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So you have launched your brand new Drupal website, now what? If you are like most organizations you want to increase awareness and traffic, with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. But how do you leverage your website to sell better? Most of us eventually purchase new applications that bill them selves as tools for:

• Attracting visitors
• Tracking visitors
• Keyword monitoring
• Boosting sales
• Increasing conversions
• All-in-one marketing automation
• I could go on for hours…

How many applications do you currently have? Are they truly helping you sell better? With so many new applications (there seems to be a new one everyday) is technology really simplifying the lives of your marketing and sales teams? If each one of the multiple applications you use is not seamlessly integrated with your Content Management System (CMS) then technology is only making things more challenging.

Our clients are voicing these challenges on a regular basis and we know what works! As solution architects we here at Achieve like to focus on tightly integrated ecosystems leveraging the right third party platforms for the job. These solutions enhance the user’s experience, simplify the lives of the sales staff, and are proven to increases revenue.

This webinar will cover:

• The issues facing Sales and Marketing Departments in an online marketplace
• The challenges with having disparate sources of information on applications not tightly connected to Drupal
• How effectively leveraging Drupal and existing third party platforms can increase selling efficiencies at every step of the customer decision journey
• The underlying technology used to make the integration work
• Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API
• Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
• Modules Needed
• The benefits of a harmonious integration between Drupal and third party platforms

