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  2. 2.  Co-Workers  Customers  Spouse/Partner  Strangers ANYONE!
  3. 3. WARNING SIGNS • Sudden change in behavior or productivity • Withdraws from co-workers, friends, or family • Threats: • “you better watch your back!” • “payback is coming for you”, etc… • Physical outburst: • fist pounding • throwing things • damage to property
  4. 4. • Visible or concealed weapons, even if licensed to carry the weapon • Firearms • Ammunition • Knives (except those issued by Spacesaver) • Explosives • Any other threatening item
  5. 5. • Don’t let anyone in without a working badge • Visitors must be accompanied • Don’t hold the door for others • Don’t prop doors open • Report any unauthorized or suspicious activity to HR
  6. 6. Report, Report, Report If you have been a victim of any type of workplace violence, please report it to your supervisor and Human Resources immediately If you witness any warning signs, please report it immediately
  7. 7. What to do in the event an active shooter enters Spacesaver.
  8. 8. • Know and understand Spacesaver’s Policies • Familiarize yourself with warning signs • Report, Report, Report! • Prepare and practice • React quickly and appropriately