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Alstone WPC Hybrid Board


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This new material had the appearance and qualities of the rarest species of wood while offering a truly eco-friendly alternative, and met with instant success. The extremely demanding Indian market was won over by the quality and exceptional lifespan of this product, which followed the tradition of, respect for, and love of, nature. Wood Plastic Composite material is widely available today in India ,where it holds a Major market share in architectural landscaping in the public and private construction sectors.
Many entrepreneurs over the world have tried to imitate the original wood plastic composite.
Whether imported, or produced locally, the equivalent products sold in India, China and the U.S. are of very varied quality. The manufacturing technology has to be so finely tuned and intricately controlled,both know-how and accumulated experience are keys to the fabrication of a high-quality, resilient wood polymer composite.
ALSTONE’s manufacturing process adheres strict measures It remains the leading global brand in the field, and undeniably offers the best guarantees available when it comes to durability, aesthetic appeal, and the use of eco-friendly technologies.
The company is gaining recognition as one of the success stories of the green revolution: a material for the
future of the construction sector in world markets.

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Alstone WPC Hybrid Board

  1. 1. Namaskara Wood Polymer Composite Deepanker Garg
  2. 2.  Our Company has 3 product Grades : Aluminum composite panel : Silicone Sealants : Wood Polymer Composite We are India’s largest manufacturer of Aluminum Composite Panel having 2.5 million Sq/m per annum capacity We are India’s first and only compounders of Silicone Sealants till date We are India’s Highest brand value manufacturers of Wood Polymer composite Company Introduction
  4. 4. Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. -Warren Buffet
  5. 5. I do not understand why these GREEN logo on Plywood companies product ?
  6. 6. Plywood that is :- •Cutting Trees •Destroying flora and fauna How can it be a green product?
  7. 7. Uttrakhand Tragedy 2013
  8. 8. Has Our Greed increased ? Have we stopped thinking for OUR earth ? Do we want that our future generations have ill health ? We need to look for a solution for a better tomorrow….
  9. 9. “Wood Polymer Composite” A Complete Replacement of Plywood
  10. 10. Composed of….  Rice/Wheat Husk  Thermoplastic (Rice/Wheat Husk for Durability) (Thermoplastic for Flexibility)
  11. 11. WPC – ” A Green & Sustainable Product” How ??
  12. 12. WPC A Promising and Sustainable Green Material that is Produced for its a) Ability to be Durable without Containing Toxic Chemicals b) Improve Energy Efficiency
  13. 13. Threat to Environment  100% Recyclable Product Wood required Need to Cut the Trees N O
  14. 14.  WPC - A Next Generation Product  WPC- A Total Replacement of Plywood  WPC-Total Solution for all Problems in Plywood  WPC- 100% Eco Friendly product
  15. 15. Strong Features
  16. 16. MAJOR STRENGTH OF WPC 100% “TERMITE” and “BORERS” Proof
  17. 17. MAJOR STRENGTH OF WPC Water Proof Guarantee
  18. 18. MAJOR STRENGTH OF WPC Fire Retardant
  19. 19. Benefits of WPC
  20. 20.  WPC – Nailable & Screwable  No Swelling, No Shrinking  Cost Effective & Time Saving  WPC – A Multi Purpose Product WPC is Highly Durable and Requires Low Maintenance
  21. 21. Industry Demands
  22. 22. Modular Kitchen
  23. 23. Façade Cladding
  24. 24. Wall Cladding
  25. 25. Partition Panels
  26. 26. Ceiling correct 7
  27. 27. Shuttering
  28. 28. Flooring
  29. 29. House Hold Furniture
  31. 31. Tools Used for WPC
  32. 32. No Special Tools Required Same Carpentry Tools USED
  33. 33. Finally..Do not Allow use of Trees on Furniture rather Choose the Product that Saves Trees and Earth….WPC
  35. 35. For in the true nature of things if we rightly consider, Every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made Of gold and silver. Martin Luther king
  36. 36. Thank you Very Much !!!!