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AppVault's Solutions

  1. 1. from AppVaultRECRUITMENT OFFERINGSAppVault’s Ecosystem recruiting solutions offer you everything you need to build deeper relationships with advertisers andjobseekers, while creating new revenue streams within your existing ad programs. Ad Management Ad Max Manage all jobseeker touch points while building a jobseeker skill profile database VCE Virtual event that drives additional revenue as well as builds jobseeker skill profiles Mobile/SMS Jobseekers apply with a skill profile & resume directly from their mobile phone TwitterPOST Tweet jobs & include ability to build the jobseeker skill profile database Resume/Profile Solutions Target Candidates Robust matching solution that monetizes registered jobseekers PerfectFit Matches advertiser hiring needs to passive and active jobseekers Jobseeker Accelerators Highlight Yourself Enables jobseekers to be in the best position to get noticed by advertisers AppVerify Jobseeker verifies their employment & education for potential employers Jobseeker Connection SkillDrum Provides jobseekers the ability to view, manage, and track their job search erify witterPOST skilldrum OBILE/SMS Virtual Career Event PerfectFIT 1.888.469.2490
  2. 2. from AppVaultMOBILE OFFERINGSAppVault’s Mobile solutions offer you local mobile presence that gives you, the Media Company, everything you need to builddeeper relationships with advertisers and jobseekers/consumers, while creating new revenue streams within your existingad program. Recruitment Mobile • Jobseekers have the ability to view job postings on a local newspaper branded site and to send their resume and skill profile from their mobile phone • Builds a local candidate profile database for future revenue generation • Works on all mobile phones with SMS and Mobile capability • Employer mobile micro-sites are an additional revenue stream • Provides quality pre-screened responses to your advertisers Auto Mobile • Consumers have the ability to view/search for cars on a newspaper’s branded site as well as a dealer specific site • Works on all mobile phones with SMS and Mobile capability • Builds a consumer database for future revenue generation Real Estate Mobile • Consumers have the ability to view/search for homes on a newspaper’s branded site as well as a broker/agent specific site • Works on all mobile phones with SMS and Mobile capability • Builds a consumer database for future revenue generation erify witterPOST skilldrum OBILE/SMS Virtual Career Event PerfectFIT 1.888.469.2490
  3. 3. New Look For Virtual Career Events in 2011 Award Winning Platform, User Friendly & Customized For Your Market! New Revenue Generator Turn-Key Solution For Recruitment!AppVaults Virtual Career Events will helpNewspapers attract local businesses in your areathrough an innovative solution to help your currentjob fairs reach a larger audience.AppVaults Virtual Career Events are built on anaward winning platform and a turn-key solution forrecruitment. AppVaults Virtual Career Eventsprovide instant information to jobseekers lookingto find employment in the surrounding areas.By leveraging AppVaults Virtual Career Events,you’ll attract local & national businesses interestedin hiring jobseekers because they dont have to bepresent to attend the live job-fairs.Features & BenefitsRevenue generation beyond traditional job fairs.Attracts hiring companies that may not be able toattend a live job fair.Employers receive pre-screened candidates, thusproviding a lower cost per hire. Turn KeyBuilds candidate skill profile databases.Jobseekers can register their profile with your Solution Fornewspaper. Creates a database you own, and can beuse for other Newspaper sales efforts. Media CompaniesOverviewShort-term event (7-14 days) focusing on certain Call To Bookhigh demand job categories, such as Healthcare,that allows employers to profile themselves in a rich Your Demo Today!environment and reach highly qualified candidatesWhereas job boards reach active candidates, VCE’sreach both active and passive candidates. Want to Know More?Applicable to print, online and broadcast media Contact Andy Miller atcompanies 678.507.2859 or
