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Time machine


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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Time machine

  1. 1. Time Machine To help Santa
  2. 2. Example 1: The Tardis Advantages  Monitors  Keyboard Input  Telepathic Circuit (Mind Control)  Can think for itself  Takes you where you NEED to go  Plenty of space for presents Disadvantages  Need to know how to use it  Needs to have 6 people to control it  Train his other drivers  Doesn’t always take you where you WANT to go (type 40)
  3. 3. Example 2: The DeLorean Advantages  Use it as an ordinary car  It runs on trash/rubbish  Environmentally friendly (Mr Fusion)  Easy to use interface Disadvantages  It is stuck in one form  It is slow  Have to get up to 88MPH  Not enough space for presents  Unreliable- (it’s a car)  Can be easily stolen
  4. 4. Example 3: Time Turner Advantages  It can go around your neck  Inconspicuous  Small Disadvantages  Turn it to go back in time  Don’t have anything to carry the presents  Can be easily stolen
  5. 5. Example 4: Stewie’s Machine Advantages  Small  Portable  Quick  Easy to use Disadvantages  Unreliable  Fragile  No present capacity  Can be easily stolen
  6. 6. Conclusion and our idea Conclusion o Tardis is hard to use o DeLorean is unreliable o Time Turner is tedious o Stewie's time machine is fragile Our Idea  Form of the Tardis  Runs on fuel of The DeLorean (Rubbish/Petrol)  Portability of the Time Turner  Accuracy of Stewie’s Time Machine