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  • Acquia has asked us to do this webinar today because of our expertise and capabilities in platform integration and past work helping clients extend their current platforms with Drupal implementations. Whether that be Salesforce, Oracle, SharePoint, Marketo or Eloqua.. As technology solution architects we believe that these tools can be twice as effective with a seamless Drupal integration. Dago is joining us today to because he is one of our subject matter experts on platform integration…he has wrestled with countless APIs and always comes out on top. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Get the listeners in the mindset. And cover the Outline for the presentation.In todays digital marketplace there are many tools out there to improve marketing and selling efficiencies. If that tool is not meeting its expectations it may hinder your sales efforts more then help. If you are using a third party tool in an effort to increase sales revenue, you really need to ask yourself…If they truly helping…making you more effective….increasing conversions? This presentation is all about getting more out of your current platformsOur focus today is how Drupal can make you better at your jobSell betterIncrease revenueMake yourself look like a champ in front of your boss[Briefly and high level synopsis and outline]Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • If you are in a highly competitive market you need to get the most out of your sales team.If you have a challenging, cumbersome or inefficient sales process Investing in additional technology solutions could drastically benefit your revenue.But Just setting up the application and putting your staff through the training is not enough. It is time to demand more from your existing software. I will cover how an effective integration strategy, using Drupal, will improve your sales numbers to help you separate yourself from the pack.Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • These tools are amazing at what they do, and they are billed as cure-alls to your sales and marketing woes. But are you getting the most out of them? These are tools that specialize in ….[list off the specialties]These tools are giving you more insight into your sales prospects and opportunities then ever before but there is something missing…what is it that you really wish your 3rd party tool did (Salesforce, Marketo, SharPointetc)But they offer little in the way of customization. These applications can not always be tailored to meet your specific needs and depending on the size of your organization the investment to try would be astronomical. There will invariably be a gap in functionality not to mention the disconnect when we add additional platforms, because these platforms tend to not speak the same language and do not always play nicely with each other.And typically one is never enough, right? There is specialization in each market, social media, marketing, sales, CRM…so we add to our growing list of 3rd party applications and subscriptions and we just perpetuate the problem with a whole host of disparate and dis-connected tools.Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Now your sales staff has to juggle multiple logins, different interfaces, advanced functionality, and siloed dataYour staff is trying to manually make up for the missing piece of functionality, increasing their work load and making them less effective. When their focus should be on the part of the job that drives the most ROI to your business…selling, and selling better. I am not here today preaching about a tool to replace these platforms, but rather a way to get more out of them.Drupal closes the loop and helps you extend your current platforms to create a tightly integrated ecosystem. Because with out a proper integration strategy you decrease the value of your applications and ultimately stunt your growth as a business. Inflection Point: PauseSlow Down! Deep breaths, pauseSlow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Drupal is a highly extensible,scalable and robust open source content management system. Drupal is a complete web experience solution that plays nicely with whatever other systems you choose to work with. As a highly extensible platform Drupal can be used as the hub for your various 3rd party applications, websites, and digital infrastructure because Killer web experiences are built on best of breed tools. Like I said these 3rd party applications are great and Drupal is not a replacement for them, but a way to get more out of them. Drupal’s flexibility makes it easy to add new 3rd party tools and increase their functionality by getting them to speak the language, because you made the investment in the platform so you should demand the most out of it. So how does this work in practice? How can an integration with Drupal improve sales numbers and growth? Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • These platforms correlate to each step in the buyer decision journey. And when leveraged correctly can help create an ideal sales flowAll of these great applications can really improve and speed up the time it takes a passive audience member to work their way down the conversion funnel into a sale, At every stage of the customer decision journey your 3rd party applications should complement your sales/marketing efforts and this can be achieved by integrating them with DrupalDrupal offers contributed modules that can be added to your site for basic communication but also lends its self to highly technical solutions that can supercharge your sales process. I will go over how these tools can be used to create an ideal sales flow, which you can implement right after this webinar to make an immediate impact and drive resultsSlow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Attracting users to your site, and increasing awareness can be as simple as placing a like, share, tweet or pin button on your site.Drupal allows you to just drop in a line of code inside of your content or download a simple module and this can immediately increase exposure to your site. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • After you have attracted the visitors your focus should be on…Increase the probability that they will favor you over a competitor during the consideration step of the decision process. Drupal Accelerates time-to-market for new marketing campaigns. Drupal empowers the marketing team to add new pages, edit content, and put webforms independent of an engineering team. These forms can be automatically linked with your marketing automation tool, or CRM. A quick search on Drupal.org and you will find modules you can install on your site and sync the two platforms with point and click functionalityThis provides you with…[conversational]
  • Data and analytics can help increase conversion rates of potential customers as well as repeat purchases on current customers. Google Analytics can be easily implemented on your site by adding the web property id on the admin config screen Once you have a new customer and user account the information can be automatically sent to your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and sales fulfillment system.To increase repeat business, and brand advocacy you can engage your customers with user points with a gamification tool such as Badgeville. These are all automated steps that can be accomplished by using Drupal to feed the necessary information to these platforms and pull the important data out of them.