  4. 4. Help Students Find Job Placement & Attract Hiring Employers To Your UniversityUniversity Virtual Career Events Powered By:Turn-Key Solution Available Now!!!AppVaults Virtual Career Events will helpUniversities attract hiring employers through a virtualevent designed specifically to help students andalumni find job placement during and after college.AppVaults Education Solution is a turn-key solutionbuilt from our award winning Virtual Career Eventplatform which provides instant information tostudents and alumni looking to find job placement.The Virtual Career Event is available from your homepage and can run simultaneously during on-campusjob fairs to present a unique opportunity for studentsto learn more about hiring companies both locallyand nationally.By leveraging AppVaults Education Solution, you’llattract hiring employers interested in hiring fresh andprevious graduates looking to advance their careers.Features & BenefitsNew Revenue Opportunity for Universities!Generates revenue beyond traditional on-site jobfairs.Turn-Key Solution. Targeted solution for hiringemployers. Unique offering for employers that are notcurrently participating in job-fairs.University Branded Solution to attract hiringemployers to participate in job fairs to help studentsfind job placement.Provide 24/7 Access for students and alumni toexplore career opportunities both locally andnationally who cant attend live job fair events.Features for EmployersAbout Us – Employers can showcase their companyhistory along with company benefits.Positions Available – Employers can post one orseveral positions along with a description for eachjob opening.Map of Locations – Employers can post severallocations along with a map of each location.Video – 15 to 30 second videos promoting companyhistory and opportunities for employment.Chat – A tech-savvy way for students to directly Want to Know More?connect with employers while online. Contact Andy Miller atSocial Networking – Links directly to facebook, etc. 678.507.2859 or
  5. 5. Kelsey Forecasts U.S. Mobile Advertising to Reach $2.9 Billion in 2014 Drive New Revenue in 2011 with AppVaults Mobile Solutions For Recruitment! Newspaper Branded Mobile Solution Designed Specifically For Recruitment Detailed Employment Opportunities Delivered To Your Mobile Device20% Of Newspaper Website Traffic Comes Directly From Mobile - Arthur Howe - CEO of Verve Wireless Inc.Verve & AppVault Agree On Strategic Partnership On Delivering Enhanced Mobile Solutions News is a very popular category on mobile devices, with more than 50% of mobile users accessing some form of news content on their handsets. This presents a huge opportunity to generate new revenue in 2011 with AppVaults Newspaper Mobile Recruitment Solutions. Unique Features of Having AppVaults Mobile Ready Recruitment Solutions - Jobseekers Can Easily Submit Their Resume And Skills Profile To The Employers Via Text or Mobile Broadband - - Whether Smart Phone Or Not, Jobseekers Can Apply Directly To All Posted Positions - - Fulfills Advertisers Current Industry Needs for Mobile Recruitment Solutions - - New Revenue Generation Beyond Standard Newspaper Offerings -"AppVaults Mobile Solution Is Turn Key & Provides A Unique Opportunity To Actually Apply From Their Phone." Rose Retter - Sales Manager Recruitment - The Atlanta Journal Constitution The AppVault Mobile Application Process 1. Jobseekers Go Directly To Newspaper Mobile Job Board, & Can Search Available Jobs Easily On Mobile Phone. 2. Jobseeker Instantly Receives Detailed Job Information, & Is Prompted To Register Resume & Apply. 3. Jobseeker Receives Confirmation Once Resume Is Sent, & Jobseeker Profile Is Added To Newspaper Database. Contact Andy Miller at 678.507.2859 or e-mail for additional details. DO NOT MISS THE BOAT!!! Call 678.507.2859 To Schedule A 20 Minute Online Demo Today!
