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Proven Strategies for Achieving Professional Success


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Refresh your career and your future with these tips for professional success from Ajilon Professional Staffing!

We are a leader in temporary and permanent recruitment—and in the placement of top talent. We use our expertise to help leading businesses connect with the very best professionals in specialties such as HR, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Office Management and Administration. With over 60 offices in North America, we have the resources and the technology to offer job seekers and employers greater flexibility, making it possible for us to work with them in the way that works best for them.

We seek to completely understand the short- and long-term goals of our clients and candidates — this enables us to consistently act in their best interests. Through our job market insight and niche industry expertise, we help job seekers and employers find their best fit.

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Proven Strategies for Achieving Professional Success

  1. 1. FIND YOUR BEST FITAt Ajilon, we help great companies and great professionals connect bygetting to know them on a personal level. We seek to completely understandthe short- and long-term goals of our clients and candidates, enabling us toconsistently act in their best interests and ensuring their long-term success.We specialize in finding the most elite talent and the most excitingopportunities in the following specialty professional areas:• Human resources• Organizational management and administration• Non-clinical healthcare• Supply chain and logisticsWe’ve spent years building a reputation as a leader in specialized staffingand recruiting, and we leverage our history and our experience to help youachieve your goals.One of the ways we can help is by giving you proven advice you can useto move forward in your career and in your industry. Read on for someof our most important tips.
  2. 2. Here are the ten most commonbehavioral interview categories aswell as sample questions specificallyfor HR professionals:1. WORKINGUNDER PRESSUREQ: Describe the most difficultemployee-relations situation youhave had to handle and how it wasresolved or why it was not resolved.2. CHALLENGING SITUATIONSQ: If an executive or manager in yourcompany experienced high turnoverwithin his/her department, what stepsdid you take to improve the situation?3. HANDLING MISTAKESQ: Tell me about a time whenyou made a very public mistake,for example, one viewed by yourorganization’s employee base orsomething seen or experienced bysenior management, and what youdid to rectify the mistake. In hindsight,would you have done anythingdifferently?4. PURSUING GOALSQ: Tell me about a particularlychallenging recruitment programthat you led and describe how youwere successful? What recruiting andnetworking methods did you useduring this task?5. CORRECTIVE ACTIONQ: How did you handle a managerwho violated your company’s HRpolicies?6. INITIATIVE & OWNERSHIPQ: Tell us about a performance reviewprogram that you developed andimplemented.7. TEAMWORKQ: Tell us about your experiencein collaborative labor negotiationsand, in particular, the “meet andconfer” process.8. HANDLINGDISAGREEMENTSQ: Tell me about a time whenyou advised a supervisor andthe supervisor chose to ignoreyour counsel. Knowing what youknow today, what would you havedone differently?9. MOTIVATING OTHERSQ: Tell me about your experiencein training and developing youremployees or managers.10. DIFFICULT SITUATIONSQ: As an HR professional, I know youfrequently face challenging legal andethical situations. Tell me about asituation you encountered and yourapproach to resolving the challenge.PREPARING FOR BEHAVIORAL INTERVIEWS
  3. 3. DON’T CUT AND PASTEYOUR RESUMEYou wouldn’t hand out your resumebefore introducing yourself, so don’tdo it here. Instead, describe yourexperience and abilities as you wouldto someone you just met. And writefor the screen, in short blocks of copywith visual or textual signposts likebullets and headers.MAKE IT MARKETABLEInvigorate your profile with specificadjectives, colorful verbs, activeconstruction (“managed a team” not“responsible for managing team”).Act naturally: don’t write in the thirdperson unless that formality suitsyour brand.WRITE A WINNING HEADLINEThe first line of text under yourname is your headline. It appears inGoogle searches and searches withinLinkedIn, so it’s extremely importantto make it memorable. If you don’tcreate one, it will just default to yourjob title, which is pretty boring. Usekey words related to your ambitionsto create an eye-catching phrase that,at a glance, describes who you are.MAKE A GREATFIRST IMPRESSIONThe Summary section is like an onlineelevator pitch — a 30-second descrip-tion of who you are and what youdo. Use it to showcase your value topotential employers and encouragepeople to connect with you.LinkedIn can be one of your biggest assets — if you know how to use itcorrectly. That’s because 90 percent of employers use LinkedIn to sourcecandidates during a job search, and savvy job seekers will be checking outyour LinkedIn profile while researching your company. It’s also a critical toolwhen it comes to networking — more than 100 million users rely on LinkedInto connect with other professionals.Your LinkedIn profile tells a story about you to potential companies,candidates and connections. Make sure it’s telling the right storyby following these guidelines:MAXIMIZING LINKEDIN