  • Those were basic ways in which Drupal can help you improve your sales process. However, Drupal offers simplicity at both ends of the spectrum be it an easy problem or a large complex issue facing an enterprise class website. Enterprise websites with more technical problems that require anything more then a one way communication will typically seek out a team that can handle the challenge like an Acquia or Achieve. We are now going to cover how we helped a few of our enterprise clients with highly engineered and technical solutions to extremely complex problems. We leverage the extensibility and the power of Drupal to help our clients supercharge their sales process by extending their current platforms, which drastically impacts their sales growth. This is why we love, and use Drupal…it offers a plethora of solutions for any kind of problem be it small or large.
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Operates and manages worldwide trade shows and conferences, as well as show-specific advertising and publicationsThey put on the two largest fashion trade shows in North America, Magic Market Week, in Las Vegas every year with 85,000 attendees from more then 80 countries. They manage and operate the booth space for 134 different trade shows.They came to us with a PAPER only sales process that was grinding their sales operations to a halt. Yes customers that wanted to purchase booth space actually filled out a paper order form and MAILED or FAXED it to the sales and account management teams, which was then manually input into Salesforce. They were looking for a way to extend their Salesforce platformSlow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Another key driver of the initiative were the errors, miscommunications, and mis-fires on the final orders due to the inefficient paper process. There were hand written notes all over the proposals which were at times indecipherable and required more manual re-entry which feed into the mis-communication and error issuesImagine the task and cost of fixing an error in the booth space, size, setup or location of hot head fashion execs and clients while 25,000 other vendors are setting up their booths. Moving other vendors around, re-organizing and shifting competing vendors, the process got to be a huge headache and expense for Advanstar. This was a primary reason why they sought out us for a digital solution.
  • Problem: This complex sales process made their staff less effective due to lack of platform integration which caused cumbersome workflow. The potential for huge overhead from SF licensing fees. They were going to spend 750K alone on SF fees and it was only going to get them 80% of the way…that did not include any customization which still might not have delivered what they needed. Solution: Rather then using Salesforce in isolation we utilized the flexibility of Drupal to achieve a streamlined platform that was far more cost effective then the standalone SF route[Kick it to Dago][Pick it back up from Dago here]Result: By demanding more from their existing platforms Advanstar has since been able to decrease their sales cycle time as well as time to update orders and accounts and has given their sales staff more insight into customer history and interactions giving them more opportunity up sell and cross sell. The managers now have more control over billing: the sales people were not offering uniformed discounts and it turned out that every one was getting discounts. This helped them increase in sales. The automation increased selling options to the client. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Dexcom is aContinuous Glucose Monitoring device maker, and distributer. They manufacturing diabetes management devices. They are an Acquia and Achieve client, and they operate in the highly regulated Healthcare/BioTech industry.They came to us with an extremely cumbersome sales process in part due to these tight industry regulations, but also due to the dependence on their Oracle legacy system which was not flexible enough to give Dexcom what they really needed…a secure online store to expedite the patient re-order process. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Before we implemented the solution the sales process was extremely outdated, slow and inefficient. [Kick it to Dago to explain order process]With all the moving parts…Dexcom needed a way to speed the sales process and make it more efficient and easier to track and manageSlow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • [Take it back from Dago]Solution: Extended their Oracle system to get more from the platform and to provide the data to develop a custom Drupal Commerce system that made the re-order process quick, easy, and secure. [Back to Dago to tell us how]Result: An automated sales process that extended the functionality of their Oracle system. We were able to help Dexcom reduce their overall cost of sales (COS) and increase sales exponentially.  By getting more from their Oracle system we helped to minimize disruption to existing IT infrastructure, which saved them a significant amount of money. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Drupal can help you increase your sales efficiencies, increase revenue and separate you and your company from from the competition. Don’t settle for the 80% that your current platforms are giving you. Demand more out of them, get 100% and move your initiatives forward with a tightly integrated solution
  • [In Conclusion]If your sales are not meeting expectation it is time to update your sales process to be in lockstep with your websiteDrupal, when leveraged properly, can be used to bridge the gap, extending your current platforms, and help you move your initiatives forward…at a fraction of the costThere are quick fixes that you can implement right away, but if you have more complex issues it requires a more advanced solution and team to help you meet those needs but…This will help you sell better, increase revenue and get you into the winners circleIf you are thinking “Yes I need to do this for my company” please let us know and we will be glad to help, and if you want your technical team to learn more about this stay tuned for our upcoming webinar with Acquia in Q1….Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Why should I do this with Drupal, is there a benefit of using Drupal over WordPress? Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Achieve focuses on 5 pillars of developmentWeb application development, building full sites form the ground up as well as enhancing current platformsWe specialize in custom integrations with copious third party platforms from Oracle ERPs to Salesforce, Social Media, Marketing Software, along with many many othersInfrastructure related- we can fine tune an environment to take on any type of traffic loadA 4th of our staff is bilingual and we have done tons of work helping clients expand their reach to an international and multilingual audience. Including the LatinGrammysWe strive to build and architect our solutions in a way that adhere to UX best practices. We have been leveraging Responsive Design for many years to help our clients increase their online presence regardless of which device their users are on. Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Along with the Media and Entertainment space we have worked with large healthcare and Life Sciences clients as well as…[next slide]Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Slow Down! Deep breaths, pause
  • Leverage Drupal to Sell Better | Achieve Internet

