Salesforce and QlikView


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In just one and a half days, QlikView allowed AON to make
data available from, Peoplesoft, Oracle
and Microsoft, as well as build three interactive, dynamic
applications that offer end users tangible value.

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Salesforce and QlikView

  1. 1. QLIKVIEW AIDS AON GROEP SOLUTION OVERVIEW Aon Groep Nederland BVNEDERLAND WITH THE FULFILMENT Aon Groep Nederland bv is aOF THE AON CLIENT PROMISE: division of Aon Corporation, Chicago, USA. Aon providesVALUE ADD & IMPACT businesses with risk“In just one and a half days, QlikView allowed us to make management, insurance and reinsurance available from, Peoplesoft, Oracleand Microsoft, as well as build three interactive, dynamic Sectorapplications that offer end users tangible value.” Financial Services Industry– Arjan (A.J.) van den Herik, Project Management Office Manager, InsuranceOrganisation & Automation division, Aon Groep Nederland BV Function Executive, Sales, Marketing, Service & Support, Web, Operations, Finance, Quality Management Geography The NetherlandsAon Groep Nederland bv is a provider of risk management, insurance and Challengesreinsurance brokerage. Aon has 10 offices accommodating 1,900 employees • o replace the manual Tin the Netherlands. Its worldwide network with 61,000 employees spans handling of informationapproximately 600 offices in more than 120 countries. This makes Aon one of requests with a self-servicethe world´s largest financial service providers. BI solution. • o provide a tool using TAon Client Promise which all lines of business can base their operations onAon Nederland´s policy is geared towards the fulfilment of the Aon Client key performance indicatorsPromise, which is fully focused on creating added value and impact. Crucial (KPIs).aspects in this respect are investing in a 360 degree overview of clients and Solutiontheir corresponding risk profiles, providing in-depth analyses and a powerful Aon Nederland uses QlikViewexecution. across various organisationalThe Organisation Automation division is highly aware of its role in the levels and departments.fulfilment of the Aon Client Promise. “Our central focus lies on providing added Employees are able to catervalue, transparency, benchmarking, efficiency and market leadership. The for their information needscurrent market requires businesses to quickly adapt to new conditions. The through self-service.window of opportunity is becoming smaller and smaller. After evaluating theway in which we offer added value in achieving the Aon business objectives,we decided, at the beginning of 2011, to analyse what a Business Intelligencesolution might offer in terms of added value. An important additional criterionfor us was that the solution would cater for the requirements of the currentbusiness landscape,” explains Arjan van den Herik, Project Management OfficeManager. QlikView | Customer Success Story | Page 1
  2. 2. Benefits EVERY QUESTION GENERATES NEW QUESTIONS• mproved customer I The decision to implement a BI solution did not come out of the blue. Every satisfaction through insight week, the Finance, Financial Planning Analyses and Decision Application into critical success factors Support departments were spending various man-hours on manually handling for management processes. information requests using Microsoft Excel and predefined wordbooks in• reater effectiveness G Oracle. Besides the long cycle from question to answer, the various reports and efficiency as a result were sometimes lacking in uniformity. “From my background in the field of a reduction in manual of BI, I know the importance of quick information provision across various information requests. organisational layers,” comments Arjan van den Herik. “Every answer to a• shift from reactive A question will generate new questions. Statistical reports do not offer the right to proactive and static solution. What is needed, is a flexible, interactive and associative BI solution to dynamic information that can be quickly implemented. Because Aon Australia, Great Britain and provision has taken Canada were already using QlikView solutions to their full satisfaction, we place across the entire decided to invite QlikView to a Seeing is Believing (SIB) event. organisation.• ith a simple click of a W AON DEVELOPED THREE QLIKVIEW APPS IN ONE AND A HALF button, users can generate DAYS and analyse financial Aon Nederland reserved three days for the SIB event. The objective was to reports custom-built for make data from, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Microsoft Excel and MS various different reporting Access available via three dashboards. Arjan van den Herik: “What happened structures. then defied belief. We spent just a single day on the development aspect, andData Source Systems only half a day on the visual layout of the dashboards. The office aboundedApplications: Salesforce. with rumours that we were working on something spectacular. When wecom, Microsoft Excel, presented the results of the SIB on Friday afternoon, the conference room wasPeoplesoft, Augeo (project filled to the rafters. Everyone was present, from the CIO to the financial and ANVA/ I was hugely impressed with the fact that in the space of one and a half daysother back office systems. we were able to implement a QlikView server in the Aon network, make dataDatabase: Oracle, MS available from various sources and build three interactive, dynamic applicationsAccess, XLS, SQLServer that offer our end users tangible added value.” OVERWHELMINGLY POSITIVE FEEDBACK FROM END USERS After the Seeing is Believing event, the Organisation Automation division was able to take six QlikView applications into production in just a few months time. One of the apps is the Schademonitor [Damage Monitor]. This app provides clear-cut insight into critical success factors of the damage claim QlikView | Customer Success Story | Page 2
