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Alstone Door Frame Chaukhat


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Frame Your Door With The Authentic Beauty And Strength Of ALSTONE CHAUKHAT, The Revolutionary Door Frame Manufactured With Wood Polymer Composite Material. ALSTONE Door Frames Are Durable, Low Maintenance & Ready To Use. Unlike Other

Wooden Or Other Kind Of Door Frame It Is 101% Water And Termite Proof Panel And It Is Perfect Choice For Outdoor As Well As Indoor Door Framing.

ALSTONE CHAUKHAT Designs Blend Beautifully With Your Home Interior And Exterior Finishes. The Exclusive Innovations Provide Exceptional Protection From Drafts And Leaks Making Your Door Stay Looking New For Years.

ADVANTAGES: Sizes Available:
• Ready To Paint In Any Color You Want • 100 X 50 Mm • 125 X 50 Mm • 150 X 50 Mm • 70 X 40 Mm
• 101% Water Proof
• 101% Termite Proof
• Fire Retardant
• Helps Keep Door Operating And Looking Great For Years
• 0% Shrinkage
• 100% Solid

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Alstone Door Frame Chaukhat

  2. 2. WHAT IS DOOR FRAME ? And Why it is important It is the surrounding assembly into which a door fits. Consists of two uprights, jambs and a head over the top. The door frame is most important for a door. The primary purpose of the door frame is to provide a support to the door. Door are incomplete without a FRAME.
  3. 3. TYPES OF DOOR FRAMES  1-Wooden Door Frames 2. Aluminum Door frame  3- Iron Door frame  4. Hollow PVC door frame
  4. 4.  5 UPVC door frames  7. Cemented door frames 8. Stone door frames•6. Extruded WPC door Frames TYPES OF DOOR FRAMES
  5. 5. Joint Pattern of Door Frame Finger Joint Eye Catching Joint
  6. 6. SL No. PARTICULARS DRAWBACKS 1 Wooden door Frames Not water proof, Termite, maintenance 2 Aluminum door frame Not stable, Poor Screw Holding, maintenance 3 Iron door frame Screws, Rusting, Low life, fixing problem. 4 Hollow PVC door frame Un stable for heavy doors, low screw holding 5 UPVC door frame High cost , unstable. 6 Cemented door frame Fixing problem, brittle, heavy, not water proof.
  7. 7. We have a solution for all problems, a WPC door frames
  8. 8. A door frame made of Wood Polymer Composite is Known as WPC door frame. ALSTONE WPC door frames are durable & ready to use. This require very low maintenance. Unlike other wooden or other kind of door frame, it is 101% water and termite proof. WPC door frame is the total replacement of timber . This is go green product.
  9. 9. PRICE Size 6’x 2.50’ Red Merandi Champ Wood Sal Wood Nagpur Teak Burma Teak ALSTONE ADF Price 110/-RFT 160/-RFT 180/-RFT 380/-RFT 750/-RFT 205/-RFT Life 5 years 10 years 10years 15-20 year 20 years Above 50 Years
  10. 10. Who will buy? 1- Residential Projects 2- Commercial Projects 3- Govt. projects 4- Hotel Projects 5- Institute Projects 6- Hospital Projects 7- End users 8- Builders 9- Contractors 10- Door frame makers
  11. 11. How to Sell? 1- Appoint to new distributors of door frame manufacturer 2- Maximum appoint to new dealers in your area. 3- Maximum visit on residential sites . 4- Maximum visit on projects. 5- Maximum visit to Architects and Interior Designers aware to them. 6- Generate the business .