom welcomes contacts on LinkedIn (at, and encourages everyone to readhis blog regularly at