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ABA IHRC Social Media Guidelines


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The ABA SIL International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) maintains social media presence across the web as an additional method for communicating with members, attracting new members, and sharing current news and committee announcement with our online community. This document provides a list of our social media presence, basic info about each network, and guidelines for submitting material publication.

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ABA IHRC Social Media Guidelines

  1. 1. ABA SIL International Human Rights Committee   Social Media Guidelines Y2015­16        The ​ABA SIL International Human Rights Committee (IHRC)​ maintains social media presence  across the web as an additional method for communicating with members, attracting new  members, and sharing current news and committee announcement with our online community.  This document provides a list of our social media presence, basic info about each network, and  guidelines for submitting material publication.     Y2015­16 COMMUNICATION & WEBSITE MANAGERS  The IHRC’s Communication and Website Managers are charged with the day‐to‐day maintenance  and management of the committee’s many avenues of communication, including the committee’s  social media networks. and IHRC members appointed to assists Vice Chairs and managers with  relevant tasks, projects and campaigns.     ✉​​Stephanie Williams​ – Co‐Chair, Communication Manager   ✉​​Gigi NIkpour ​ – Senior Advisor, Asst Communication Manager  ✉​​Stephanie Snow​ – Steering Committee Member    QUESTIONS & SUBMISSIONS CONTACT   ✉​​SUBMISSIONS ​ ‐ Send all questions and publication submissions to our committee email  address: ​​. Submissions for publication should comport with the  guidelines enumerated below. Please include your contact information. The IHRC reserves the  right reject any submission for any reason.  
  2. 2.     Social Media Presence & Guidelines     IHRC Website (Official)   IHRC Blog   IHRC Gmail   IHRC Email (ABA)   IHRC Facebook  IHRC LinkedIn‐b‐grp‐v   IHRC Instagram  IHRC Slideshare  IHRC Twitter     Facebook ​– Anyone can post an item related to human rights to our Facebook page. Posts by                                  non‐admins will appear on the Page’s Timeline on the right side. Please be aware that Facebook                                pages are visible to anyone with internet access.    LinkedIn ​– IHRC’s LinkedIn subgroup “ABA International: International Human Rights” is a                        “closed” group. The subgroup is “closed” for the protection of members who live in more                              restrictive countries, who might not otherwise feel comfortable contributing to or participating in                          group discussions. A “closed” group means that only group members see the contents of the                              discussion board and that the content posted to the discussion board is not indexed to search                                engines. Additionally, only group members can post items to the discussion board or comment on                              other members’ posts.     Everyone who joins IHRC’s LinkedIn subgroup receives a Welcome letter that includes a copy of                              the group rules. The group rules are also located at the top of the sub‐group’s main discussion                                  page. Simply click the “i” (for information) and then select “Group Rules”. Please pay due                              attention to the posting rules (e.g., no long titles, no titles in all caps, no URLs as titles, no                                      harassing posts, no spam, etc). By joining the group, members agree to abide by the rules. We                                  reserve the right to remove any discussions that do not comply with the rules or are otherwise                                  deemed inappropriate for the group. We reserve the right to remove any group member who                              repeatedly violates the rules.     Slideshare ​– Slideshare is the world's largest community for sharing PowerPoint, OpenOffice                        presentations, Keynote, PDF and infographics. Anyone can submit a presentation and request                        that we upload it to our Slideshare account. All documents uploaded to Slideshare are visible to                                public by default. Uploaded documents can be shared to most social networks. Additionally, the                            code for each presentation may be extracted and embedded into most blogs and websites. Check                              here​ for a list of acceptable Slideshare formats.         
  3. 3. IHRC Blog – We invite and encourage members of the legal profession, scholars and educators,                              human rights advocates, journalists, law students, and anyone else genuinely interested in global                          human rights issues to submit a short article for publication on the IHRC’s Official Blog,                              “International Human Rights Forum.”     ♦ ​Format:​ Word, Word compatible or plain text (.docx, .doc, .odt, .ott, .txt)   ♦​ ​Font Size:​ 11 or 12 pt   ♦ ​Length:​ 1‐2 pages (500‐1000 words)     Include your name and the following information with your submission:   1. Title   2. Summary (approx 2‐4 sentences)  3. Links/URLs   4. Image(s)    5. Short Bio   6. Special instructions, if any    Keep in mind that items published on our blog are visible to anyone with internet access, be sure                                    to proofread your work prior to submitting it.     Instagram ​is an online mobile photo‐sharing, video‐sharing and social networking service that                         enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking                                  platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. The IHRC opened an Instagram account                            in November 2015 and will use the account to share pictures from our events (e.g., conferences,                                lobby day, committee meetups, etc.) and to share visual human rights stories shared by                            Instagram account holders with similar interest. IHRC Members can subscribe to our feed as well                              as share images with us.     JOIN THE COMMUNICATION & WEBSITE SUBCOMMITTEE         Disclaimer   The ABA IHRC’s social media networking groups are not intended to replace committees,                          committee meetings or committee listservs, but rather, to complement them. Social media                        presence is maintained by members of the ​ABA International Human Rights Committee​. Unless                          expressly stated otherwise, views and opinions expressed on our social media networks belong                          to the content provider or the individual poster and should ​not ​be construed as the views and                                  opinions of ​American Bar Association​, ​Section of International Law​, or this committee.                        Additionally, the posts, material, and views posted on this blog have not been approved by the                                ABA Staff, the House Delegates, or the Board of Governors of the ABA. Contact us if you have any                                      general questions, concerns or suggestions: ​​. Thank you, Happy Posting!     © 2015‐2016 ABA SIL International Human Rights Committee ♦ 1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Ste. 400  Washington, D.C. 20036 ♦ ​​ ♦ 202‐662‐1000 (ABA Office)