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How to make a great first impression: For Graphic Design students


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We’ve all been students at some time or other and know how hard it is to get that first bit of real world hands-on design experience. Getting onto the first rung of the careers ladder is the hardest part - so here are a few simple tips I wish I'd known when starting out.

Please send this to all your mates and help design students everywhere make this world better by design.
Andy Wilkinson,
Creative Director
satellite Creative Ltd

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How to make a great first impression: For Graphic Design students

  1. 1. A design graduate’s guide to making a great first impression Overcoming those first interview hurdles
  2. 2. Get ready: Review your portfolio QUALITY NOT QUANTITY: Only your top eight to ten projects should make it – you won’t have time to talk about any more. BEST PIECE FIRST: First impressions count. Don’t leave the best till last, it might never get seen. SHOW ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Creative Suite skills are a given. What other skills can you bring to the party?
  3. 3. Get set: Do a little research PREPARE SOME QUESTIONS: Have something to say. Asking questions shows you’ve taken time to research your potential employers. BE PREPARED FOR CRITICISM: Take on board constructive criticism. Take it on the chin, change for next time and use it to your advantage. THINK COMMERCIALLY: Be aware that what makes a good college solution, may not hack it in the real world.
  4. 4. Go, go, go: Interview etiquette DON’T BE LATE: Time is what we sell. If you get held up, call – we’re in the communication business. DRESS SENSE: Be smart. It’s all about presentation, but don’t wear a suit if it makes you feel uncomfortable. LISTEN, CONSIDER, ANSWER: Don’t rush your answers. Relate them to your experience and portfolio if you can.
  5. 5. Making an internship work for you MAKE AN IMPRESSION: Doing good work isn’t enough. Make yourself available, ask to be involved in projects. MAKE YOURSELF INDISPENSABLE: Become part of the team. Talk to everyone – from the lowliest artworker to the boss. LITTLE THINGS COUNT: Make the teas and coffees, even if you don’t drink them. Be in on time and don’t leave on the dot.
  6. 6. Design interns this summer We’ve all been students and know how hard it is to get that first bit of real world, hands-on design experience. If you are a 2nd year design student or graduate and think you’ve got the skills, the thinking, the personality and stamina to immerse yourself in a busy studio environment, then we’d love to hear from you. We can’t promise you a job, but we’ll help you create a killer portfolio. All of our interns have gone onto full time employment. Interested in working with us between July – Sept (three 4 week blocks on offer)? Just send your CV to