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Guion ingles

  1. 1. Teenagers in the school.<br />Jorge: Look there Miriam, here comes Pamela ¡The nerd!<br />Miriam: Jaja Pamela, you look so ridiculous with that glasses, ¡You should take them off!<br />Pamela: Without them I don't see anything and I feel sick.<br />Miriam y Jorge: Hahaha.<br />Jorge: You are embarrassing us! ¡stay away please!.<br />Pamela: You are so bad with me, I better go.<br />Pamela go alone to her house and go to the refrigerator to grab some food and sit in her bedroom, but in that time her parents come in.<br />Ale: Pamela, for god sake, ¡stop eating that junk food! ¡¿Don't you know is harmful for your body?! And ¡please clean your room!<br />Sosa: ¿Clean her room?, better start studying for the tests because she have a bad grade and if she stays like this, she won't have the scholarship in the university you always want. <br />Pamela: ¡Leave me alone! I like the junk food and don't worry dad, I don't have any exams this weekend.<br />Ale: All that food only makes you bad, although you are only getting fatter.<br />Pamela: ¡Stop Mom! ¡I can eat any food I want!<br />Ale: See! That is the reason you don't have any friends, ¡it's because your attitude!<br />Pamela felt so sad, alone y and very stressed because of the attitude of her parents and for second time she lock herself in her bedroom with a lot of junk food because only with eating that she feel good with herself.<br />The next day, in the school, Natalia, a classmate of Pamela look at her alone and go talk to her.<br />Natalia: Hi Pamela, why are you so alone and sad?<br />Pamela: Because no one loves me, my parents say that I'm useless, that I am lazy and that I always embarrass my friends because of my attitude and the way I dress.<br />Natalia: But, ¿Why your parents and friends say that about you?<br />Pamela:  My parents say those things because I am always lying around eating junk food and because I have bad grades and my friends because I wear glasses and read books at the library all the time.<br />Natalia:  Mm… well, eating junk food and lying around all the time is not good, reading is great, but giving ourselves time to have fun and hang out with friends is also necessary.<br />Pamela:  See? You also think everything I do is wrong, I am tired of it! I’ll rather leave than listen to more of this.<br />Pamela goes to her classroom while Natalia stays thinking, she then sees Elisa; a very athletic girl that likes to eat healthy food. She walks toward her.<br />Natalia: Hello Elisa.<br />Elisa: Hello Natalia, what’s up?<br />Natalia: I want to know if you can help me in something...<br />Elisa: Mm let me see, what do you want?<br />Natalia: Look Elisa, ¿Do you know Pamela?<br />Elisa: ¿The nerd? Yes of course…<br />Natalia: Well, she is a good person ¿right?, just like you and me she has the right of being happy and I want your help to teach her eat healthy and do some exercise, meanwhile I will teach her to have fun, ¿can you help me?<br />Elisa: Okay, I will help you ¡Let's go!<br />Natalia and Elisa go with Pamela to convince her to do a good change in her life.<br />Natalia: Pamela, Elisa and I want to help you being happy.<br />Pamela: No one can help me, ¡no one loves me!<br />Elisa: We love you and I want to help you to understand to eat good and do exercise for you have a healthy body and you feel good with you.<br />Pamela: Ok, I don’t lose anything trying.<br />Elisa teach Pamela the healthy food that she need eat, meanwhile Natalia go to talk with her parents.<br />Natalia: Hi gentleman, I am a school classmate of your daughter Pamela, Elisa and I want to help Pamela for she eat healthy food and do exercise, but we need your help, ¡supporting her and not pressing!, can I count with your help?<br />Ale and Sosa: Sure yes!<br />Natalia go with Pamela and starts explain that is good enjoy too, meanwhile Elisa go with her friends.<br />Elisa: Hi Jorge, hi Miriam.<br />Jorge and Miriam: ¡Hi Elisa!<br />Elisa: Hey, I want to talk with you.<br />Jorge and Miriam: What’s happened Elisa?<br />Elisa: ¿Do you remembered your classmate Pamela?<br />Jorge and Miriam: The nerd? ¡Sure yes! Hahaha.<br />Elisa: Well, Natalia and I want to Pamela be a happy person and we teach her to enjoy and don’t spend all the day reading books, and eat healthy and not the dump that she eat normally, but we need your supporting her and leave the insults and don’t disturb her, can I count with your help?<br />Jorge and Miriam: ¡Yes!<br />Elisa: And I need that you go with her and apologize with her for all that your do.<br />Jorge and Miriam: Well…<br />Elisa, Jorge and Miriam go with Pamela and Natalia.<br />Jorge: Hey Pamela, we want to apologize with you.<br />Miriam: Yes, for all that we say to you.<br />Jorge: Now, we know that we are bad and we don’t do it again.<br />Miriam: ¡We promise you!<br />Elisa: Look it guys, insult someone for the way they are or for her clothes it’s not good, because that is discrimination and you don’t want that someone discriminates for the way that you are, so, apologize with Pamela was the best that you are, and I hope that everyone be friends.<br />After 2 months, Pamela out exercising, eating healthy food and close to her, her friends Jorge, Natalia, Elisa and Miriam.<br />The END<br />