    1. 1. Launch with Confidence Leveraging Drupal to Sell Better Presenters: Dagoberto Aceves [Senior Engineer] Ben Schluter [Marketing Manager]
    2. 2. Dagoberto Aceves Senior Engineer: Achieve Internet 5+ Years of Drupal Development Platform Integration Expert and API Lucha Libre 2
    3. 3. Ben Schluter Marketing Manager: Achieve Internet 5+ years of Marketing expertise Utilize my economic background to increase ROI of marketing campaigns. I enjoy outdoor adventures with my wife and puppy. 3
    4. 4. Agenda • • • • • Getting Ahead of the Pack 3rd Party Options The Missing Piece Closing the Gap with Drupal Customer Decision Journey • Immediate Improvements • Bigger Problems [Case Studies] • Advanstar • Dexcom • Achieve [more] • Take Aways • Q&A 4
    5. 5. Getting Ahead of the Pack 7 Set your team up for success.
    6. 6. Abundant Options Are your applications getting the job done? 6
    7. 7. Missing Piece 9 7
    8. 8. Integrated Ecosystem Microsite Intranet Corp-com site Main Website Microsite Product Site Community Platform Main Website 8
    9. 9. Effective Technology Solutions 9
    10. 10. Awareness How do we attract users to our website? 10
    11. 11. Consideration Agile Marketing 11
    12. 12. Conversions and Advocacy Engaging your users 12
    13. 13. The Right Tool for the Job Bigger Problems 9
    14. 14. Real World Case Studies 14
    15. 15. Advanstar 85K Attendees Twice a Year 1.6M Healthcare Professionals Reached $3.4B Spent Annually 120K Circulation per Month 15
    16. 16. Miscommunication Prima Donnas 16
    17. 17. Customer Portal 85% Savings with a Drupal Solution DRASTIC Reduction in Errors INCREASE IN SALES 17
    18. 18. Dexcom 26M $174B 30% $21.5M Potential Healthcare Savings from CGMs Diabetics in the US More Accurate then Other Methods Sales Q2 2013 #5 2013 Medical Website Award Winner 2013 Most Innovative Healthcare Companies by Fast Company 18
    19. 19. Return to Sender 21 19
    20. 20. Dexcom Online Store 300% Increase in Re-Orders 1 HOUR As Opposed to 3 Weeks to Fulfill Orders Millions IT Cost Saving 20
    21. 21. Achieve [more] 23 Pull away from your competition.
    22. 22. Take Aways 24 Winning the sales race with Drupal.
    23. 23. Upcoming Webinar: Q1 2014 Bridging the Gap with Drupal How to extend your existing platforms with Drupal 23 25
    24. 24. it’s not magic, it’s excellence. Ben Schluter Dago Aceves  Marketing Manager  benjamin.schluter@achieveinternet.com  800.618.8777 o.  @SchluterRooter  Senior Engineer  dago.aceves@achieveinternet.com  800.618.8777 o.  @Dago_Aceves 24
    25. 25. Connect with Achieve If you have any further questions or would like to get in touch with Achieve you can do so on these various channels: info@achieveinternet.com linkedin.com/company/Achieve-Internet plus.google.com/+AchieveInternet @AchieveInternet facebook.com/pages/Achieve-Internet 25
    26. 26. Q&A 28
    27. 27. Achieve Services Achieve builds custom enterprise IT management systems to solve the most complex business challenges. Application Development Achieve makes integration easy so you can focus on what is most important to your business – your customers. Platform Integration Optimize the performance of your web site or application to increase productivity and streamline operations. Infrastructure Services Achieve has vast experience in creating global web solutions that far out perform the competition. Globalization Services ‘Going Mobile’ is no longer an option. With Achieve you won’t have to compromise design for utility. Mobility & End User Services 27
    28. 28. Key Clients: Media & Entertainment clients 28
    29. 29. Additional Key Clients clients 29