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AWS Lambda: Advanced Coding Session


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This will be a more advanced scenario related session during which we'll talk about API Gateway authentication use cases, Amazon Kinesis Streams, Amazon Cognito and AWS CloudFormation.

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AWS Lambda: Advanced Coding Session

  1. 1. AWS  Lambda   Advanced  Coding  Session 8/31/2016
  2. 2. About  Me @alex_casalboni Bachelor  in  Computer  Science Master  in  Sound  &  Music  Engineering 6+  years  of  Web  Development 3+  years  of  Python
  3. 3. AWS  Lambda  Recap API  Gateway  best  pracGces AWS   Lambda S3  Events,  SNS  Events,  DynamoDB  Events CloudWatch  Scheduled  Events Previous  Coding  Session
  4. 4. Today’s  Coding  Session + API  Gateway Kinesis  Streams Cognito  Sync CloudFormaNon AWS   Lambda
  5. 5. Demo  Time! 1.  API  Gateway  Access  Control Open API  Keys IAM  policies Custom  Lambda  Authorizers
  6. 6. Demo  Time! 2.  Kinesis  Streams High  throughput  data  streams  (TB/h  scale) MulGple  consumers Explicit  shards  configuraGon Stream-­‐based  Lambda  execuGon  (polling  &  batch)
  7. 7. Demo  Time! 3.  Cognito  Sync  Triggers Save  &  Sync  user  data  across  devices Lambda  execuGon  on  Sync Data  validaGon  and  manipulaGon Avoid  cheaGng  or  augment  datasets
  8. 8. Demo  Time! 4.  AWS  CloudFormaNon Infrastructure  as  Code Predictable  and  repeatable  provisioning AWS::Lambda::FuncGon AWS::CloudFormaGon::CustomResource
  9. 9. AddiNonal  Resources Course:  Advanced  Deployment  Techniques  on  AWS Course:  Advanced  Use  of  AWS  CloudFormaGon Quiz:  AWS  CloudFormaGon Lab:  Hands-­‐On  CloudFormaGon  for  Deploy  Scalability   AWS  CloudFormaNon Doc:  AWS  DocumentaGon Course:  AnalyGcs  Fundamentals  for  AWS Amazon  Kinesis Doc:  AWS  DocumenZon Amazon  Cognito Doc:  AWS  DocumentaGon Quiz:  Amazon  Cognito Blog:  CloudFormaGon  and  AWS  deployment  automaGon Blog:  Working  with  WaitCondiGon  on  AWS  CloudFormaGon Quiz:  Amazon  Kinesis Blog:  Kinesis:  managed  real-­‐Gme  event  processing
  10. 10. Thank  you  for  aWending  :) Q  &  A 8/31/2016