  4. 4. HIGHLIGHT YOUR SKILLS& EXPERTISE AND ASKFOR RECOMMENDATIONSYour LinkedIn profile has a sectionspecifically for skills and expertise.Creating a comprehensive list willincrease your chances of being foundby potential employers. You can alsoask others in your network to endorseyour skills, giving you more credibility.EXPLAIN YOUR EXPERIENCEHelp the reader grasp the key points:briefly say what the company doesand what you did or do for them.Use clear, succinct phrases here —and break them into visuallydigestible chunks.DISTINGUISH YOURSELFFROM THE CROWDDress up your profile by adding aprofessional photo of yourself. Addlinks to projects, presentations andportfolios of your work to show offyour skills.GET ACTIVE IN GROUPSJoin LinkedIn groups to showcaseyour knowledge and enhanceyour marketability. Participate indiscussions, offer suggestions andaddress questions whenever andwherever possible. LinkedIn willrecommend groups that you maybe interested in, and we recommendjoining at least 50 groups.BUILD YOUR CONNECTIONSConnections are one of the mostimportant aspects of your brand:the company you keep reflects thequality of your brand. What happenswhen you scan a profile and see thatyou know someone in common?That person’s stock with you soars.The value of that commonality worksboth ways. So identify connectionsthat will add to your credibility andpursue them.CREATE A CUSTOM URLNow that you’ve got a greatLinkedIn profile, you need to shareit. Customize your link by going intoyour settings. Change the randomnumbers and letters to your nameor something that will make youstand out. Then, include the link inyour resume, cover letter and onlinediscussion boards.KEEP EVERYTHING CURRENTAs you add connections, recommen-dations and experiences to yourprofile, make sure it remains up todate, focused and well composed.
  5. 5. MANAGING UPWhether you are looking to moveahead in your current companyor move on to a new one, chancesare you’ll be reporting to someone.Developing a better relationship withyour boss is essential to advancingin your career, so be sure to followthese proven best practices.ASSESS YOUR MANAGER’SMANAGEMENT STYLEWhat matters to your boss?Answering this question is the firststep towards managing up. Beginby closely observing your boss andlearning everything you can abouttheir management style. Is he orshe an “idea” person or a “results”person? How important is the bottomline? Is it about the big picture or thesmall details? Incorporate what youlearn into your work style and yourinteractions with your boss.SCHEDULE WEEKLY MEETINGSEffective communication is essentialto managing up, and scheduling brief(30 minute) weekly meetings withyour manager can keep you and yourmanager on message and on thesame page. Make the most of yourtime by coming to the meeting withan informal agenda that is dividedinto three sections — a review ofrecently completed projects or goals,projects and goals for the upcomingweek, and decisions your managerneeds to make on existing projects.These frequent face-to-face sessionswill help you stay connected with yourmanager and avoid surprises at work.GET TO KNOW YOUR BOSSDon’t let your interactions with yourboss be all about you. Take the timeto learn about the challenges yourboss is facing, their personal goalsand the projects that are importantto him or her. Understanding yourboss’s motivations, thought processesand pressures at work will help youempathize. You might also find outabout projects that can showcaseyour strengths or expose you tonew opportunities.
  6. 6. SPEAK YOURBOSS’S LANGUAGEYour boss is likely focused onthe numbers and the bottom line.When positioning new ideas, hiringrecommendations or investments forthe company, come to the discussionwith specific numbers detailing howthe investment will impact productivity,revenue or sales. If you’re unsurewhat the impact will be, referenceresults from case studies of othercompanies that have implementedsimilar programs.MAKE YOURSELF INVALUABLEEvery industry is filled with specialtiesand nuances. Become an expert inone of these areas and tout yourexperience within your organization.Positioning yourself as the go-tosource on a particular issue orsubject will elevate your profile and,eventually, elevate your status. Butdon’t stop at just one specialty; growyour skills and increase your value byvolunteering for a variety of projects— especially the less popular ones.Doing so will demonstrate that youare a critical member of the team andan essential part of your company’ssuccess.
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