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Marketing roadmaps

What are roadmaps and how can you use them in your marketing strategy planning? Find out more about how we can build custom marketing roadmaps for your business at

Often the missing piece between marketing strategy and execution is a step-by-step plan on what you need to execute, and in which order. Marketing Roadmaps are an essential part of building a marketing plan that you can follow.

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Marketing roadmaps

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  5. 5. 5 Strategy The marketing strategy has already been developed, but it should be summarized into key themes/components on the roadmap Goals Marketing goals show the strategic importance of what the client is working towards. Time frame Time can be shown in weeks, months, and quarters. I use quarterly to share multi-year roadmaps, and then breakdown the next two quarters into weeks Initiatives The high-level marketing efforts or themes of work that are required to achieve the goals. Bucket large groups of tasks and tactical activities Schedules Programs, campaigns, and events on a timeline that map to strategy. Activities Key marketing activities — such as website releases, landing pages, ad campaigns, content themes. Status The roadmap can be presented as a plan for the client to follow (with your guidance). A live roadmap, with update progress and status, really makes it come alive
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  8. 8. 8 The best time to develop a marketing roadmap is at the tail end of a marketing strategy engagement. At this stage you have: • Reviewed the business objectives and goals • Reviewed the business situation, including how they show up in their marketing • Reviewed and analyzed their marketing to determine what’s working and what isn’t • Have developed a marketing strategy for the client • Have suggested a number of marketing tactics that the client should implement that will further their marketing strategy towards achieving their business objectives If you do nothing after this stage, the client is left with a nice strategy report that has a very low likelihood of being implemented fully. More than likely the client will implement some of the suggestions, then get off track. Business comes up, life comes up. The marketing recommendations do not get fully implemented and the client doesn’t get the results that you know they could have.
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  10. 10. 10 Roadmap software Tool Link Aha ProductPlan Google Sheets Helpful reading quarterly-marketing-roadmap product/ marketing-roadmap/