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BPW Italy Violence Against Women


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BPW Italy Violence Against Women

  1. 1. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against womenin ItalyBPW Italy1
  2. 2. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy2Reflection of of BPW Italy National PresidentEufemia Ippolitoon the International Day"Fight the Violence Against Women"
  3. 3. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy3Youre not alone!Here, dear Members , we should be able to tellevery woman who day after day, hour after hour,in every part of the world suffers violence.There are many associations, movements,structures which tend a hand to women victimsof violence, in terms of material aid, hospitality,legal and psychological assistance.
  4. 4. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy4But it isn’t enough: this despicable phenomenoncontinues to grow until reaching devastatinglevels, and more in Italy than in many othercountries. It s just in these days the call of theUN to the Italian government: "Violence againstwomen remains a serious problem, to solve it isan international obligation."
  5. 5. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy5The Italian Parliament has enacted some laws,such as stalking which also has increased thepunishments of those crimes ; a National ActionPlan against violence was also adopted , but thesetools certainly did not lead to a decrease incrimes nor they were able to improve thecondition of womens lives
  6. 6. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy6The numbers are now known dramatically:according to a data spread by the "TelefonoRosa" Association , are 120 the women killed inItaly in 2012, almost one every two days, in anescalation without end, and what is mostdismaying is that , in most cases, it is familyviolence, as practiced by husbands, boyfriendsand ex partners.
  7. 7. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy7What can our Association against this terriblephenomenon? We must do a movement of publicopinion once again, with firmness anddetermination! We fought for gender equalityand we are reaping the first fruits at thelegislative level ; well now is the time to demandfrom our rulers of urgent action to develop aproper policy of contrast.
  8. 8. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy8We know that there is the Istanbul Conventionon preventing and combating violence againstwomen and domestic violence. It is a tool that hasthree essential conditions: the prevention ofviolence, through education and awareness inschools on gender equality, protection of victimsand prosecution of perpetrators .
  9. 9. Equal Pay Day 2012Violence against women in ItalyBPW Italy9From here we start ; we will be, even in this field,active and supportive citizens and BPW Italywill address this topic for training especiallyamong young people, where the seed of respect towomen can and must take root.
  10. 10. Equal Pay Day 2012BPW Italy10North West District
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  14. 14. Equal Pay Day 2012Center DistrictBPW Italy14
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  21. 21. Equal Pay Day 2012Siracusa : The new regional law to protect womenRavanusa : Don’t miss the voiceNiscemi : A song for LorenaAll Clubs : - Presentation of Resolutions at nationaland international level- Torchlight processions - to dont forget- Presentations to young women ofmodels of smart women- Educational involvement of students ofprimary and secondary schoolsBPW Italy21The activities of Clubs
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  24. 24. Equal Pay Day 2012Equal Pay Day 2012BPW Italy………… and a lot of other clubs!!!!PordenoneSiracusaVareseMilanoGenovaRomaJesiImperiaLa SpeziaMondovìMonzaAll ClubsNuoroPineroloPinochieriVal PelliceTergesteGoriziaAnconaBrancaleoneCasertaPotenzaLecceRavanusaNiscemi