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Alex @ #publicsectoronline


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My presentation on lessons learnt from founding and helping to run #nhssm chats at the Inside Gov's day on the public sector online. It covers: Conversations online, how do they differ from real life?

Engagement online is a sliding scale

Patients helping the NHS via social media

Formal and informal NHS staff online conversations

Engagement online:
Starting it
Sustaining it
Getting the best from it.

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Alex @ #publicsectoronline

  1. 1. @nhssmWeds, 8-9pm
  2. 2.  An NHS context Conversations online vs IRLA sliding scale of online engagement Patients helping the NHS Social media and staffA few things learnt from #nhssm
  3. 3.  The NHS is paternalistic Traditional communications rule Management cuts running at 50% in London Urgent need to publically talk about service reform
  4. 4.  Little or no context No tone, body language or intonation Difficult to use humour Permanent Alcohol affects both!
  5. 5. Conversations thatBroadcast Reactive Proactive inform service design • PRs • Signposting • Targeting Individuals • Links • Campaigns • Blogging • NHS •Monitoring Choices • Asking for • Responding views on to blog posts servicesResources
  6. 6.  Reversal of the patient doctor relationship Counter NHS culture @PatientOpinion Advocacy,e.g. @RoyalMarsden and Alzheimer’s Society blogs Threats and opportunities...
  7. 7.  Social media can be formal, it can be corporate (see broadcast) DH web chats with ministers of state Facebook Massaging egos
  8. 8.  Starting it... • Be topical • Take advantage of experience • Do your research • Don’t reinvent the wheel
  9. 9.  Sustaining it... the three C’s • Capacity • Content, it’s king • Community
  10. 10.  Getting the best from them... • Listen • Embrace feedback • Take a break • Know when to stop