Social Media Monitoring #1 - Week of January 9


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A quick a review of what has been said, done, written, and discovered about social media during the past week. 666 words or less, because after it turns to hell.

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Social Media Monitoring #1 - Week of January 9

  1. 1. Exacto Communications666 Words #1 – Week of January 9A quick a review of what has been said, done, written, and discovered about social media during the pastweek.666 words or less, becauseafteritturns to hell.
  2. 2. Warner Bros. to launchphoto-sharing social networkWarner Bros’ new service « outmywindow » looks like it might have been inspired by instagram or Flickr.The platform was built to allow people to share and edit media (photos and videos) straight from their mobiledirectly on the cloud. The services offered will most likely include : peer to peer photo and video sharing, digitalenhancement of photographs and digital imaging software.We’ve subscribed to register as soon as the service is out. We will keep you updated. Source : Fusible
  3. 3. Social Media and customer service.15% of thoseaged 16-24turn to social media firstfor customer service.Consumers under 25 are turning to social media sites for support. Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forumsare the platforms most used to get in touch with a brand.Companies have reacted fast to that trend and a few of them have already created their platform inorder to be able to answer their fans’ requests. E-Consultancy shares the best of them :•Asos’ Facebook Page « Here to help »• KLM App to help customers during the ash cloud• Virgin Media forum• and the community : eircom connectSource :
  4. 4. Google makesyourresearch social.This week Google is adding a new feature in their search function allowing you to search your ownsocial network on Google plus.The new function called « Search plus your world » allows the user to search in his own social networkusing a small switch on the right hand side of their search.The idea was to link your request to the social world you are living in. This function will allow you easilyfind out if your network has recommended a brand in particular.Source:
  5. 5. « Listen with » a new functionality for FacebookFacebook is now collaborating with Spotify to allow you to listen to music live with your friends right onyour conversation feed.The idea : the music is synched between the two people that are part of the conversation.On their blog, Facebook tells us that they tried to recreate the music sharing experience you could havein a bar, a concert or a club.Look for the « Listen With » switch on Facebook. Source :
  6. 6. The white paper of the week – Part 1 Last week Wildfire published their first white paper of 2012 about trends in social media for the year to come. The report is very consistent and gives a good overview of how brands are reaching a new level of maturity on how they use those technologies in their marketing strategy. Though usually considered as a separate part of the marketing mix, social media is turning into a layer influencing many of the brand initiatives. From marketing communication to customer service, brands are using social platforms in a more strategic way. To conclude, it is a must read. But for those too busy to do so, we summarized the 10 tendencies presented in the report on the next slide.
  7. 7. The white paper of the week – Part 21. If 2011 was the year of growth, 2012 will be the year of engagement, as brands activate the fan bases they’ve worked so hard to build.2. Rather than isolating social from the rest of the business, marketers will select social activities across all marketing channels based on their ability to deliver results for the business in consideration of social marketing budgets.3. In 2012, Wildfire predicts that the industry will adopt an integrated social campaign approach.4. In 2012, social marketers will borrow from direct marketers, mirroring email and loyalty tactics especially.5. Better analytics and standardized measurement will arrive to determine how social impacts the bottom line in 2012.6. In 2012, brands need to deliver consistent value to their audiences as consumers grow increasingly sophisticated in how they use social media.7. Curation will become critical with the sheer magnitude of content available to consumers.8. Mobile social access will become increasingly important.9. Engagement will trump fan count.10. In 2012, we will see that the most successful social brands have a clear customer service strategy Dowload the full report :
  8. 8. Numbers of the Week1 1,5 43 BillionHUMANS ON FACEBOOK BY AUGUST 2012With the growth of the social network subscriptionwe should be 1/7th of the whole of humanity to Billion Foursquare’s check-in centralized for « explore » To launch their new functionality, Foursquare just combined all their data which includes 1,5 AVERAGE OF THE AGE OF THE SOCIAL GAMER The average social gamer is a 43 year old woman. Here is a great infographic toshare a profile on Facebook by August 2012. billon check-ins, dozens of billions of discover and understand who actually is that comments and fifty thousand lists. social gamer.
  9. 9. Bonus : Free FacebookTimeline business cardsMOO.COM is offering you to print and deliver 50 free business cards using your Facebook timeline design.By clicking on the small business card on the upper right corner of the info text box on your Facebook profile( you will get access to your own printable business cards.The company will be giving away the first 50 000 for free ! Delivery included ! So don’t wait, we already ordered ours ! Source :
  10. 10. Shareyourcomments !On ourFacebook Page | On