  6. 6. Connect With Your Automotive Dealers Via Mobile AppVaults Mobile Solution For Your Newspaper Automotive Website Is Your Newspaper Automotive Website Mobile Friendly?...Are you sure? List By Dealer List By Make / Model Complete Auto & Dealer InfoList All of Your Automotive Dealers Inventory Lot Under One Mobile Solution Branded to your Newspaper! AppVaults Mobile Ready Platform was designed specifically for Automotive Dealers mobile marketing needs. AppVaults Mobile Solution seemlessly integrates with your Advertisers Dealer Feed to easily list their complete dealer inventory. AppVaults Mobile Solution is completely turn-key, and branded to your Newspaper to provide added value to your current and perspective clients. By utilizing AppVaults Mobile Ready Platform to your current Newspaper Offerings for Automotive, you will meet the current industry demands of your clients Mobile Marketing needs. Newspaper Branded Provides Added Value Easy To Search Complete Automotive Mobile Solution For For Current Print and Automotive Inventory Dealer Inventory & Can Automotive! Online Listings. by Dealer, Make, Etc. Be Accessed 24/7! Put Yourself In The Drivers Seat, And Drive New Revenue With AppVaults Automotive Mobile Solution For Your Newspapers Website! Call Today To Schedule A 20 Minute Online Demo, w w w . a p p v a u l t . c o mContact Andy Miller at 678.507.2859 or to book your online demo today!
  7. 7. Instant Automotive Revenue GeneratorIntroducing AppVaults Automotive Text SolutionAuto Dealers Mobile Lot - "Let your fingers walk the lot." Advertisement With V-Code 1.AppVaults Automotive Text Buyers initiate action bySolution instantly provides detailed texting V-Code toinformation on cars straight to your phone... and provides Newspapers Window Sticker with V-Codewith a new & truly unique offering to your localdealers to help them drive sales via mobile. 2.Features & Benefits Buyers receive aNo Touch Solution To Newspapers. mobile page deliveredEnhances Print Value by offering a new mobile immediately tosolution to advertisers. their smart phone.Provides Detailed Information to buyers.Communicate with potential buyers 24/7. Text Mobile Page Delivered on Smart Phoneresponses act as an after hour’s “Virtual Sales Agent” .Provides instant gratification for the mobilemarket with Smart phones; allowing buyers to view 24/7inventory images and details directly from theirphones. Instant ResponseDealers Receive Instant E-mail Notification ofbuyers who opt-in to receive additional informationabout a vehicle.The ProcessBuyer Experience:Buyer texts the V-Code found in print / online 3.advertisements or on a window sticker on the carproviding buyers the ability to access more Dealers receiveinformation on the dealers lot. instant e-mailBuyer receives additional information immediately. notification with consumersDealer Experience: contact info.Dealer places the V-Code in print / online or on a carplacard with V-Code/Text information is placed in thewindow (this is a dealer option). Want to Know More?Email Lead notifications are received immediately Contact Andy Miller atafter the buyer inquires about a car. 678.507.2859 or
  8. 8. LOOKING FOR NEW EDUCATION REVENUE IN 2011?"Help Your Local Schools Fill Their Classrooms" Turn-Key Solution Available Now!!!AppVaults Education Solution will helpNewspapers attract local trade/technical schools,colleges, and universities in your area through avirtual event to drive students to the right institutionthat fits their needs.AppVaults Education Solution is a turn-key solutionbuilt from our award winning virtual career eventplatform which provides instant information tostudents looking to enroll. The virtual event isavailable from your home page to present a uniqueopportunity for students to learn more aboutuniversities in your area.By leveraging AppVaults Education Solution, you’llattract local trade/technical schools, colleges, anduniversities interested in attracting new studentslooking to advance their careers or upgrade skillswhile between jobs.Features & BenefitsNew Revenue From All Types Of Schools!Turn-Key Solution. We Build The Virtual Event. Yousell it.Newspaper Branded Solution to attract LocalUniversities & Colleges and drives traffic to school’sweb site.Provide 24/7 Access for local, prospective studentsto explore their continuing education andprofessional development options.Unique way to connect with students using chatand social media.Available SectionsAbout Us – Mission, history, student numbers/ratios,online classes, maps, and social media links.Financial Information – Scholarship and financialaid information/deadlines.Featured Programs – Current or popular programofferings with a link to University Web site.Admissions Information – Application information& deadlines, etc.Video – 15 to 30 second videos promoting yourschool/opportunities. Want to Know More?Chat – A tech-savvy way for prospective students to Contact Andy Miller atdirectly connect with admissions reps while online. 678.507.2859 or