Jakob Joenck - Sport, Technology and Mobile media - 2009


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Sport, teknologi og mobile medier. Præsentation fra Jakob Jønck, Endomondo (DK)

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Jakob Joenck - Sport, Technology and Mobile media - 2009

  1. 1. Sport, technology and mobile media April 2, 2009
  2. 2. 1 A strong focus on looks, sex and health in an ever more ego Men focused society shifts people towards individual sports Women Share of Danish adults doing sports regularly Per cent 1964 1975 1987 1993 1998 2007 Top 15 sport activities among adults Per cent Walking Running Fitness Gymnastics Aerobic Swimming Cycling Soccer Badminton Spinning Dancing Golf Bowling Fishing Note: People not doing sports claim lack of time as the primary cause for not being active. 1 The higher the education, the more active you are Source: The Danes’ Sports Habits 2007
  3. 3. 2 Mobile phones will be the most important media platform of our time Mobile vs. TV penetration by region 2000-2008 G7 CIS Mideast % TV penetration East Asia South Asia Africa • Mobile penetration happens at a lot faster rate than TV ever did • In some parts of the world, mobile % mobile penetration penetration has Global internet ad revenues 2007-2011 already surpassed TV Mobile • Mobile internet ad internet revenue is Standard growing rapidly internet $USD Billion Source: The promise of ubiquity; Portio research
  4. 4. 3 Virtual communities are all over the place.... (1/2) Community landscape 100+ 50-100 The value Size, million users is in the vertical 25-50 10-25 Friends Dating Cultural Gaming Sports Virtual Profes- & videos life sional Primary focus Note: Nike+ really doesn’t belong on this list, as their user uptake is too low Source: Press and general internet search
  5. 5. 3 ..and they offer real value to their users (2/2) Consumer value add Facebook • Makes it easy to stay in touch and keep yourself updated on especially your casual contacts by congregating data Flickr • Makes it easy to share Common denominator photos/experiences with the world Fundamentally, they provide a services that get better the more YouTube people that use them • Makes it easy to video broadcast your life and share it with the world Twitter • Makes it easy to follow people’s status updates and see what’s happening out there, right now Source: The web; The Economist; BusinessWeek
  6. 6. Key levers for building virtual communities General • Build from local to international, not the other way around • Shareability rocks • Seamless integration between web and device • Verticality rules • Give them a hit single Specific for sports communities • No distinction between the participator and the spectator • Standard disciplines are transforming into personalized activities • Forget the sport only focus - it’s all connected Source: The web; BusinessWeek;
  7. 7. Looking at virtual sports communities, major brands are tapping into the trend, but the top down approach will not make it in the community world • Shoe sensor connected to arm band or iPod nano • Running • Global competitions are a key feature • Community for Garmin products • All sports • Extensive analysis of own data is a key feature • GPS tracker for Nokia phones • All sports • Sharing of tracks is a key element • Shoe and pulse sensor connected to Adidas/Samsung phone • Running • Personal tracking and coaching are primary features
  8. 8. So where is the value? Relevant for mobile services • Flexible • Easy to use Users/Customers • Cheap • Interesting customer segment • Marketing channel Sports brands • Maybe even enhance their product • Motivator for employees • Assurance companies Health industry • Data traffic • Customer retention Telcos
  9. 9. How do you monetize virtual sports communities? Pay Freemium Offer it for free Give them There’s no such Freebies rule the online thing as a free lunch, you hit single world - give them what it’s a product - sell it! and profit on they want and monetize the record later Source: Business week
  10. 10. Endomondo makes it much more fun to be active!
  11. 11. Our concept creates an interplay between virtual networks and real life social interaction by using the mobile phone as the key device Start Endomondo on your 2 mobile while you exercise. Your workout data is auto- Sign-up at 1 matically uploaded live while www.endomondo.com and you exercise download the Endotracker to your mobile While you are out there, friends can 3 follow you online. Afterwards, you can log in to your personal profile and view the track, speed profile etc.
  12. 12. Endomondo solves the basic needs for the users and makes social what used to be individual The Endomondo user... Endomondo make... • Would like to be more The individual more active motivated to be active,... • Flexibility is an ... through user-generated In sum, the important factor when competitions and essence is that choosing sport interactions with his Endomondo lets network in connection with • Demand of social you do something the sport... interaction in together that before connection with sport ...and additionally, the user you were doing on can broadcast his • ”Bragging” about level your own performance through of physical activity or amongst other things the just showing results to live map in connection to others events
  13. 13. So does it work? Yes, it does Physical activity per week, hours RESULTS FROM PILOT 120 employees at The Copenhagen Municipality had access to Endomondo for three months Both active and inactive participants increased physical activity level - inactive by factor 2,5 Before the project Throughout the project Change +28% +13% +148% +25% +30% Note: Based on a project with The Copenhagen Municipality in fall, 2008.