  3. 3. TIME TO VALUE handling process. This application provides a crucial contribution towards achieving the broader ambition of the damage claim handling organisation1½ day Schade Nederland: to bring the internal operations to a higher level in order to create space for spending more quality time on clients. The Schademonitor app provides insight into the number of damage claims, the lead time, theWithin just one and a half responsible agent, the industry, client, the damage status and the type ofdays, we were able to install damage. The app allows end users to interactively explore claims to the mostthe QlikView Server, make minute level of detail. In this way, the department can work more efficientlydata available from Oracle, and effectively and base its operations more on key performance indicators.Peoplesoft, This results in improved customer satisfaction and engagement. Arjan van denand Microsoft Excel and Herik: “The feedback from end users at the damage handling department wascreate the basis for three overwhelming. I received spontaneous compliments, such as “We can now  Qlikview dashboards. proactively inform clients on the status, lead times and the value of their claims without having to depend on other parties!” and “We can provide transparent insight into all available data with just a few clicks of a mouse!” AON SHARED SERVICES DASHBOARD FOR GLOBAL AND REGIONAL FINANCIAL REPORTING According to Arjan van den Herik, one application that has quickly generated a return on investment is the Shared Services Dashboard. This dashboard is based on data from Peoplesoft and allows users to perform financial analyses on various different levels. Arjan van den Herik: “When entering invoices in PeopleSoft, we add a code that is interpreted by QlikView. This results in a dashboard that lets users perform analyses on various levels, from the line of business to international reporting structures. Thanks to the convenient role-based authentication offered by QlikView, all stakeholders are exclusively provided with insight into the data that is strictly relevant to their department and role. With a simple click of a button, Line or Business managers can view and analyse their performance versus budget. And with the same simplicity, we can generate a report for our American headquarters, including an automatic translation into the various different local reports.” QlikView | Customer Success Story | Page 3
  4. 4. SALESFORCE.COM DASHBOARDAnother QlikView app developed by Aon Nederland is a dashboard. UsingQlikview’s connector, data from is combined with informationfrom Microsoft Dynamics (hour sheets) and Microsoft Excel (targets). The QlikView dashboardfor allows users to analyse all CRM data at various different levels usingattractive graphs. It provides access to scorecards for each region and industry, combinedwith historical data from’s CRM system. Although the QlikView dashboardfor has been developed for the Dutch market, Aon plans a roll-out in otherregions as well.QLIKVIEW PROVES INVALUABLEAccording to Arjan van den Herik, QlikView meets all the current requirements – and thensome. “A Business Discovery (BI) application should be a small-scale application that isused for a specific purpose. It is important that end users can start using the applicationindependently based on a short learning curve. Proper authentication resources are alsoimportant, as specific data must be presented to specific users. On top of that, the solutionhas to be dynamic and associative. QlikView meets all these requirements, without theinvolvement of long development cycles. Moreover, QlikView is very user-friendly and veryeffective in combining various types of data sources (mash-ups). This results in entirely newfeatures and insights. Another unique aspect of QlikView is the ease with which variousQlikView apps can be made available on mobile devices. With QlikView on Mobile, ourQlikView users can just as quickly view and analyse relevant data on a laptop as on an iPador smartphone. With regard to the ROI, I dare say that QlikView is of major value to Aon.Quantifying our cost savings or QlikView’s ROI doesn’t do the solution enough justice. Afterall, how can one measure the true value of true Business Discovery, which helps the entireorganisation focus on KPIs, revenue growth and cost reduction?”© 2012 QlikTech International AB. All rights reserved. QlikTech, QlikView, Qlik, Q, Simplifying Analysis for Everyone, Power of Simplicity, New Rules, The Uncontrollable Smile andother QlikTech products and services as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of QlikTech International AB. All other company names, products andservices used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The information published herein is subject to change without notice. This publication is forinformational purposes only, without representation or warranty of any kind, and QlikTech shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to this publication. The only warrantiesfor QlikTech products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services, if any. Nothing herein should be construedas constituting any additional warranty. QlikView | Customer Success Story | Page 4